Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day #6 - and randoms

More puzzling.
It took hours. Small dollar store puzzles aren't always the easiest.
Frank's came to help.
And we had to get some pics of the true blonds.
All four of them. Frey is peeking between Ollie and quinnie.
Moms snowmen.
Blondies! Could be sisters.
Tombon made brown sugar bacon and breakfast sandwiches and they were super good. Best breakfast of the week.
Even Oliver enjoyed it.
Primping and pruning the youngins.
Oh that room. Heaven.
Dad and Tom dutifully went around the house taking pictures and checking lighting.
Even inside.
More breakfast fun. Thank goodness I'm not type A, right?
Frankie doesn't love much food.
Neither does this one.
Kid table!
2nd oldest with the youngest (for now).
More blond action.
Mom sent a few fun road trip packages for the girls. She sent 3 of these fun license plate booklets, but instead of it being just 3, it was 3 packs of 12. So we brought the extras and shared.
Lulu sporting the cute hat.
Random watermelon eating.
We went to the solo cup sharpie method of drinking after the first day. It worked, but there was always a million cups on the counter. 
More breakfast fun.
The breakfast fun never ends.

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