Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #1 - beachy

Oregon beaches are a cold and windy place. On day 1, we were all still wanting to get in the water. Cautiously optimistic, if you will.

Excitedly heading down the rocky path to the beach.
This part was easy.
It was down this path, then you had to climb over rocks and driftwood.
It was no simple task, especially with littles and beach toys in tow.
This is from the beach looking up at our house. Allies room is the one jutting out on the bottom left with the big window. Our room was the one just beyond that open patio there. If you notice there is a set of stairs to the right and left of our house, but we couldn't use either one. A few days later Matt and joe found a fairly even path down to the beach that was just a few houses down.
Those are some cold kids!
Cold water and cold wind and cold temps. More than once the girls asked "is it summer here?"
They found this fishing pole thingy and played with it all week.
Even though they were cold, they were happy!
Mom and dad brought tons of beach toys, it was great.
The waves by our beach were seriously angry.
The sea just churned and crashed, we couldn't have gone in even if we wanted to. It stayed strong and wild until day 4 or 5 and then it finally mellowed a bit.
My ears started to hurt being down there with the cold, strong wind.
Dad had brought canopies, but we didn't end up needing them. It was never that bright.
There were many hours spend digging. Digging holes, pools, pits to bury people, and just for fun, we were a digging bunch.
Especially this cutie. He was never without his trusty shovel.
Alli was trying to convince Frankie to get in the water with her.
Frankie wasn't having any of it.
The beach crew.
This is a side view of the house. There were several locked doors, like the top door closest to the beach, and the doors on the side of the house. Not sure if they were just for storage, or the owners personal rooms, but it was definitely odd.
Grandpa might have gone back up to the house, but he kept snapping pics.
The kids spent a lot of time playing on and around the driftwood.
Matt and tom spent some time gathering wood for a bonfire.
Nanny and Quinn. The deck was a favorite place. Gorgeousness.
And some of the beautiful cliffs of Oregon.
The diggingest frank.
Miss d was walking on the sand and got a random splinter in her foot. She was beside herself.
Matt took her up to the house, delivered her to sissy, and came down to help me gather toys and kids. Delaney cried and carried on for a loooong time until Allie finally managed to get it out. Poor, tired baby. (Just remembered this was why she was sleeping on my lap during the gift giving)
More beach hijinx.
More out of order pix. 
Love my baby brother! And Allie and Lexi too. (;
Working and owning it!
Sweatshirts on the beach. It's just not right.
I love that my kids are all beach lovers.
And some more Ollie loving. That's a well loved baby boy!
And finally pile'o'shoes. 24 peoples worth. 

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