Tuesday, February 28, 2017

All about that Franks

It's funny that some days I look at the pictures I've taken that day and they are only of one person. Today, that person was Frankie. 

For Presidents' Day a lot of the children dressed up as their favorite president, then some of the girls dressed up as First Ladies. There wasn't anything organized, people just did. So Frankie had been asking for awhile, but most days she'd ask around 7:50 when we leave at 8:10, so that wasn't happening. Today she actually woke up early so we decided to go for it. We found the dress and jewelry that would work, I just needed to figure out that hair. First step - lots of hairspray and teasing. 
This is the look we were going for. Gotta love Jackie Kennedy!
This is what we came up with. Not my best work, but still pretty good I think. She was happy at least. 
And a full view. She came up with that pose all on her own and then I showed her how to sit and reminded her how to talk. She'd learned about her so she knew she loved art, literature, and fashion. 
Mrs G let her go up and tell about her First Lady. Love her!
Tonight was Frankie's night to help with dinner. She chose shrimp and was so excited to make it. 
We defrosted and sautéed and salt and peppered it until it had a nice pink color. And then everyone ate a few after which matt and Frankie finished them off. Girlfriend can eat some shrimp!
I had a couple nice visits. Best part of my job. The girls played outside complete with pillows and blankets and makeshift obstacle courses. And we got a good few hours of rain after that. 

Monday, February 27, 2017


We got as far as bringing the St. Patrick's Day decoration bin out, and D enjoyed looking through things, but that's as far as it got. She's a precious little nerd though. 
I had a fun adventure this morning. I squeezed my size 4 wedding ring onto my non-size 4 ring finger. Things were ok at first, but after Delaney and I did a load of laundry my fingers started to warm up and swell. D and I were playing the Princess Cupcake game and I had to take a break to soap my finger, but the ring wasn't budging. Next I soaked my hand in ice water for 30 minutes, but nope.  
I finally googled how to get a ring off and the floss/ribbon trick was on. First I tried the ribbon. You slide the ribbon underneath your ring, then use it to wrap your finger above the ring all the way past the knuckle. Then you pull up on the ring side of the ribbon and it's supposed to slowly twist the ring up. I just couldn't quite get it with one hand. I couldn't hold the ribbon or floss taut and the more I messed with it, the more swollen my poor fat finger got. 
Delaney enjoyed documenting our adventure. She took lots of pictures, but in most I had at least 2 chins, so no thank you. 
I finally called laura and headed over there. It took awhile and she wasn't so sure we could get it. But little by little it came up. We had to re-wrap my finger several times mid ring coming up. Once we'd gotten it to halfway between the base of my finger and the knuckle I switched to soap and water. Lots of tugging and pulling and finally it came off! My finger was in a bad way. I am so fun. 
Delaney the dirt girl played outside at Laura's. She threw sawdust and was happy as a clam. Not as happy was this momma that got to extracate said sawdust. 
We had piano today and the girls picked their recital pieces. The 2 girls that aren't in lessons love playing outside while we wait. It makes lessons so much more enjoyable because I don't have to worry about entertaining them. I made crockpot pinto beans and cornbread for dinner (meatless Monday!) and then we talked about manners for fhe. Delaney picked Girl Scout cookies as the treat and we played Walk the Dog for our Activity. And it was a good fhe! Yay and hooray! We needed that. 
Addie and I had a long talk about scorpions and rattlesnakes and anxiety and why her sweet little self couldn't sleep until midnight last night. Oh my sweet little tender artist. She is a different breed and I just pray she knows her worth. She's read 6 Series of Unfortunate Events books in the last 4 days. She is happiest when she's snuggled up with a book. And I love that about her. 

Matt and I are still enjoying Thr Crown on Netflix before bed every night. It's super well done and the royal family has always been so interesting to me. So despite the adventure and all the to-do list items that didn't get done, it was a good day. 

The baby boy is 19!

It's so dumb, but really, bow did this happen? And when? Seems like yesterday, and also so long ago that Christian was just a sweet little high pitched voice boy. And now he's enjoying his last year of teenage'dom. I put together a collage for D on her birthday and will probs do it for all my kids this year. Fb makes it so easy with their On this day feature, really how could I not collage it up?
Life hasn't always been easy with this kid, but I am so proud of where he's at now. Some things about the Bubba:
  • He's good with money. Boy is a saver and likes a bargain and I love that about him!
  • He's smart. When I teach him things (which doesn't happen so much anymore) I can see the wheels turning, and he'll often reference my wisdom. Or others too. 
  • He cares about people. He's got such a sensitive little heart! Probably from spending the first 8 years of his life being raised primarily by a bunch of women. He genuinely wants others to be happy and works towards that.
  • He's funny! We have fun together! He's got some great comebacks. 
  • He's a hard worker. His bosses have always loved him. The vast majority of his teachers and leaders have loved him. He does a really good job. 
  • He respects his elders, and gets along with them. When he was lifeguarding he would always talk   about his "mom friends," and at crabknockers he often worked with adults and really enjoyed it. Old soul. 
  • He's a good big brother. He loves his little sisters fiercely!
  • He tries to choose the right and is learning who he is. And we love him for it! Happy 19th birthday, Bubba!

