Saturday, October 29, 2011

oldie but goodie - warrior dash edition

i don't know how or why i never blogged about this, but as i was perusing my "to blog" list, 
(please tell me you have one of those too!)
i noticed that i still hadn't blogged about our fun warrior dash!
this was way back in april or may, before i found out we were even pregnant. actually, that was one of my first clues that i might be pregnant, because pre-dash i had eaten a delicious bowl of tomato and cucumbers, and post-dash, the thought of eating that made me want to vomit.
pregnancy symptom #1.

anywho, amy had told me about the wd in seattle and when i saw it was coming to so. md., we signed right up! our friend, david, was running in our exact race (although much, much, much faster than we, or i should probably say i), so laura got a few pics of us running.

my face here is saying "i will do a lot of crazy things, but i don't think i'll be running through fire today, thankyouverymuch."
after the fire, we got to swim through a mud pit.
so gross, but kinda fun too.
my pants were so heavy with mud that they were having a hard time staying up.

we even had mud in our teeth!
it was a 3.1 (i think!) mile course and they had something like 13 obstacles.
stuff like climbing walls (military style), hay hills, and the aforementioned mud pit and fire walk.
the warriors with david.
matt and i had decided we would run together, cause i think i thought i could keep up better. but it must have been the pregnancy fatigue ;) already kicking in that slowed me down. ;)
after the race, he said "maybe next year we'll just meet up at the finish line." 
and being the nice wife that i am, i agreed. :)

they had water trucks with like 5 people on top spraying participants "clean."
so here we were all fresh and ready to go. ;)
and with our warrior hats, no less.

and my genius after dash shoes. i was slipping and sliding all over the place!

when we got home we took the longest and nicest shower ever!!

the kids are all excited to do it next year, but i think i'll be sitting it out with the babe in arms and the little girlies, mama warrior style. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

goodbye 2nd trimester!

the last few weeks...

(note to self: do not wear extra large t-shirts no matter how free they were. you will look like a giant blob of whatever color your wearing. in this case, a giant blueberry. ps- this shirt was in fact, free! i was supporting the raider nation, but still, not good.)
5/8 of the way there!

thoughts on our 2nd trimester:

*still feeling good! i don't remember feeling this good and ready to grab life by the horns during any other 2nd trimester. i am still furiously working to try and get ahead on my life and it's still not happening. i'm starting to think it never will. as soon as i cross one thing off my to do list, i add another. or two. ah, c'est la vie!  

*still have that weird pain in my right rib. i guess that now it's not so weird, cause she's actually big enough to get in my rib. but the fact that it's been painful for like, 28 weeks now is kinda weird. i've even thought the whole "if only this pain in my rib would just stop, i wouldn't complain about this pregnancy at all!" thing. i'm sure i would find something else to complain about though.

*still have regular back/neck/hip aches, but nothing too bad.

*i'm still not emotionally or mentally ready for another baby, but i can tell that physically i am getting close. i am starting to feel that, "can i really get 3 months bigger?" feeling. and i'm definitely slowing down. moving slower, physically and mentally.

*i'm trying to get enough protein in, but it's tough. baby and i love our sweets! and lately i can't get enough water! i only usually get heartburn when i drink soda. or salty foods. but nothing too bad.

*still sleeping pretty well and still, strangely enough, able to sort of sleep on my tummy. i guess i'm not really on my tummy, but more so than other pregnancies. :)
(my writing is always so crystal clear!)

*she's moving a lot lately. during tofw she was lovin' on all the music! some of her kicks can be painful, especially the ones right behind my belly button. i do not like the way that feels, but i've always been weird about my b button. i do love feeling her kicks though. :)

*not a lot else to report... just thankful for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

homecoming dance

i also missed the homecoming dance when i was at tofw. 
thankfully i have good friends that i trust with my daughter and my pictures. ;)
i can't believe my lu is soooo grown up!

homecoming game

so sad i missed the big game last weekend.
aren't they the cutest???

