Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #1 - nanny gifts

(Out of order)

We set up a baby jail to keep Ollie safe and the kids all loved pestering him.
He was the most loved baby ever!
The movie theater room was #awesome. More on that to come though.
Joe and Sara had the first day of cooking and kitchen duty. Pancakes for breakfast and hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs for dinner.
Mom and dad had both gotten lots of little gifts for the kids. Nanny had a whole system of who picks first, a bag for everything, etc.
Patiently waiting for instructions.
Look at all those obedient children!
Even Ollie got in on the action.
And Chris got some auntie love.
These cute bags helped keep the girls occupied on the ride home. It was so fun to get little gifts.
Goofy froggy.
Delaney was asleep on my lap. Their schedules were so out of whack, but they were really, really good about it.
Frank's turn to pick.
Happy with her choice!
And the sleepy winker.
And lastly, not only did the kids love Ollie, but they loved his toys.

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