Saturday, January 23, 2016


Day 1

School was cancelled for today. They made the call yesterday evening, and we were so glad!

Today felt like a crazy lazy day. I have lofty blizzard plans, including, but not limited to a blizzard bucket list. It has things like family game time, cookie dough eating, and building a snowman on it. 

Feels like we didn't do a lot, but Addie and Frankie each had a friend over, I mailed a package and stopped by the library, made broccoli soup, bread, salad, and rice crispy treats, Matt has already shoveled, and we watched the new (to us) Cinderella movie. And also cleaned up an Addie throw up mess. Sweet girl started feeling sick this afternoon. So maybe we did do some stuff. 
12:30 - 1st flakes 
3:30 - grass is almost completely covered
5:30 - first snowplows
8:30 - an hour after Matt's first shovel job

We are praying that we keep power overnight, when the winds are supposed to be picking up. 

32 hours and counting

We've had another wonderful snow day. So funny, I clearly remember being flustered and frustrated during the blizzard of 2010, but this storm has been happy. It's awesome to see how our perspective changes as we learn and grow. I only wish I didn't take so long to learn.
Snow days are a lot of work. It takes a long time to outfit three little ladies. And this morning they only stayed out for an hour. Then they come in wet, cold, and messy.
But they are having so much fun, and really, what does it matter. (It's a mess anyway)
This guy. He's been shoveling and playing all day. Every once in awhile I realize how much I hit the jackpot being married to a big kid.
Cute pink face, and cute big brother helping while i make muffins.
First round of hot cocoa.
And muffin eating.
This was after the second snow stint. Ash and Arden came to play, so they stayed out for about 3 hours. Playing is always more fun with friends. They were red cheeked, and most had wet spots somewhere. (She wasn't cooperating, hence the eyes closed)
Then we relaxed with some movies and popcorn. Like, 6 batches of popcorn. #blizzardrules
4 cuties on a couch.
And my picture series.

They don't look all that different, but Matt shoveled several times today, and it just keeps snowing. 

I haven't felt too hot, so I took a long nap and I've laid super low. I am grateful for my body that knows when to relax and be sick. And I'm grateful for the gang here that have been so good and peaceful. We are loving blizzard 2016!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

And it begins

Big D got to go to the firehouse for preschool today. I really didn't know if she would be good with this or not, but turns out she was good! She wanted to wear her Dalmatian shirt to match the fire station Dalmatian, and was so excited. Bonus points for too big hat goofiness.
Amber said D totally loved it! She was chatty with the firefighters and totally got into it. She was also obsessed with their saws. Yes, saws.? She would ask where the saw was on each truck, and one time one of the firefighters showed her the two saws on one of the trucks, and she was like, "oh yeah, there's another one. So there's 3 on this truck." So. Sassy.
I picked up the preschool princesses and we couponed at target. Only devastation. The popcorn machine at target was down. Sadness all around. And then these 3 cuties fell asleep on our way home. 💜💤💜💤💜💤
Tonight was not my best night. I need to find a better way to deal with evening time irritability. It happens, gotta get over it. We're always learning, right?

bonus points for the almost 4-year-old still in diapers. Keep me humble, Laney, keep me humble.
Tonight it started snowing. People all over DC are stranded in their cars. It's not a lot of snow, so this is odd. We shall see if we get another snowmaggedon. I say bring it. If we've got to cancel weekend plans, let's cancel them with a vengeance. I'm always game for a week at home. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


