Sunday, July 23, 2017

Addie's 9th birthday!

Addie (and Alexis) birthday fell on a Saturday - yay! We're back on our breakfast in bed kick, so away we went!

Only, we woke her up. 😂

I totally thought she'd be awake, but then it was too late to turn back. 

She was like "no, I was awake, I was awake!"

We had plans for the whole day, so lucky lady got her cake and presents early. 

She requested a jolly rancher cake, so I made a cake and put jolly ranchers on it. Creative. 

Bubba was in town for Brenna's graduation (Lexi was not happy that he missed her birthday!) so they came over to celebrate our big girl. She asked for a bird house. Little weirdo. 

More pieces for our fairy garden. Each of the girls have gotten a few pieces for her birthday. 

Frankie was so cute watching addie open. Love watching my kiddos love each other. 

Bubba and brenna gave Addie this fun card. It said something about a birthday girl being on the loose for some serious fun. She loved it. 

We had some cake and then hopped in the car for more birthday fun!

This weekend

We laid low Friday morning. Frankie decided she was hungry so she made herself some lunch. I just thought it was so cute and grown up. 

Then Addie photobombed. 😉

We had the Darrow's over for the night. We had some ideas of things to do, but in the end settled for some pool time. After the code brown delay (it is what you think it is) David blew up the pretzel and the kids played with it all evening. They even walked home in it. 

They all played together really nicely. I did forget how often little littles ask why, but other than that, gravy. 

Silly shot!

Sarah sent me this today. That's a teeny abby, Ellie, and Delaney playing in the background. Too funny!

Caprese is one of my fav snacks evah. Franks was watching me as I prepped mine and she agreed to try one. I think she's my adventurous eater

She liked it!

This morning we went to the library to pick up a book I'd already extended on. We were gonna hit the wooden park, but I forgot an appt and we had to rush home. Oopsie. Lunchtime fun!

And dress-up fun! 

Tonight was another night with lots of possibilities, but again we settled on the pool. Since I haven't taken any pool pictures I spent a few minutes getting some before I got in the pool. 

Baby bug with the nerd goggles. I love that it makes her eyes more almond shaped and also bug looking. Love her. 

Franks got some massive air. 

It really bugs me that I cut her hand off, but the next pic was terrible and she was done with me after that. Check out that air again!

And Addie and ashby. Double goggle nerds. 

During adult swim I had Addie take a few pics of us. This one of us before we were ready is definitely my fav. 

There was a dark cloud encroaching on us which is why it's so dark. 

Not sure why it looks like I'm sitting on Laura's lap, but I can assure you, I am not. 

The dark clouds kept coming and I did my news headline voice about 3 moms killed after swimming in a pool struck by lightning and we were all laughing. Then the wind picked up and there was a crazy gust that blew down a bunch of umbrellas, bags and accessories went flying, and kids started crying. It was pretty crazy and I don't blame them for being scared. It just came so suddenly. I calmly sent them to the bathroom to shower and collected all our stuff that had blown everywhere. My phone flew out of my bag and the broken case popped off. Maggie had to grab it from the grass outside the fence for me. 

The storm held off till everyone was in bed, so that was nice. Too bad both of our most recent swim days were cut short. Tonight it's stormy and The Office is funny. Wonderful. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pre-K grad!

Our ward was asked to provide lunch for a missionary zone conference on June 6. I was so excited. I kept it for myself to head it up and decided to serve Chaptico Market chicken with homemade biscuits, coleslaw, potato salad, watermelon, and then for dessert cookies, rice crispy treats, and brownies. It was all rolling along and then the school district decided to move the last day of school up 3 days, since we didn't use our snow days. That would normally be great, but this time it made it so that D's last day of school program fell on the same day as our zone conference. I was so super bummed! 

I was able to serve with these beauties (and Quayde) all morning until I had to bust the move back down south. 

This is what I really wanted to see. Years ago kitty told me that after you serve them lunch, the missionaries all line up and sing Called to Serve for you. I really wanted to be there for that. I had to settle for a video Laura took. 

Anyhow, Miss D graduated pre-k and she was so excited!

They sang some cute songs. I love me a good little kid program!

Jen hosted the pre-k princesses and she's allowed to get into the makeup. Delaney had been wanting to go to he house to get dolled up. Oh, D. 


She sat next Tommy throughout the program with her legs crossed. Already acting the part of kindergartener. 

Delaney said her favorite activity of the year was Sunglass and Shaving Cream day. Though they could each only pick one and a lot of the other days had already been chosen. 

D and Brady. Not sure why she was doing this weird look, but I got the shot and then made her switch it up. 

D loved pre-k! The program is super well oiled machine'ish and that's a good way to learn. 

She loved both of her teachers! She really had such a great year!

And bonus blond shot. The schoeny's came over after school that day and we played Clue. Frankie and Sammy were on the same team and it was so cute to watch their cute heads collaborating. 

End of year teacher gifts

Somehow I managed to be in charge of all my girls teachers gifts. This was for the only teacher I was actually room mom for - Mrs. G. I'm basically a 2-trick pony. I do a "What will my teacher do over Christmas break" gift card scrapbook, and a summer fun bag. Those won't ever get old, right? It's always fun shopping for the summer fun bags. Lots of things I love: pretty things, shopping, and summer. 

I wanted the class to be able to enjoy Mrs. G opening her gifts. Almost every child donated money and several donated gifts, so I wanted to make sure they got to see how much she loved it all. 

She was so cute and such a gracious gift receiver. 

She (and the kids) oohed and aahed over every bottle of sunblock and magazine, it was so fun. 

Delaney loved being a 1st grader and of course was hot stuff. They were really working it to get me to leave her there for the rest of the day. 

Next we went to spread joy in Addie's room. Since she didn't have a room mom, I decided to put together a "what will Ms. McNeil do over summer vacation?" gift card scrapbook. That was kind of an ordeal, turns out 3rd graders are not actually very responsible. 

Anywho, even though it looked hairy for awhile there, we ended up getting lots of pages and lots of gift cards. And she loved it!

Again, Delaney was all like "just leave me here, I'll be good!"

And she probably would have been fine, but I'm a wet blanket and didn't let her. 

I didn't actually get pictures of Laney's teachers scrapbooks because I presented them at the class party, but they loved them too. Seriously, they are the best gifts! It wasn't my idea, I found it online, but I love giving them! 

And even though it was crazy to be collecting and assembling gifts for 4 different teachers (D had 2), it's so fun to give gifts and we love our teachers and appreciate all they do!