Saturday, August 31, 2013


on wednesday addie came home with the broadcast box! this is big stuff, people! i wasn't expecting it home for weeks, or months! they are sending it to each student to bring in 3 items that represent themselves, so they can get to know each other better.
after much thought, addie decided on a picture of our family (mom, dad, and sibs, not cousins like i had suggested), some art work, and some goggles, for obvious reasons. she was so excited. and then as we walked to school she decided she was shy. nothing a promise of cookies and milk when you get home from school can't cure!
darlaina and crew come to our bus stop, so every morning ashby and frankie run away together. they cross the street, the run to ashby's for snacks and toys, they run up and down the sidewalks. yesterday ashby brought her sisters ipod, so they danced. they are so cute together.
frankie and i have been working on preschool every day. little miss "i can't!" is slowly realizing she can!
"looks mama, an f!!!"
with only two at home now, laney has really decided she doesn't want to be left out. so as soon as frankie was done, she climbed right up and went to work.
she's a very serious student!
also on wednesday: chris worked after school. (ooh, worth mentioning, on tuesday brother baldwin came over and helped chris bbq some tilapia to finish off his fishing merit badge. it was yummo!). alexis worked,  went to practice, and then went straight to church for an activity she had helped plan. it was a laurel girls-night-in where everyone brought their favorite treat and favorite game. it really does make a difference when the girls help plan! (not that that is the most worthwhile activity, but wholesome recreational activities are important too!) matt went to dc and came home and studied and helped with girls. and grandpa prepped for his return to school, worked on lesson plans and twi.

on thursday morning grandpa, the little girls, and i headed to l-town elementary for the boo-hoo breakfast. it was cute and they had some delicious panera bagels with an even more delicious hazlenut spread! all about the food! i also won a $10 gift card for our local coffee shop in the raffle, so yay! i had already signed up for pta and several committees, so we just went to eat and meet. came home, put on a movie for frankie, and laney and i headed out to vt vicki at 11. nice visit, home, lunch, naps, drive chris to work, dinner, then off to addie's first daisy scout meeting. it's stuff like this that makes me love my neighborhood!
addie is gonna love this and it's just right down the street! it's a little pricey, but i think it will be so fun! they already made a cute little name tag chain to put on their cute little backpacks that the cute little mom that sells 31 made for them.
that's a happy daisy scout right there!
modeling the backpack thoroughly. i volunteered to be co-cookie mom. i know, i know, i do it to myself! i just want to be involved in everything!
later that day i found this on fb and said amen! i needed to read that at that moment. see, fb is worthwhile!
on friday rhonda worked, worked, worked! silly girl though, she got caught in this fancy shoe bag of matt's and traveled around with it for a few minutes until i finally noticed. i am obsessed with this thing! i've been running it everyday upstairs, and i will continue to run it everyday until it stops picking up so much junk! i ran it twice in the front room and the second time had almost nothing, so i'm hoping that happens soon upstairs.
curtis and emma came over friday morning to stay for the weekend. alecia and josh are headed to the byu game in virginia, so we are swapping babysitting weekends. it's going great! i got everyone where they needed to be (chris to work, pick up lily, lex to school for cheer), we made dinner, then loaded up 6 carseats in 2 cars and headed out to the l-town high school scrimmage. frankie and roni reunited and they were so cute talking and catching up.
go raider nation!
when the kids got bored, matt took them to play in the grassy area next to the field.
we had our hands full, but everyone was pretty good.
 at 7:30, matt, g-pa, c, d, e, and f headed to pick up chris from forrest farms pool - his last day of life guarding there for the 2013 season. i got to stay and finish watching the game with the little cheerleaders, a and l.
they danced and tried to emulate the cheers. it was pretty funny.
and good news, leonardtown won!!!
hoping to finish lexi's high school cheering career on a high note with a winning season!
we're all pretty smitten with baby emma. she is such a good, sweet baby! she has been fabulous! they all have! even when i locked them in the basement this morning while matt finished mowing the grass.
now they're all out enjoying a warm end-of-summer day with our water toys.
man'n'cheese for lunch (outside!), rest time, and baths are on the agenda for the rest of the day. chris will be life guarding at our pool until 8 and lexi has cheer camp until 5. matt needs to finish up homework for one class. and i need to put the final touches on my rs lesson for tomorrow. 
it's been a good weekend. :)