kirstin and I, yesterday, 2008. her first baby would be born by cesarean in 10 days, prompting her to her birth hippy status, and she would go on to have 3 more natural childbirths, including 2 at home. I was due to have little addie-cakes in just over 4 months from this picture. My epidural birth with her would propel me to birth hippy status and I would go on to have 2 more natural births, but neither at home. I'm not that far in my hippy-ness.
we both taught 3rd grade together, her 1st year, my 2nd. those were fun times but a lot has changed since then!
today was c-to-the-old! smc is all abuzz of this winter storm coming this weekend. pleeeeease don't come till Monday.
d and I did some visits. she is getting to be a better rs baby, but still not great. we are still working on not commenting on the smell, order, allure, or anything else about the home that we are visiting in, at least until after we have left. hoping she continues on the up and up, as I would hate for anyone's feelings to be hurt.
we made it late to gymnastics and then shopped the afternoon away at the commissary. I really don't know how, but it took a whole 2 hours and we made it home just minutes before the bus.
then addie and I went to piano and then did some visits, and what a difference 3 1/2 years makes. this rs kid was fabulous. she played quietly on her ipad, did her homework, and read her book. night and day from Delaney.
summer plans are in swing, and as per the norm, big kids got me guessing. and praying, and hoping, and trying to have faith that they will make the best decisions. and trying to also remember that my choices may not be what is best for them, even though I really, really, really think they are.
matt has been on fire getting things done. he is on it like donkey kong, and shell love it! feels so good to help him cross things off his list, because really, I don't think the list crossing means as much to him as it does to me.
and Frankie was here today too. somehow she slipped between the blog cracks, but her cute little blond head was here, and being super blond too, I might add.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Long weekend

It's been such a nice long weekend. It's always a bummer setting the alarm clocks again.

Today was a good day. I made puff pancakes for breakfast, then we let each of the girls pick a game. Lanes threw a fit for part of that time, but was able to get it together enough for some Don't Pop the Pig, then Frank's chose Pictopia, then Ads, the ever aggravating, Aggravation. We decided 3 games in a row was too many for our crew right now. Good to know. (Bonus points for the 80's hair)
Chris had to brave the frigid "feels like single digit" temps for track practice. Brrrrr! All the while we watched The Princess Bride in the warmth and comfort of home. BShe's all about small spaces lately.
We popped popcorn and ate candy for a real movie experience. Bonus points for the messy family room.
When I put lanes down for a nap, Matt took the biggins to ice skate. I got to see some hilarious wipeout videos, but they all had fun. I got to talk to lexi while they were gone. She loves Idaho, but feels the pull back home. Praying she makes the right choice for herself. 

We had the sisters over for some Dijon chicken and Texas sheet cake. They are so cute and i am so thankful to have sisters. 

And now we prep to go back to school tomorrow. And for a possibly big snow event this weekend. I am praying for that to wait till Monday, we have too many awesome weekend plans!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


It snowed! Just for a few hours, and mostly while I was at church, but hey, it snowed!
Tonight Frankie had our FHE treat. Last week I talked to her and told her to think about what she'd want and she was an immediate "Oreos." No thinking about it, girlfriend knows what she likes. Another rough FHE. Keeping the faith, we're being blessed for our efforts. We've been able to include lexi through the beauty of FaceTime, it's been really sweet.
We're trying to figure out something fun to do for tomorrow. Planning is 50% wonderful and 50% the worst ever. Logistics are my nemesis lately. It feels so daunting trying to fit everyone's schedules into something that works. I. Hate. It. 

Ok, Debby downer, now for some positives. Matt knocked 4 1/2 things off his honey-do list in the last few days! Yessss! Addie gave a nice primary talk and lanes rallied and gave the scripture and prayer. It was pretty cute. And Chris took the sacrament to the mesmers and sweet Charlene, then blessed the sacrament for Sac Mtg. Makes a momma's heart happy. (:

Saturday, January 16, 2016

That's life

I've failed my blog-a-day goal. C'est la vie. Back on the wagon again. But just for a quick check in because it's late and momma's sleepy.

I took my #3 girl for a night'o'shopping Thursday night. And her cheek is red because she ran into the cart as I was turning it. She hurts herself by running into things I'm doing all.the.time. I almost feel bad about it, but it's seriously just regular everyday stuff. Like turning a cart around a corner.
Tonight I took a mommy time out and went to a movie by myself. Except that while I was in line I saw Rose from church, and she was there to watch the same move by herself. The movie was crazy lame, but the popcorn was good and it was fun to visit with rose. (:

We are enjoying a long weekend off and looking forward to doing something fun on Monday. That's the day "dr. Luther martin king got killed, right mom?" (Frankie) 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bubba took Addie to the dentist to fill a teeny tiny cavity. So small that she didn't need novacaine, and it took like 5 minutes. I walked in as they were removing the elephant nose, or whatever it is. She was pretty cute. Her big brother is not too bad either.
We picked up Laney and visited with Sarah and crew. Tonight I pta'd (my numbers are still exact!) and went to a rs arm. Chris took the girls to salsas for dinner while Matt stayed home to work on daddy stuff. It is cold, cold, cold. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


My rs baby and I made lots of visits today. It's such a blessing to be in the homes and feel of the spirits of the sisters. My fav part of the calling.

