Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog-a-may-day - ✔️

Lexi and I made it home after 1 last night. The did a CAT scan, blood tests, urine tests, and some other exams that she hated. 4 hours and all those tests later and we left with no answers. So frustrating. She's still not feeling great. We go to our new dr on Tuesday, so we'll see what she says.

Laney, Lexi, and I stayed home from church. We made lunch and ate together and had Sunday naps and watched Mormon messages. Just a nice, quiet day. 

Darlaina texted and suggested we have another "Mormon parade," so after grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, we headed out.
The world's slowest walk ensued. Thank goodness the friends are so wonderful. Next week we will follow our walk with s'mores. It'll be fabulous. 

It's the last day of blog-a-may-day. I'm so glad. Some nights, lots of nights, I don't feel like blogging. My hilarious writing isn't as funny when it's forced. (; I think I'm actually caught up though, and if I'm not I don't care. Doooone. 

Prom flashback

Brennas mom posted some pictures so I made them mine. (; this was at graduation on Thursday.
Prom goers.
First prom for both of them.
Cute group of kids.

Life's good in LG 5k

Our 4th annual neighborhood 5k was Memorial Day weekend. I wasn't planning on being in town, since Laura and I were going to be lighthousing, but the strep. I had planned to walk if I was going to participate, so I decided I'd try walking and see how I'd do.

First was the fun run. They were so excited, but then when we got out there Delaney got all crabby.
Addie was ready to run!
And they're off! They let the kids run a different path and actually cross the finish line this year, so that was cool.
Delaney didn't run most of the way, and Frankie got going and got caught up in the fray and got nervous. Oh well!
Addie was all over it and so cute!
Matt was going to walk with me, and we were all going to walk with our neighbor Kim and her daughter Kaitlynn, but as soon as we got going Matt, who didn't want to participate at all, said "I kind of want to run." And he was off! We met up with him as he was coming up the hill and we were heading down. Dead last.
Addie decided she'd walk with us and these two little girls did great! I was so impressed!
And blazing the trail at just under an hour, this crew. Someone's gotta be last, right?
I'm glad we were able to participate. We've not missed a year yet.
Still grumpy. 
That evening we went to a neighborhood BBQ in one of the alleys. The kids put on an impromptu parade. 

One of the new neighbors posted this one. I didn't even know Delaney took a ride!
Patriotic girlies.
The kids had fun riding bikes and playing together.
I guess she got face paint? Not sure what's going on here. 
Gymastics friends.
I don't know what Addie is doing. But I love it.
The missing soldier table. I thought this was so cool.
It was a wonderful day in our neighborhood. Life really is good in LG. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015


It was a quiet morning at the White House. Matt and Chris went to help a neighborhood friend with his eagle project. I did some online shopping for our 7-year-olds wardrobe. And these 3. (:
At 1 we headed over to the darrows for the watsons going away party. It was a lovely day with friends. Since it was a little toasty, Alecia got out the hose and sprayed the kids. Then the poor babies had to huddle under an umbrella just to keep dry. (;
Sarah found this cool picture of the Solomon's bridge and we all signed the border. We will miss the watsons! So many memories!
Christina, Alecia, and I were pregnant with these 3 at the same time. They were all 3 born within a month of each other. They played together as babies, participated in preschool together, and kid swaps, and beach days. Hard to believe they are 5!
These cute 7 and almost 7-year-olds were our first preschool class. I'm so glad I have friends that are willing to go along with my crazy ideas. That was a long preschool year and we learned a lot. When we do this years it will be a breeze, we're totally old pros.
And the preschool class of 2015-2016. Minus cute Brock, who looks like he's a stud giving a thumbs up. I think he was really just taking his thumb out of his mouth, but when you've got it, you've got it.
Love these ladies!
And can't forget the awesome dads that support their wives in all of our crazy all night girls nights. We've got some good guys. (:
Sarah and Alecia were total rock stars and set their phone/camera up with a timer, then Sarah pushed the button, grabbed Ellie, and ran to sit down. Awesome picture, right?! And Adeline didn't even cry as I held her. Sweet.
We stayed so long that we fed our kids another meal of hot dogs, then Matt took the girls home for baths, Alecia and I ran to target for gifts, and then the church for the smith wedding reception. Party all day, er'ry day! 

Tonight I'm killing time at the hospital with  my big girl. She's been having severe abdominal pain going on 4 days now and actually asked to come, so that means something. Praying its an easy discovery and quick recovery. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Yesterday was a stay at home, catch up day. And Frankie is still enjoying all her "new" hand-me-downs. It pains me to buy anything new for the two little girls, but I also know they won't always be cool with the leftovers, so I'm riding this train as long as I can! Fashionista.
In looking through pictures for the blog book cover I came across this little diddy:
I'm in love with it! These were our first Christmas cards in md. we all held crabs and the card said "I'll have a blue crab Christmas without you." In case you haven't noticed, I like plays on words, and some are cheesier than others. Much cheesier.

Alexis hasn't been feeling too good, so we've had lots of time to chat. She shared this picture of her and the little boy she nannys for. He did not want a picture with her. Haha, goofball.
Last night we got to meet our new missionaries, elder Gipson and.... the other elder. (; I always take a picture and send it to their mama's, it's what I would want. They were super fabulous, I'm so excited to get to know them better! We had breakfast for dinner (their request) and they said it was delicious, so that's always a plus. Cause you never know what you're gonna get when I'm in the kitchen!
Delaney woke up in the middle of the night, and I am so out of the habit, I was so tired. When my alarm went off at 5:45, I crawled right back into bed. Chris can see himself out every once in awhile. Then I laid down and couldn't get back to sleep, and then I woke with a start (and a headache) and it was 7:50. Since our bus comes at 8:15, it was a rush. 

Today was a shopping day. I couponed and got some great deals. I also picked up some birthday presents for our double birthday coming up! 

The girls went to the Yellow Door for a night of pizza and art. They had a good time and came home with paint colored hands and freshly painted fish pictures. 

After that we went to the Nelson's for Christiannas graduation party. It was fun to visit and eat with sweet friends. Another day'O'fun tomorrow, including picking up delaneys big girl bed!