Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend review

Saturday was a good working day. We met up with about 5 other families to clean the church and set up the Christmas trees. Many hands make light work and everything went smoothly.

After, we hit up chicfila. Addie was the only of our girls to turn her toy in for an ice cream. I can't remember if this pic was before or after she dropped it on the floor and we had to ask for a new one. (:
While we cleaned, Chris and the priests did a service project for a sweet homebound woman and then they went to breakfast. Sweet teenagers seriously melt my heart.

When we got home we didn't skip a beat. Matt went to work on outside lights (it was another perfect weather day!) and we put up inside decorations. Lexi circa 2002 was adorable!
I asked Addie to go take some pictures of Matt while he hung lights. I got about 20 of these, with varying degrees of finger in each shot.
I came upstairs at one point to find my 5-year-old on the roof with her dad. Uuuuhhhhh. I trust my sweet husband, but I couldn't stay to watch. At least, after I got a few pictures I couldn't stay.
Not his favorite job, but he loves me. And I love him!
Pardon the creepy face, but Frank's was literally throwing a tantrum because she (willingly) put on pj's that she doesn't like. I was trying to make her laugh, she's usually pretty good about recovering and laughing at herself, but it was no use. She was a-ngry.
I got a new calling on Sunday. Guess who the new RS president is? It deserves its own post, but safe to say it has consumed a lot of my thoughts, worries, anxieties, and gratitude for the past 3 weeks. 

I diagnosed myself with a ganglion cyst. 
It's doesn't hurt, is totally benign, and nothing really to do about it. And also, what did we do before web md? 

Today was a run around day. Our first presidency meeting (awesome) and lots of errands (not as awesome). Tonight was ballet and then Addie's 3rd recital. She for sure wasn't as ready with this piece (Jolly Old St. Nicholas) as she's been for her other recital pieces, but she did great. 
After, Johnna asked who the youngest person was. Before she could clarify "youngest piano student," Delaney's hand had shot up and she had announced "I'm a baby!" So Johnna let her come up and draw the names of the door prize winners, for which task she won a door prize, and also drew Addie's name (Frank's was thrilled:/)
'Twas a rainy day. The house looks like 4 messy kids and their 2 messy parents live here. But we are safe and warm and the advent calendars are ready. Bring it on, December!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

More randomness

I love sleeping kids.
So much.
Crochet club! We had a yummy potluck for our first meeting. (:
We love playing on the school playground every day after school. And isn't our baby looking like such a big girl!
Chris had his last high school winter sports night. He helped distribute info to parents. Such a grown up boy!
Delaney rode to the end of pensive street one morning on our way to school. Then she was done and I got to carry the scooter and coax her along. Not bringing the stroller was a serious rookie mom move.
Addie has been feeling like she doesn't have a lot of friends at school. Even her teacher has mentioned that she's a bit of a loner. She was sad about it one day, so we decided to have a friend over after school one Friday. And dress up is always in style.
Frank's had bestie Roslyn over too. These two are so cute and goofy together! Peas in a pod!
We played and then watched inside out and ate popcorn.
It was a fun night.

Bridging ceremony

Addie's brownie troop had a fun bridging ceremony and dinner. The girls did a cute program.
Not awkward at all. (;
Autumn brought them up, turned them around and had them look in the mirror to find themselves. I'm not familiar with Girl Scout traditions, but it was cute.
Then she said the oath,
And got pinned. Don't mind her completely blank vest. Daddy got all over the patches and she's up to date now.
They each read a part.
And they're brownies! I'm so great at telling stories and describing things, especially ones that happened a few weeks ago. :/
And a bonus parade pic of Frankie. Cutie.

Veterans Day parade

We had a fabulous time at the Veterans Day parade earlier this month. There have been some years when it was freezing, but this year was sooo pretty and warm! Matt took Frankie early so she could walk with her Daisy troop. I parked at the college and met up with Darlaina and we walked to downtown together.

Delaney threw a fit about something. Shocking, right?
Love this cute small town parade!
Sometimes loud...
And sometimes just right!
We were all decked out in our patriotic gear, even down to our red chairs. (:
We love our Clydesdales!
We sat at the very start of the parade, which was fine, except when politicians came by and we didn't have a clue who they were because the announcer was down the street. No big deal though, we had a really great spot.
There's our girl! She's so cute!
Delaney threw a fit, so mr softie came back and took her with the crew. #wrappedaroundherfinger
As soon as they were done walking, they came back and watched the rest of the parade with us.
Love these friends and neighbors!
It was a gorgeous and fun morning. (:
And with the daddy.
Another wonderful morning in L-town. 

Wrap up


The classic "take a picture of me, mommy."
Every Monday Addie carries the big pencil bag back to class. (We sharpen the classes pencils every weekend) big 2nd grader with the sun in her eyes. (:
Laney had fun at the ainas one day. Adeline even says Laney now. (:
I can't remember, but whatever it was, it was adorable.
Crochet club is up and running. It's not pretty, but it's a start!
Leisa taught a thanksgiving preschool and everyone had fun.
I finished up my time with the activity girls by helping with the Pinkwood Derby. It was so cute, and as usual, Darlaina went all out.
The priests, including Chris, helped out.
Darlaina made these cute pink car cupcake toppers.
Matt mc'd for us, and did a mighty fine job, I might add.
And I'm super creative. My most used word on fb was "day." At least "love" came in a close second.
And I've been enjoying cruising the minivan while the jolly green is in the shop. I'm always happy to put miles on a car other than my old girl. (:
One step closer!