19 whole months + 2 days - by delaney

i meant to write an 18 month post, it was to be my last. i really did mean to, but... you know.
july 29th came and went. 
then i meant to write an on-time 19 month post, but... you know.
 august 29 came and went. 
but, better late than never, right? 
i mean, i was 10 days late to be born, so what's 2 days late for a post, right?!
things come up, skirts are to be worn, dances danced, and i just didn't have time.
and perhaps i'm waxing nostalgic at this end of an era. i mean, my last monthly post, it's kind of a big deal. so i decided i'll be back as a guest poster. maybe a bi-yearly kind of thing, just to help the old moms out. you know how i like to help.
so here's my serious look...
and now silly!
i'm versatile.
i'm also growing hair! check out that barrette! hot dang, look out! i'm pretty sure i even have enough for a pebbles 'do up top. awww, yeah!
i lo-oo-oo-oo-oove juicey!
and phones. 
phones are good too.
i also love this little love seat. i am a prim and proper lady.
and just a teensy bit maniacal about my popcorn.
and then all lady-likeness flies out the window on the buttery wings of the p-corn.
yum, yum, yum, yum!
shoes are another passion of mine.
and there's almost nothing i love better than to sit on my loveseat and read a nice book.
i also love sissy's room on laundry day. there are just so many ensembles to choose from! and they're all over the floor! it's awesome!
i am a pretty happy girl. i love everyone in my family pretty evenly right now. i even say frankie sometimes. and froggy too, for good measure.
i love big people things like lighters, griddles, markers, all those things that are so good for babies to play with!
i'm a pretty good sleeper right now too. here's our routine: mommy reads me some books - current fav's are my tiny board books that sissy got me for christmas. they're all educational, like about circles, music, and colors, and i really love to read them, and stack them, and throw them. but back to sleeping, after we read, we sing 3 songs, then mom lays me in my crib and sings one more song before she leaves. even if i'm awake i don't cry when she leaves! it's a good routine we got going on. daddy doesn't know how she does it. i don't know how long i'll keep it up, but for now it's working. :)
 i love dolls! but do you want to know an ugly little secret about me? i also love to say "mine!" some days i use it more than others, some days not at all, but boy, if you try to take something i'm holding or want, i will "mine!" you all day long.
 do you notice anything in common about all these pictures? my lovey! i love my lovey! i carry it around and when i go to bed i say "lovey? lovey?" so i can cuddle with it as i fall asleep. i love my blanket too, but it's just a little too big for me now, so my lovey is perfect!
oh, another love-o-mine?
do you love them upside down?
 do you love them with your mom?
 do you love them with addie's shoes?
do you love them 5 sizes too big?
and yes, the answer to all those questions is yes.
still not a fan of eating, but some things are too tasty to pass up.
i love dogs! i get excited and start stomping and say "woof, woof!"
i tell when i'm poopy now and i hate to be changed. i say "owww, owww!" (even though it doesn't really hurt) and i've even asked to sit on the potty! look out, frankie, i'm catching up!
i talk all the time! i know so many words now, it's not even funny. and i say sentences! i'll say "want water, some" and other cute sentences like that (that i can't really think of right now).
i'm pretty easy going, but i have been known to throw some huge fits. just today when mama put me down to leave, i threw myself off the chair and onto the floor and laid there and cried. drama!
i love everything girlie! if i see anyone painting their nails i'll pretty persistently ask them to paint mine. and then for the next few days mom will catch me just staring at my nails. so then i'll point and say "pretty!" it's pretty adorable.
life has been a little different this past week without addie home all day. i mean, i'm used to bubba and sissy being gone all day, but addie too? actually, it's all good!
 frankie and i have been playing together a lot and it's been so fun!
want to know something terrifying???
rhonda the roomba!
it's horrible! actually, i'm getting more brave by the minute, like today i could stand to be in the same room with it while it was running, so that's a definite step in the right direction.
anyway, i guess that's all about me right now. i go to nursery pretty easily. sister aina and sister darrow watched me a few times and i did pretty okay for them. i'm pretty sweet and happy and lovable. 
and i'm 19 months! 
and 2 days.