Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lighthouse #3 - Cape Arago

Cape Arago (air-ago) is a lonely little light.
She's out there on one of those rocky islands all by herself. There used to be a footbridge to the island, but it has been destroyed.
The lagoon was just beautiful though, just unreal.
We had to view this one from Sunset Bay campground, another place that looked like an amazing place to stay. The lighthouse was built on an ancient Indian burial ground, so when the light was decommissioned, they gave it back to the native tribe. Now they rarely allow visitors to the island.

But these two fanatics have their ways. We decided to try to see it up close. I, strangely enough, did not actually want to trespass. Kraig (of Lighthouse Friends) clearly said this was private property, and there were signs all over posting the private property. I'm usually game for breaking all sorts of laws when it comes to lighthousing, but this day I was feeling anxious about it.
That said, I can't let Laura trespass alone. So down the private path we went together.
And there she was. Oh how I'd love to pay her a visit.
The way we were able to find her to be able to trespass to see her closer up. 
I convinced her that we'd trespassed long enough, and we were able to leave without incident. (:
And not only did the campground look amazing, and have super friendly guides, but they also had a lighthouse stamp. Sa-weet!

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