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkin patch

last week our playgroup went to the pumpkin patch, so fun!

add 20 preschool/toddlers, + 8 school buses, + about a million people and your bound for some excitement!
this little lady caused a bunch of drama for this mama early on.
they have a little playground area that all the kids were playing in. i was taking a few pictures, and i went to take one of addie and when i turned around, i didn't see frankie. i wasn't worried about it, but after a few minutes, i started to worry a little.
after i had searched the whole playground, and not found her, and it had been at least 5 minutes, i started to get very nervous. i told all the moms to keep a lookout and mindy and sarah started looking with me. there were seriously a million people there and my mind started to go to that scary place where you are start thinking about what exactly you would do if you couldn't find your baby.
i looked all through the barn and still nothing. 
i was the crazy pregnant lady shouting "frankie! frankie!" and not caring at all how people thought i looked.
after searching the barn i turned left, away from the playground and there was little miss bratty herself, just watching the animals in the little animal pen! at this point it had been 10-15 minutes! and she was just perusing the animals in the pen, like nothing was wrong. there were a couple of other moms there and they said they were watching her, but since she didn't seem lost, they didn't know for sure. she had wandered at least a whole football field. 
 (i am terrible with distances, but that's my estimate. it was far!)
anyhow, dramatics over, we had a really good time.
and this poor lady loves animals!
(i say "poor" because she will probably never have a pet as long as she lives at our house)


the whole fun group.

after playing, picnicing, hayriding, picking pumpkins, then picking apples, the girls were in a daze.
 i wanted to take some pictures of them and the beautiful mums, but they were totally out of it!
about 2 minutes into the ride home...
addie held steady though. still a little out of it and sleepy, but she stayed awake the whole ride home.
we love the pumpkin patch!!!

time out for women

this weekend i got to do something i've wanted to do for-ever! i got to go to "time out for women" and it was so much fun! the theme was "choose to become," and the scriptural theme was from mark 9:23 "all things are possible to him that believeth." becoming has been one of my themes for a few years now, so i was super excited!

alexis was supposed to come with us, i had it all planned and even had a ticket for her, but alas, it turned out to be homecoming weekend. :( which meant that i had some tough choices to make. should i go or not, should alexis go or not, should alexis go for saturday and then rush home for the dance... on and on my little brain worked. in the end i decided (with help from my brain trust!) to go by myself and let alexis stay with robin. she does have cheer obligations that required her to be at the game on friday, and... i felt like it was best and that's all.

i got to drive up with laura and her katie, lana and her hannah and chelsea, and sarah. we had such a fun time visiting and getting to know each other in the car. parts of our road trip were definitely just as uplifting as the conference!

we got way lost and were running way late, so we wendys'd it for dinner and got to the conference center just in time for friday nights 2 speakers. then i got to stay the night with these lovelies.

we were all so tired that we didn't even stay up late talking, kinda lame! the next morning we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then took the shuttle to the conference center for more inspiration. i can't even choose a favorite, cause i really liked all the presenters. we had some questionable jamaican food for lunch and then back for more speakers.

there was a big group of ladies from our ward that went and we all sat together, so that was fun.

on our way home we stopped at fridays for a delicious, albeit slow dinner.
it was such a wonderful weekend! i can't wait to go to another one!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

surgery day!

4am came around pretty early this morning! matt and i got up and prepped things as best as we knew how, and by 5:15 we were headed to waldorf with a sleepy, but very happy little frankie.

she usually asks for juice as soon as she wakes up, but we managed to get her all the way to the surgery center before she asked. she couldn't have anything to eat or drink, so they had us scheduled to arrive at 6 with surgery set for 7. at 6:30 they took us back and we talked to the anesthesiologist and got franks all situated. he mentioned juice and after that she was pretty set on looking through our diaper bag and badgering us for juice, so she wasn't super happy.
getting grumpier by the minute!
every once in awhile she would still give us a smile.
baby blood pressure cuffs are the cutest. i wouldn't want to see them everyday, but every once in awhile, it's pretty adorable.
i feel the same way about baby hospital gowns. cute, but only for occasional use.
(very crabby by this point)
but still a little bi-polar with her occasional smiles.
mama was nervous! and excuse my mane of hair, it was early and apparently i can't see very well in the wee hours.
"where's frankie?!" that kept her occupied for about a minute and a half.

and then it was time to go back to the or. i donned my space suit and we were off.
they wrapped her in a warm blanket and we held her down for her mask to put her to sleep. she cried and cried, and her cries got quieter and quieter. it took about a minute and she was out. they let me give her a kiss and then a teary mama had to go to the waiting room.
i got to the waiting room at 7:04 and they had called us back by 7:15. they put us in a little room and the sweet dr. came in and said all went well and that she thought she was awake, and then, the highest pitch frankie scream ever. she was so disoriented, matt held her, then me, then the nurse, she just didn't know what she wanted, poor baby!
when she finally took her juice, i knew we were getting our frankie back. she cuddled up to me and kept whimpering, but she was coming back around. as soon as we got in the car she was all better, and the rest of the day has been easy.
we love that sweet baby girl and are so very thankful that things went well and that we don't have to do things like this often.