Thursday, October 31, 2013


we had ellie and abby over to play. laney and ellie either love or hate each other, so it can get a little overwhelming. to give them some space i let laney play with the ipad for awhile.
she is seriously such a big girl!
that afternoon frankie and ashby had their first ballet class and it was so stinking cute! frankie was really unsure, she threw a little fit and said she didn't want to do ballet, she wanted to go back to gymnastics, yada, yada, yada. i convinced her to give it a try and the teacher, whose name i thought was mrs. jones but who frankie swears name is mrs. brown, was awesome. she pulled her right in and kept her by her side until frankie warmed up and was able to dance on her own. it was so darling! i am excited to start this new chapter.

ashby came over to play after ballet and when addie got home we all carved pumpkins. and by all i mean, chris, the little girls, and i. matt and lexi were at work. first they drew the faces they wanted cut.
then for the carving.
 i don't like pumpkin carving. or egg dying. i love holidays, but those two things drive me crazy!
nobody likes to pull out the guts. we are not dirty hand people.
thankfully ashby was willing to show them what's up and guilt them into it.
that night we went to "boo" some people. it was so fun. :) 
the first family we boo'd were driving away right as we were walking out our door. we left it on the doorstep. we came inside and got all ready to head to the church (with some boo'ing on the way) when part of the second family drove away. i dropped c and the kids off to take the boo basket up and pulled into a parking spot, when what do you know, they had turned around to go back to their house! i wanted to shout "abort mission!" but it wouldn't have helped. they pulled into the driveway and chris and girls came running around the corner with their faces covered. caught! haha, oh well.
then at the last house it was fully dark and i was waiting in the car with the windows rolled down when i heard a thud and then addie "i'm okay!" she's so cute! then as we were leaving she said "you just got boo'd by addie! and bubba and frankie!" they had so much fun! 
(and on a sidenote: we went to one of the houses today to trick'or'treat and addie casually asked "did you guys get boo'd?" so fun and sneaky!)
((another sidenote: the first house we boo'd frankie kept saying "why are we doing this?" she was super concerned and a little bit scared))

anyhow, we went to the 100 years of scouting broadcast. it was for families and i wanted the big kids to know that i think it's important. so i took the 3 little girls. (plus chris, and then lexi met us there after work) at 7. on a school night. they were tired and it was crazy. it was good, but we didn't get home till after 9 and addie has been so tired. oh well. 

we got home, girls straight to bed and then matt and i went for a run. chris was my running buddy the night before. i am really enjoying our late night runs! it's been fun to see the halloween decorations too!
we put big d into the stroller and thought that for sure she would be asleep by the time we were done. this is what we found when we came around the corner. at least she was happy!


You know how you see all these cool quotes and you want to remember them so you screenshot them and then your like, what am I gonna do with these? It's not just me, right? 

Anyhow, here are some of my favs. If only for me to have a place to keep them that I can go back and read. (:
Love the quote about victims. Don't ever want to be a victim.
Love you, dr Phil.
I can't help it, it's true. (;
Cheesy, but I love my sissy's.
I have to add this disclaimer, I have not researched these to ensure they were written by who they are quoted. Just fyi.

And now I can clean out my photostream a lil' bit. (:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The best date

A couple weeks ago we found ourselves with a free Friday night, it was the weirdest thing, that hasn't happened in forever! Lexi was in trouble and couldn't go out anyway, so she agreed to babysit. (and work off all her spirit week costumes)

It was the most beautiful night!
When my dad was here we went out and took pictures out in Bushwood and came across this really cool little restaurant. When dad left he left me some $ for my birthday to go out to quade's with my main squeeze. My birthday was only in july, so it was about time to go!
We walked the dock and admired the view and gorgeous sunset. We slowly meandered up to the restaurant and took some pics for to send to papa.
So excited to finally eat here!
Aaaand they were closed for a rehearsal dinner. (And then the next night for the wedding)
What timing! Always up for adventure, we hopped in the car and headed west.
More gorgeousness! Seriously, it was the perfect night.
We decided to drive till we found down thing cool. Then we got impatient, so with a little help from Siri we decided to go out to Cobb island. It was already dark but it looked really cool! And there were several cute restaurants out on the water. The first one we went into, not so cute and the only seafood on the menu was a crab cake sandwich. So we left. I just didn't want to waste a date night at a lame-o restaurant. We found a bit nicer one and they had information on a lost lighthouse that used to be there. I would have loved to have seen these waters during the lighthouse heyday! It must have been a sight to see!!!
We shared a yummy cream of crab soup and dip. I'm big into creamy crab dishes lately, can you tell?
It also happened to be a full moon that night. I didn't actually take this picture, my friend Juli did, but since she was just a few miles away from us, I don't feel bad using it. My iPhone just wasn't doing it justice.
After our yummy dinner we were already halfway to waldorf so we saw captain Phillips at the nice theater. It was Matt's first time to experience reclining movie theater seats, and it was amazing! And then the drive home went by fast. A miracle because I really strongly dislike the drive to waldorf. Anyhow, it was a really good date night and I can't wait to date my hubs some more!


Frankie and Addie have had fun trying on costumes.
She loved "scaring" me. She wore this thing around for hours until she was so hot she had to take it off. (:
This was the first time she tried on her Alice wig.
She was all like "look at me! I have hair!" Love her happy squinty eyes!
Our old little mermaid wig. Oldie but goodie.
Addie looks so different blond! And she made a mess of the wig, little bratty.
We got boo'd with these cute individual serving s'mores. Love it!
I found this super old picture of Frankie and roni. Awww, they were so cute! (And Renee too)
And also, alli is hilarious. Eating frank the frank.
I ordered delaney's personalized halloween bag so she doesn't feel left out. (:
Halloween shopping. I think this is fitting, right?
Addie the witch!
Frankie the witch! And she's finally embracing her Frankenstein candy bag. She didn't like it for awhile, but now the whole Frankenstein family is okay with her.
It's been fun! Busy and lots of food and treats and fun. And lots of work too, but I digress. 

We are ready for Halloween!