Sunday, November 12, 2017

Today and Wednesday and another day

Today was a good day. Good church, choir, visits, time at home. Matt taught his first eq lesson and it went really well. All around a wonderful sabbath. These sillies had fun playing winter with their hats and scarves. Cute homeless kids. 

And flash to Wednesday the 8th. Frankie had a program at school where they sang each of the military songs - Frankie’s class sang the Army one, and all the kids sang the Navy one together. Frankie also thought she was going to sing the Marine one, so she and the little cutie to her right belted that out too with one of the other classes. Frankie is like me, she likes to sing loud and proud, come what may with what sound comes out. She had chin out and up, head high, mouth wide. I. Loved. It. 

She also got to go to MakerSpace. 

That night was our off night for carpool. Our beautiful situation got mixed up and now we’ll do both girls every other week. Not the worst, but not the princess setup we had at first. Ads and I went on a date before A days. She chose Nicoletti’s pizza. 

It was super tasty and we had a good time. 

She is an odd little bird and sometimes I have to fight my own insecurities of wanting her to fit in and fly straight. She’s her own fun, quirky, precious little person and I am trying hard to let her stretch her weird little wings and fly. 

We had a few minutes to kill so we went to our new Hobby Lobby for the first time. I bought almost all of our knick-knacks stuff for our first home together in nm at HL. Addie is a fan as well and asked for this picture to prove it. 

A days and that quirky girl strikes again!

Tuesday was picture day and I had to laugh at Addie’s almost done hair. She and I had a difference of opinion in how we thought her hair should look, so I am just hoping her pic is better than last times. That shouldn’t be hard. P

And another day after baths she squeezed her old daisy hat on her head and wore it around our house all afternoon. She looked hilarious! Every time I looked at her I chuckled. Love this little weirdo!

This turned into a bit of an ode to Addie. She’s pretty awesome though, so that’s ok. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day ‘ 17

I already wrote this post once and it became yet another victim to the horror that is BlogTouch. This post will not be nearly as witty as the last one. #angryposting

This morning was our small town Veterans Day parade. We go every year and for the last 5 years have had Girl Scouts marching in it. Sadly this year we had to divide and conquer because I had church obligations. Thankfully Matt is an awesome daddy and always willing to step up and step in. Also, it was so, so cold this morning - 28 degrees when they left!

It was D the Daisey’s first parade and she was SO excited! I didn’t even recognize her in this pic, no skirt and plus a hat, it does not compute. She thought it was hilarious that I had to ask her where she was (I skimmed). Matt reported that the girls didn’t complain about the cold (they were layered within an inch of their lives) and had a great time. They’ve been singing the Army song (and the army goes rolling along) and you’re a grand old flag, and we’re all feeling very patriotic. We love our veterans!

While they marched, Addie and I finished up at church and went shopping. We had a fun girls afternoon trying on hats and checking out the goods. 

Addie tried out this giant mug. She asked me to take a picture but then kept moving. I had to remind her i was not taking a video. 

Matt and I did some planning when I got home. We’ve got loads of projects and they’re getting away from us. We’ve picked a weekend in January to paint and do some other fun projects so it’s time to prep and make some decisions! And I’m not great at decisions!

Matt and Frankie went on a Veterans Day date and I did one of my least favorite mom jobs in my favorite mom apron - changing out the seasonal clothing. I’m almost done - hallelujah. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Feels like Saturday

Friday off for Veterans Day and all day I’ve been thinking it was Saturday. Yay for another Saturday tomorrow! I’ve been watching the training disc for book 2 of tutoring. Each disc is 3 hours, plus the tutoring time for Frankie and my other cute student, which has made life a little more busy. I just keep going back to feeling so lead to this path, I know it will work out. Frankie listened along while I finished up this portion of training. 

Nanny brought a blank book when she came to visit, so Addie got busy writing and illustrating a graphic novel. 

And one of my personal favorite accomplishments - finishing up items. Franks finished some milk for me. Exciting times. 

