Friday, May 16, 2014

Pax museum

In the interest of at least blogging a little, here's a snippet, in no particular order. 

Amy and I went to the commissary last week, and when she saw the Naval Air Museum, she added it to our list of things to do. 

We penciled it onto our calendar, and on the hottest day yet of 2014, off we went!
This was all them. They lined themselves up in height order. 
They have the cutest little Cedar Point Lighthouse display!
Isn't she so cute? She was abandoned in the 50's and finally torn down in the 80's because the land had eroded so much that she was falling down. Sad. We saw where she was on one of our lighthouse cruises a couple years ago. 
The girls had fun pretending to be air traffic controllers. 
And climbing into the jets. 
After we wandered around inside and everyone picked an airplane to take home, we headed outside to look at the planes. But first we stopped at the cupola of the lighthouse. Awesomeness. 
They liked the planes, but it really was pretty hot and everyone was a little uncomfortable, especially poor laney. She started whining and asking to be held pretty quickly. All the girls faces were red, despite lots of drinks of water, but laney's legs and arms were splotchy and red too. She actually had a rough rest of that day too, poor baby. 

Even though little one outings are a lot of work and sometimes questionably worth it, we had fun and were glad we went. (:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So much to do!

Story of my blog, I am behind. Amy, Quinn, and max are here to visit and we are having too much fun!
We are in love with this little cutie. He gets thoroughly mauled all day. 
Good thing he's a trooper! A tank trooper, he's a big boy!
And oh so cute. 
Things I will blog someday:

*More about Africa (so interesting! trying to convince Matt to do this)
*ballet recital (so adorable!)
*lighthouse weekend/cruise (so amazing!)
*teacher appreciation week (so busy!)
*amy's visit and clean eating (so hungry!)
*grad prep (so exciting!)

For now, we're having fun, staying busy, and loving on allthesebabies!

Oh, and Chris and the Red Sox had an amazing 4 1/2 hour game on Monday that I have to write about. They were down the whole game. By the 6th inning, which started at 9:10 (quickly, because new innings can't start after 9:15) the score was 11-4. Chris started off the batting order by getting hit with the ball (taking one for the team!) and they just kept going from there. It was so awesome and nail biting, but I didn't really think they could pull it out. they got 2 outs pretty quickly, but they kept going and got all the way back around to Chris again, who got a pop fly to left field, which they miraculously missed. A few more hits, and my boy scored the winning run! They got 8 runs in the bottom of the 6th. It was awesome and unexpected. I can even sit through a 4+ hour game with 2 2-year-olds and a baby for that kind of excitement!