My rs baby isn't the best at visiting. If there are toys and friends, shockingly, she is much better behaved than without, even though I brought her an iPad and toys. We will continue to work on being a sweet guest, cause we're not quite there yet. 

Ballet and piano practicing and leftovers and FHE. Frank's likes her some cake. Little miss world's slowest eater can plow through a FHE treat in 1 minute flat, frosting in eyebrows, plow.
Sadly Addie had a pre-FHE fit and was off color the whole time, and then took a self imposed timeout during treat time. Also sadly, lanes didn't finish her dinner, so she didn't get any treat either, though she handled it well and even got angry with Chris when he tried to sneak her some. The rest of us enjoyed Christian's cake. He's a good little boxed cake baker. (: and Matt is mourning David Bowie's passing. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day of rest

We spent some time filming the girls reciting the Girl Scout oaths this morning. Our family has started a fb group that's been fun to "visit" each other through. So we posted our cute videos. 
This is an oldie, but goodie. Loving this picture of Frank's! Hahahaha. 
Eating breakfast with this one is always so fun. 
She and I were chatting the other day and we were talking about her growing up and getting married. I asked her who she would marry and she thought for a minute and said "I'll marry daddy." I told her that I was already married to daddy, so she thought again and said "well, we can both be married to him, how 'bout?" I told her that probably wouldn't work, so who else could she marry. Then she decided cute little Connor would do. Love her. (:

We had the stake rs presidency down today to give us training. It was really great. Sis. Ramon shared 1 Nephi 3:7 that we've read millions of times, and shared that she read it this morning and thought it so fitting for our new presidency. That Heavenly Father knows each of us, and knows we can be successful, and bring to our ward what the sisters need at this time. I felt the spirit telling me that was true, and it was a sweet experience. 

After church the primary had a baptism preview for the 7-year-olds turning 8. It was sweet and Addie is so excited to get baptized in June!

I've thrown away lots of food that has gone bad lately. That is one of my least favorite things to do. So now I'm in hyperdrive trying to cook everything I can to ensure I'm not throwing anything else out! Tonight I used a half rotten butternut squash for Amanda's delish soup. And I got to use my brand new immersion blender from Amy. This was my thank you pic. #immersionblendermodel
It was a long day of rest, so Matt and I are resting and watching elder Nelson's devotional and eating ice cream. Perfect way to end a Sunday. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The not special day and Christmas village

Laura reposted this from fb. 3 years ago today and just look at that big bald head! Seems like just yesterday, and forever ago, all at the same time. My babies!
Today was a navy day. I found this cute note that my main squeeze left on the oj.
I had a long list of to-dos today, and though I didn't check them all off, I did put a hefty dent. One thing we didn't get to was tennis. Lanes took a super long nap and when she finally woke up it was already dusk. Dang it.

We had stir fry and salad for dinner. We are well into "Clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry" mode. I get such a weird satisfaction from finished up things that have been laying around for awhile. At dinner it was croutons, tortilla chips, frozen veggies, fresh veggies, and marinade. Sweetness. 

I never blogged about picking Alli up from the bus stop in Baltimore. Chris was working, and Lexi was friending it up, so it was just me, the mr, and the littles. I had read about a Christmas village in Baltimore, so we thought we'd check it out. We were also late to pick Alli up, for the first time ever. Seems like her bus is always late, so not only did we leave later than normal, but we also stopped for chicfila. She called while we were waiting for our food to tell me she had arrived. Oopsie.  

