Friday, July 1, 2016

Wall Drug

We rolled up into Wall after not finding a quick restaurant and driving through thunder/windstorms for a good 3 hours. We finally settled on pb and j's made under a gas station shelter during a detour from the freeway, a detour we later discovered was caused by an semi that had been overturned by the wind. I couldn't find a hotel online, so when we arrived in Wall we found a small, vintage style motel and got a room.

It was the funniest, retro hotel ever! Check out the key Addie is holding as she chats on the retro phone. 
And this wall!
And my feet are in need of some pampering, but check out the dark green shag carpet!
It was a clean enough little place, and the price was right, so it worked. 
We headed to Wall Drug for a yummy breakfast. 

Then it was souvenir shopping and exploring. 

Addie went to Frankie and said "Frankie, come over here, this will blow your mind and you'll want all of it!" And she did. Frankie wanted all of it. 
Woo hoo!
I found a handsome cowboy and we hung out. 
These girls practicing their totems. It's big time in our family. 
The horse driving pro having a go at it again. 
We are having such a good time! By this day we'd been on the road 4 days and the good times were still rolling. 
This is all in the backyard of Wall Drug. 
Cowgirl #1. 
Cowgirl #2. 
And cowgirl #3. 
The temperature was perfect and everyone was happy. 
Frank's and a shaky picture. 
Checking out the bison. 
Wall Drug is a fun place and has a fun back story. 
Delaney had just fallen and scraped her knee and I was trying to comfort her. 
Not successfully. 
World famous ice water! (Delaney still sad)
Oh Frankie. 
We chilled with Annie Oakley. 
And after all the souvenir shopping and playing and pictures, it was time to get on the road again. 
As we were piling into the car, Frankie was distracted by who knows what. We had all gotten in and shut the doors. Seat belts were being buckled, when Frankie frantically opens the door and says "you're missing someone! You're missing someone!" We all busted out laughing at how scared she must have been, but how cutely she let us know that we couldn't leave yet. That's become a catch phrase of our trip. It doesn't sound funny, but I tell ya, it was.

Another gem came from little lanes, who, I can assure you has never littered in her life. I had given her a pack of crackers, and after she'd eaten them she said "roll down the windrow, roll down the window!" (I think we repeat everything in our family because most people don't listen the first time, myself ((probably)) included) anyway, when I asked why she needed the window rolled down, she said so she could throw out her wrapper. As if that's just what we do. Where do they come up with this stuff? It was so funny, and Addie and Frankie, as if they'd been making fun of people for years, clung to that and repeated it laughing and joking for hours. Delaney was a little bent out of shape at first, but now she thinks it's as funny as the rest of us do. 

After the comedy, but before we could leave Wall, a quick stop at the National Park Visitor Center for stamps and a quick tour. 
And on to Mt. Rushmore!

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