The girls had a makeup piano lesson this morning, and the whole Nelson clan came along, including grands from Virginia. They braved the firigid temps at the park this afternoon. 

Too bad I had to stay inside since it was bryn’s naptime. Wink, wink. 

I had to run to the dentist for a new retainer fitting. My new crown threw everything off. But the gang enjoyed some hot cocoa after their playtime. 

Delaney and her bud Payton. 

We had the Dorn’s over to play. They all got along so well, Addie cane to me to say she wished they could be her brothers and sister. 💕 dogpiles do tend to bring people together. 

And movie night! 

Also, Addie made this cute plaque at A Days on Wednesday. More on that to come.

After such a beautiful and tame Autumn, it’s finally turned cold and I’m not feeling ready. The older I get the less I like the cold. Maybe that’s why they all move to Florida? Good grief, I’m already an old lady. 

We’re neck deep in Halloween stuff still. And paint stuff, not to mention the 6 different paint samples smacked on several walls. Add to that the couch yard our house has become and it’s all kid of a hot mess. But it’s our hot mess, and we love each other, so that’s something.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Turkeys and some more Halloween

Monday is our piano day. This girl is a really good little pianist. She really wants to do band next year, and we think we'll let her, but she's got to continue piano. She's gifted. 

This morning D finished up her turkey disguise project. She came up with the idea to make the turkey - Tomalina, a flower farming turkey, and she cut out all the cloths by herself.  

She worked hard writing about her turkey this morning. 

I had a double sided list that I swore I'd get finished today. And I got about halfway. I did go shopping (3 stores!), make a delicious dinner, take girls to piano, and help with a really great fhe about the sacrament. And there's always tomorrow. Also, it was a beautiful day! Perfect temperature and a thunderstorm tonight to top it off. 

And back to Halloween. 

My crooked cat whiskers. Back to my "good enough" motto. 

Laura caught me in the background of her pic, my least favorite thing ever. So then she got the shot below, and sent them both to Jospeh. I miss that boy! And his female counterpart. 

I love T-or-T'ing in the daylight. It's so much more enjoyable!

And it was so warm that we didn't even need sweaters. And I looove pure happy kid faces!

Black Licorice herself! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff!


And some Halloween frolicking and merriment. 

More Halloween to come! Edge of seat excitement!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekend and Halloween beginnings

Navy weekend! It was just us gals and it was actually really great. We had a couple double jobs since we missed some things on Friday. We had double piano (twice), double tutoring (we finished the first book!), cleaning, laundry, and lesson prep. Also, Addie found her Daisy hat and squeezed it on her big head. She looked hilarious!

We also took down some Halloween. I found this adorable skeletons that Bubba made, circa 2003. Back before he told his teachers his name was "chris."

Matt had a good weekend too. He met up and stayed the night with dan, who was also working   Those crazies for a bunch of potato/pasta salads and rented a movie. 

We fell back this morning, holla! Even though falling back is dreamy in the sleep department (except I fool myself into thinking I'm gonna get more sleep, so I stay up later and still wake up around the same time) I think it's really stupid. Da Rays!

I taught about Priesthood in RS. It was one of those lessons where I had a ton of info but i just couldn't organize it into something cohesive. Not my best lesson, but I tried. 

Tonight we went to the Darrow's for lasagna and friend time. Without playgroup we see each other so rarely. It always feels like life will slow down and we'll spend more time together, but then when will that happen? Life is funny. 

And now a few from Halloween. Because you have to start somewhere. Addie as Black Licorice (a witch she made up), Frankie as Super Girl (not Wonder Woman, she made her own new sign), and D as a black cat to go with a friends witch costume (even though we didn't T-or-T together).

We met up for dinner at the Streeter's at 4:30, so it was still super bright when we took pics. 

Delaney stayed in character nicely. 

We set up our candy outside before we left. I asked Addie to make a sign for the candy and for the teal pumpkin bowl too. Of course she came up with an elaborate rhyme/riddle, and I had to have her tone it down. Artist through and through. 

And because food is always important - our mummy spinach dip. 

And our skeleton veggie platter. 

More Halloween to come.