Frank's was so excited to have another family member with golden (or yellow, if you're Laney) hair. And then Alli and Laney were twinning in their green shirts. Everyone wants to be like auntie!
The Christmas village was cute, but about 1/10th of the size of the cute one we saw in Philadelphia. We're suckers for these:
Chinese fire drill! Except for Delaney and Addie.
We walked through the cute German shop. This is the one picture I took before I remembered, and the employees came to remind me, that there were no pictures allowed. It was all beautiful and expensive.
I was the only one that got the silly face memo.
So the Christmas village wasn't the most fun. I'm glad we checked it out though.
As we were leaving it started to rain so we did as the cool kids do and ran squealing to our car.
And check out that family, the weekend before Christmas, in their short sleeves! Say what?!

Friday, January 8, 2016


D and I took it easy today. We went to lunch with Darlaina and baby A, D actually got a nap, and I was nominally productive. 

This chic is super expressive. And sassy. 
I actually took some pics today. Only 2, but more than I have been taking. 
Tonight streeters, ainas, and rays got together for dinner and games, only we never got to the game playing. We'll keep trying! I made white chicken chili, Tony made sushi, and streeters ordered pizza. It was a good time!

Chris is running at his last indoor track meet. I was back and forth about going, but I decided against it. He's finally going to letter this season. To celebrate, I ordered him a letterman jacket for his birthday next month. I can write that here because he never reads my blog. I'm excited! 

The girls, who ask on the regular "what's the plan for tomorrow?" have already planned a pajama day. Fine by me! I'm making my list and hoping to cross some major things off while Matt works his navy weekend. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Check in

Quick late night post, because I forgot. It was another fun day at daycare. Lanes is all about decorating with her name. She's holding a letter "L" sticker here. While dressed in a princes gown.
Her sleep has been so off that she's got bags under her eyes. I've had to wake her up every morning just to get there by 9, and then wake her up from her nap to pick the girls up after school. It's a hard knock life when you are the baby of the family. And as long as she tells me that several times a day, I'll be writing it here several times a day. Someone was tired and grumpy.
It was a good and quiet evening at home. Thursday is our easy night, which is always a welcome change to the m-w craziness. 

Tonight after bedtime when Laney had already come out of her room several times, Matt was talking to her and I went in and laid on her bed. She's very protective of her bed, and the last time I tried to take a nap with her, she pretty much kicked me out. We were teasing her that we were both going to cuddle with her all night, and she said "no, you should just go to your bed." I said, "Laney, are you kicking us out?" And she said "no, but you should just leave." She's such a sassy almost 4-year-old, but I'm in love with her anyway. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another one

It was another good day for the daycare lady. We're getting the hang of this, and I loved having Delaney with me this time. And Delaney loved Alexis' bike. The baby of the family is ready for a big girl bike!
Alexis and Kendall made it safely to rexburg. Hallelujah. So thankful they were smart and took their time and arrived safely. Life lessons.

Christian lost a "what are the odds," against CC (coach cook) and had to eat a worm. I don't really understand boys, but whatever. He's also running 3 events in the last indoor track meet of the season on Friday, and of his high school career. I am still debating if I can brave another long car ride. 

Addie was stoked to get to play with ashby and even eat dinner at their house today. She looks so different and grown up with her missing tooth!

Frank's was back to daisies where they made birds out of tissue paper. I'm sure there was a good story behind that. She also had several funny stories about a classmate that told her teacher "your coat is so ugly that it's cute." Kindergarteners these days. Thankfully all of my little kindys just thought I was beautifully wonderful. At least to my face. (;

And sneaky Delaney, who I told could not have a "little snack" because she didn't eat dinner, went potty on the big girl potty, requested a treat, and when she got permission, sneakily asked for a nutella sandwich treat, "because that's the best treat!" She has daddy wrapped around her little finger. What are we gonna do with her?

I was able to tidy up, put away two Christmas bins, and make dinner today. sometimes it's the little things. 

Matt went from work to the store to the church. After their scheduled activity, he did his best to round up some boys to help him take down the Christmas trees at the church for me. That was just gonna be another thing on my list, and I'm so thankful to have it done.  

And thats what went into a very cold Wednesday. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moving parts

I didn't take any pictures today, so here's the oldest picture (that I actually took) on my phone. For a the daily dose of random up in this hizzle.
Today was my first daycare lady day. After getting the girls to the icy bus (ok, Matt actually took them out), I dropped delane off at Sarah's so she wouldn't miss out on gymnastics. 

