Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter!

we went to the leonardtown easter carnival on saturday.
it was fun and cold but then it warmed up nicely.
delaney was asleep when we left, so we left her with lexi, dropped christian off at baseball practice, and then off we went. our first stab at easter bunny pictures didn't go too well.
when matt went to pick chris up from practice he also picked laney up from house, so then our second try was much better. :)
i wish the big kids would humor me still, and for santa pics i'll insist, but for easter i'll just have to settle on the younger 3.
and a blast from easter past.
circa 1997, lexi hated the easter bunny.
at least my hair was nice though.
i got all soft the next year and didn't make lexi take a pic with the bunny.
what's up with that?

not sure what year this is... maybe '04?
they were soooo little!
loooove that goofy addie! and those goofy big kids!
after the carnival we all took a nice long nap and then it was time for my least favorite holiday ritual - egg dying.
matt was washing the car, so i was flying solo on the egg coloring.
it wasn't too bad, thankfully.
and bouncing back to before the easter carnival - that morning addie ready to hunt those eggs!
checking out the fire engine.
putting addie to work!
addie scoping out the field before the egg hunt.
mapping out her strategy.
she did really well!
the only thing she could have done differently was that she stopped to look at each egg to see if it had the special star attached.
she means business!
and easter morn'!
frankie got a jenga'ish scooby doo game.
it's a pretty good one.
i don't typically let my babies eat a lot of sugar
(i wait till they're at least 2 before we inoculate them)
but this one is so skinny that i let her at her easter candy.

she was conflicted about eating something with a face...
she got over it and ate everything but the face.

frankie the easter bunny!
and delaney the easter bunny.
i love her hands just hanging by her sides!
love this nerd!
i stayed home from church with the 3 little girls.
they are sooooo snotty and coughy and just gross.
i really hate missing church, especially since we missed last week too, but since matt has his navy weekend next weekend, and i didn't really have anything to do at church, i decided to be the good wife and offered to stay home.
at breakfast the girls and i talked about the real meaning of easter, and i told them all about how Christ was resurrected. we had one of those super sweet spiritual moments where the spirit was so strong, and then just like that, as it so often happens with children, it was over and frankie was running to get our little people angel from our nativity. it was cute, she hears angel, she thinks of a tangible angel. then we read the story in our children's bible and then, just for good measure we watched the He is Risen cartoon story.
when the family got home we had an all hands on deck meeting and one and all helped with dinner. we had the missionaries and the buxton's over for a big and delicious easter dinner.
the buxton's daughter lost her best friend last week.
that, and reflecting on easter and resurrection has me thinking of just how very grateful i am to know that there is life after death. i am so grateful to know that Jesus lived, He died, and He lives again. and i am so grateful to know that we will see our loved ones again.
 death is not the end, we will see them again.
happy easter! 

14 whole months + 2 days :) - by delaney.

i'm 14 months now!
well, i was 2 days ago, but since my mommy got back from vacation we've been moving kinda slow around here. it's all good, you know i don't mind being late. :)

i just love playing dress up!
i put everything around my neck, even headbands.
it's cute, right?
and oh how i wish i had long, luxurious locks!
what i wouldn't do with all this gorgeous hair.
so, you know how i said my mom was gone for a few days?
well i've quit nursing!
now i sit in this chair a lot, like a couple hours a day because i eat soooo sloooow.
usually i make mommy offer me like 10 things and i'll just eat a few bites of each.
she loves it.
some days i use forks...
some days i'm happy...
some days i eat popsicle's...
some days i try to hoard as much food as possible in my hands (or mouth)...
some days i use bowls and some days i spill what's in my bowls...
but i always love gogurts.
(thanks for the idea, ellie!)
it's my one constant.
some days i'll even eat 2 in a row.
my mom says it's not the best, but it's something!
(green are the best!)
so, enough about food.
i do yoga to keep me flexible.
and to keep me from getting angry, even though sometimes i still get mad.
i'm working on it.
i just love my bubba.
and my lovey blankey and my minnie. :)
we even look alike, that bubba and i!
and we make the same faces. :)
i don't remember what, but something was gross.
i love him so much that i sometimes even try to steal his cool duds.
but, where's laney?
there she is!!!
see, i still love this game.
when i'm really excited lately i step in place really fast.
i'm a happy girl!!!
i finally have enough hair to wear a barrette!
at least in the back.
small steps!
love this guy!
it's so exciting when i hear the door open every afternoon!
 i run and cuddle and kiss him.
dad's are great!
i know exactly where my head is.
but i won't show you any other body part.
nope, not anything.
"mom, just let me finish this text!"
and then a little more yoga before bed aaaannd, we're good.
now that i walk all the time
(crawling is for chumps!)
i loooove the park!
even though it's been f-f-freezing!
happy stomp!!!
sometimes we even meet friends up at the park and then i get to go down the big slide!
my auntie alli came and watched me for 4 whole days while everyone but addie and tgbo flew off to somewhere sunny.
alli was great though.
she let me nap where ever i wanted, and since she left, i've been sleeping all night!
every night!
so i'm down to one good, long nap a day, and then i'm ready for bed around 9 and then i sleep all night.
my mom is sooooooooooo happy about it and i feel pretty good about it too.
we'll see if it lasts though, i'm not sure yet. ;)
i wave goodbye and blow kisses when someone leaves.
(and i always keep the eyebrow moving!)
i'm such a girl.
i just really like to accessorize.
and stay warm out on walks.
i'm really ready for some warm weather!
hmmm, what else?
i really love my big sissy (lexi) too.
her room is right across the hall from mine, so sometimes when we're hanging out in my room, i'll wander over and knock on her door, then she opens it and we hug and love on each other. it's so sweet.
i'm still super teeny.
you know what they say about small packages though, right?
i love giving big, opened mouth kisses all the time.
i'm the best nose blower this side of the mississippi.
i mean, whoever's heard of a one-year-old blowing her nose?
if i even hear the word tissue i start blowing.
since i'm not nursing anymore, i'm going to sleep super easily. i just get rocked back and forth in mom or dads arms and wham, eyes are closed. it's pretty precious, if i do say so myself.
i'm a pretty good girl. i'll play by myself for long periods of time, i'm pretty easy going when toys get taken away (and they do, oh, they do), and i still really like to unload things - only now i'll load them back too. i pretty much just wander the house all day, i crawl upstairs, downstairs, all over.
i do let out an annoying squeal when i'm angry, annoyed, bored, or just feel like it.
a girl can't be perfect, right?
i guess that's about all for now.
see you next month!