Thursday, September 7, 2017

Deep Creek Camping - part 2

Next stop was another on the ice cream trail. Matt and I shared a waffle cone at each stop. Waffle cones are the food of angels. 

More of Addie's fun photography. 

And even more. She's a delight lately. 

It was cloudy and looking like it might storm. This place was beautiful and it was just one of those moments that you want to remember. So perfect. 

Another play area and the girls were so happy. 

They had these fun pedal powered dune buggies and a little racetrack to drive on. 

Delaney spent several minutes parking her "car" in the garage, and pulling out. She's quite the parking fool.  

Go, Speed racer. 

She's laid claim to the Camry in 7 years. 

She insisted on wearing her "4" shirt because "it goes with my skirt!"

More summer fun. 

Pulling a Brady Bunch trying to look at each other. Or at least i was. 

Misty Meadow Farm Creamery. Wonderful and delicious. And oh Delaney. 


Deep Creek Camping - part 1

We were not on our A game when packing for our camping trip. A case of summer fever and also trauma exhaustion, mixed with poor planning. Anyhow, we didn't roll out until 11:30, but at least 30 minutes of that was spent confronting a pooptastrophe head on. Pooptastrophe - 0, Momma - 2. And we used our coffin cooler for the second time so that was cool. #waytoomuchfood

It was like a different country, just so beautiful! We listened to the Deathly Hallows and everyone was sweet. Loved the whole drive. 

First stop was our 5th Creamery on the ice cream trail!

This creamery was legit with the cows right. there. D did not appreciate the smell. 

And their kid scoops were like a dollar, so that was totes kewl. Some places sell kid scoops for like $3 and that's so not totes kewl. 

Michelle bait. Can't resist 'em. 

Addie's been super tricky with her picture taking. She plays around and switches the camera back and forth and it usually results in some gems like this. "Did you take it? Addie? Did you take the picture?"

Blazing the ice cream trail together!

They had a really fun play area, which was nice for the girls to play and stretch for awhile. 

So cute. 

Aaaand Addie's close up. She's precious, I tell ya. And I was totally nailing my old man riding in the bed of the truck too. 

So funny, this was an old McDonakds play area that they fenced and countrified. 

The forward slouch is her signature pose of summer '17. 

On our way out, we pet the calves. 

This was after I lost my ice cream passport, went back to the shop, got a new one and convinced the young ice cream scooper to stamp all the ones I'd been to, then swiftly found my original. Now I'm getting 2 stamped everywhere we go. Cause if there's one thing weirder than a 39-year-old woman obsessed with an ice cream trail, it's a 39 year-old woman managing two ice cream trail passports. 

The girls loved the baby cows! They were sweet talking and whispering to them. So cute. 


It looks like the cow is kissing Matt's head. 😂

South Mountain Creamery! Check it out. You won't be sad. 

And Delaney's poses got me like 🙄.

She maintened her zombie all the way back to the car. On point. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Megan texted one morning and asked if D would like a new to her helmet after her crash. And voila! She loves it!

Another sweet pre-k friend stopped by. 

They'd spent a few days putting together a whole bag of fun gifts for Delaney. And logan just had to do a silly face, love 5-year-olds!

Logan brought Delaney a new Frozen playdough set that has provided hours of fun.

Addie had been complaining about her ear bothering her for a few days. She had no fever and she wasn't complaining a ton, but after a few more complaints I decided we needed to take her in. 

Turns out she has an inner ear infection. Swimmers ear!

Glad we went in and our appointment was quick and easy. Phew!

That afternoon Maggie and aina's came over and the moms all went to the commissary for camp shopping. I'm 80% certain we over complicate things and 100% certain we buy way too much food, but oh well.  

And the lastest in the "mom, take a picture of me," series. 

We shopped so long that matt beat us home. We picked up a few Aldi pizzas to feed the savages and threw the food into laura and Sarah's cars and our fridge. It was a hot mess. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Of check-ups, snow-globes, and eclipses

On Monday morning we had our second checkup and 3rd trip back to Children's within that first week. Also, I got a $150 photo ticket in the mail yesterday from our first visit, so I am hoping and praying that we don't get anymore. After some research we found that my ticket spot is the #1 revenue making ticket place in dc with a generated revenue of over 9 million dollars in 2012. 9 million

Don't ask me how I feel about it because it's not good. I don't speed (at least not knowingly) because ain't no one got time (or money) to pay a $150 ticket. It seriously smarts. Further researxh found that 85% of drivers on 295 go an average speed of 70 mph. I was clocked at 67, 17 miles over the 50mph limit. Clearly I did not realize the speed limit on a freeway was only 50, especially since literally everyone around me was going 70 or over. If everyone on a given road drives a certain speed, why? To bleed money out of unsuspecting innocents taking their broken children to Children's, clearly. Fiasco. (Just let me be dramatic on this one, mmmk? I was totes prepared to fight it, but my main squeeze talked me down)

Anyhow, this was an early appt since McDreamy and his dreamboat team are only in the dental department in the morning. Buggy was a good and patient patient as we drove up. 

Driving into dc for an 8am appt is the worst. 16 minutes to get 2 miles? The dumbest. 

Baby girlfriend was out cold. 

Thankfully she perked up and was nice and happy for her quick appt. 

She looks great! Everything was lining up perfectly and we were cleared for another week. 

The dentist looked at her broken teeth she'd been complaining about and said it would probably have to be extracted. She fractured a molar just below the gumline and also broke the tip off of one of her fangs. The dentist offered to temporize it until we could get it taken care of, so bam. Did it. 

We drove out of town a different way than the way we came in. Love D.C. (Hate the traffic cams)

We got home to these guys crafting with the girls. Another one of Addie's ideas from D's craft book - homemade snow globes. 

They were frustrating and the glue came undone pretty quickly, but everyone had fun and they are cute, so I call that successful crafting. 

That afternoon was our great American eclipse! We met up with half the neighborhood down on the green. 

We even talked Bubba into coming with us. 

Thankfully I got in on a group order of eclipse glasses that another neighbor ordered, so our family was ready. My dad sent this idea to put plates around the glasses to ensure ocular safety. 

Haha, gorgeous shot of me trying to take a pic of the sun. Clearly I couldn't see a darn thing. 😂

Matt was able to leave work early and he met us on the green too. And I think it's best practice to allow for tree climbing one week out from a double jaw break. Ugh on that one. 

There were lots of people and we had fun visiting and watching. 

It got so nice and cool before and during the eclipse! It was so hot before, but downright comfortable during. It was very cool, but not even close to what the full experience would have been. Oh well, maybe next time. 

It was really neat to watch. 

Dar was at a dr's appt and was worried about her girls, so we kept a little eye on them. 

All was well and no one woke up blind the next day, so yay!

Group of junior eclipse viewers. 

Look at that wild bunch!

Since D was 7 days out, she could officially get her glued chin wet. She could actually get it wet at 5 days, but we wanted to be safe. They only swam for about an hour, which is a perfect starting point for her recovery. 

That night, after showers and a fun fhe wherein we talked about the similarities between Harry Potter and the gospel (they've never been so captivated by an fhe lesson before, winning!) we went to Panda Village to use a gift card from our Mozzo neighbors. 

Delaney got her very own fried ice cream and ate the whole darn thing. Lucky girl.