Then it was on to Colleen's for daycare/preschool. It went really well. She's got some really good, cute kids. And there were only 3, so that's pretty easy. Except the preschool part, that wasn't as easy, because it wasn't my lesson plans, or my house, so I was guessing on a lot of it. But it's preschool, so you probs can't go that wrong, right?

I was there till 3, then went to pick lanes up. On my way I had to help Darlaina figure out where my big girls were, because even though I had emailed, and called, they were still put on our regular bus instead of ashbys. Thankfully, we have awesome neighbors, and Peter took them home and called me. 

We were home for long enough for me to warm up some mashed potatoes and shovel them down, then it was off to pick girls up, drop Addie off at piano (early), and meet Matt at the LP library for a kid trade off so I could attend an interfaith council meeting in bishops absence. 

It was really interesting and I think it is such a cool thing! There were representatives from both lds wards, Unitarians, Catholics, Lutheran, Baha'i, and pagans. I found the pagan "heathen" to be the most interesting and I'm for sure gonna be doing a Google search on that one. What better way to combat all of the bad that is happening in our world than to stand up with others that, even though they believe a little differently than we do, also love, and serve God. Or, in the case of the heathen, just want to be a part of something good for our county? Like I said, I need to figure that one out. 

So, Amy and I are filling in for Colleen while bishop has his surgery. Sarah filled in for me by taking lanes to gymnastics and keeping her for the day. Johnna helped out by letting me drop Addie off early. Chris pitched in by picking Addie up from piano. And Matt, who so often goes straight from work, and straight to work at home, picked up the girls and brought them home so that I could fill in for bishop. There were a million moving parts today, but they were all moving in the right direction, and that's kind of awesome. 

Also, lex and Kendall stayed the night at the hotel in Des Moines and said it was nice and got on the road by 8. Kendall's grandparents are getting them a room tonight if they deem it necessary, which I think, and hope they will. Safety first, especially as our community is mourning two young men. 

Also, also, I have been talking to Chris about being more kind to Addie since she's going through a little rough patch. He seemed genuinely concerned about her feeling like she doesn't have friends, and wanted to assess the situation and help her feel loved by eating lunch at school with her. So he picked up McDonald's and ate with her. What a sweetie. (: also again, he got voted biggest flirt for L-town high school seniors. I am so proud. :/

Monday, January 4, 2016

Worries, and teeth, and hotels

I heard on the radio that the first day back to school/work in January has been proven to be the most depressing/worst day of the year. #truth

Things started bright and early at 5:00am. I made lunch for all 4 of my girls and then Lexi and I embarked shortly after 5:30. Not 10 minutes into our drive, she found out that a friend from our stake (and his friend) had been killed in a car accident on his way back to byu Provo. Heartbreaking. 

And also so worried for my lex, who flew to Ohio to drive back to Idaho with her roomie, Kendall. We were already uneasy about it because the bum couple that had ride shared with them had backed out of driving back with them. It's a good life lesson about the best laid plans. 

She flew into Ohio, grabbed lunch, and they were on their way. Their plan had been to drive straight through, since they were going to have 4 drivers. So when I spoke to Matt about it, we both agreed that we needed to get them a hotel for the night and take the trip nice and easy. Praying for them that they will be safe, and praying for the families in our stake that they will be comforted. 

I made it back into smc, and then big D and I headed to Shelly's for a presidency meeting. It was a really good and productive and long afternoon. I'm so thankful to work and collaborate with such inspired women. 

This is Delaney's "I'm super relaxed and almost asleep" car look. The baby of the family fell asleep about 3 minutes before we got home, and didn't stay asleep.
I was the carpool queen this evening. Ballet night is definitely not my fav. Herding 3 little ballerinas, plus a big ballerina, and a baby of the family into a tiny, packed ballet studio, peeling off all their layers, getting their slippers on, and you get the picture. 

Our house 7-year-old finally lost another tooth. That makes 3. She and Chris were collaborating on it, and she decided she wanted to wait until tomorrow to have it pulled. Then she got to thinking about the tooth fairy and decided tonight was the night. She told Matt that Chris needed to pull it because "he's the professional." Two minutes later:
And the happy professional:
Matt and I took the world's most chilly walk this evening. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. We even had snow flurries this morning.