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Everything is blooming! Saw this gorgeousness on my run this morning. I'm just scared that we're going to have a frost that will kill all of this off, and then what will spring bring? For now, we enjoy!
I finished the front room and got rid of all the get rid'of'ables and every time I walked by this room today it made me happy. Sometimes a thorough scrub down really makes such an impact!
Matt took Frankie to sell Girl Scout cookies and I took A and D to Abigail's birthday party. They dressed up as princesses, except Delaney, because her momma forgot, but thankfully Tripp's had an extra and all were happy. They made olaf's and then ate them. Happy 5-year-old!
Matt and Frankie went to mc's to help daniel prepare his lesson for tomorrow and laura sent me this. We had a thunderstorm blow through and along with it tornado warnings and hail. Frankie was scared so the talked and cuddled. Love it. 
The girls each picked a dinner to help me make this week. Addie chose Alecia's taquitos and they were so good! Everyone liked them (franks ate 2!) and we will definitely be making them again!
Delaney finally got her wished for baby doll for her birthday. She named her ruby and just loves her so much. She's a good little mommy. 
One day we had the pre-k princesses over. D was not very happy that day and declined a photo op. Oh girls. 
I love Class Dojo. It's so fun to see Frankie working hard throughout the school day!
And Delaney enjoyed getting birthday cards. Happy new 5-year-old!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Today was Matt's friday off. He's worked several of the last few, so it was nice to have him home today. And because he was home, I had a whole day of visits planned. I've started doing monthly 1-on-1 visits with the sisters that work with me in RS. It's an opportunity for us to check in, be unified,  and uplift and edify each other. So far they've been really great and I'm glad that I'm finally doing them since I had thought about it for quite some time. So this morning I rode to school with the big girls, probably for the first time all year, and then headed over to dixie's. It's so nice having friends in the neighborhood!

Matt is helping one of his scouts with an eagle project and he wanted to go out to greenwell to check it out, so miss bug got to go with him, even though she didn't really want to at first. My mid morning visit had to cancel, so I took advantage of a beautiful day and some alone time and ran to the wharf, one of my fav runs. 

After that I picked up Carolee and we met with charissa. She's set a date to be baptized so we went to talk to her about the Relief Society. She is having some struggles, so it didn't go as I had planned, but maybe that was what she needed. After that we ran a few errands together and then it was back home for us. 

Matt took the girls to the park for a long time after school, and I cleaned out the front room and posted a million things for free and sale on fb. Trying hard to get this home in order! For tonight's movie night we're watching a European version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids complete with cheesy voice overs. 

And back to the beginning of February. (: Little miss loves-to-read relaxed outside with a blanket, an apple, and a good book. 
D helped me decorate for Valentine's Day. She's super helpful!
We went to the library one day. Goofy got into the game. 
And coming home one evening we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 
That's all. (:

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Daffodils bloom

Oh glorious warm day! 75 degrees! In February! So very nice and we are enjoying every minute of it!
We went vt'ing this morning, and while we waited for Darlaina I took pictures. I'm in love. 
This shifty look kills me!
I rarely let her bring any toys with us, but lately she hasn't been thrilled about playing with kids so much younger than her, so it was kind of a compromise. 

She also asked everyone she saw "does it look like I just got out of ballet class?" because of her cute bun and her "I love to twirl" dress. 

Miss Addie stayed after school for Spanish. When the little girls and I walked home we came upon daffodils already bloomed! I hope we don't have another frost that kills everything!
Laney begged for a breakfast dinner tonight because "we haven't had one in sooo long!" So we did. I took Addie to gymnastics and then Frankie to Daisies. I'm the Troop money manager and it's cookie season, so busy, busy, busy! One of the moms that subs a lot at the school told me that Addie brings her book to lunch and reads whenever she can, and how great she thought that was. I think it's great too, but I worry about her socially. I wish she had at least 1 good friend. And then there's Frankie, who, as we walk says hello to everyone we see, and they're all her friends. Delaney says hello to everyone too. From teenage boys to grandpas walking dogs, she's super friendly as well. 

The rest of the catch up days were normal. Pta meetings,  presidency meetings, visits, half days of school, lessons, just general life busy-ness. And Laney fed her baby Ruby some bacon. 
This is the week that was warm one minute, then snowing the next. Literally. It was windy and rainy and all over the place. I saw this on fb and thought it was funny!

On Saturday (Feb 4)  we went to yet another birthday party. Our first ever at Black Belt Academy, and it was super fun! Addie had mentioned before this that she would like to try BBA next year, so I guess we shall see. I've always tried to give my kids the freedom to try any sport they wanted, so I guess BBA is no different. They each got to break a board. Here is addie (in the turquoise) getting ready to kick hers. 
And Frankie breaking hers. 
And then Laney playing the 'grab the ballon and sit on it to pop it game.'
Everyone had a good time and A and D were so happy to be able to participate. 

On wear red for heart awareness day we wore some red! Mrs. G put this one up on dojo. Cute sisters. 
Some 14 days of valentines fun. 
The girls loved finding surprises in their mailboxes each day. Notice I didn't say morning. Some days they got their gifts right before bed, and some days the next day. But they got their 14 days doggonit!
And a photo shoot:
Break for kisses. 
Love Frankie's face. 
And mama and her baby. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A little here, a little there

I took two bang up pictures today. One was of Addie reading A Series of Unfortunate Events in the corner. Girlfriend loves to read! She got home and all but said "don't talk to me, I'm reading," and then almost finished the book. I love it. 
And then this goofy one right before bathtime tonight because she looked so cute in this little sweater dress from Quinn, and I wanted to document in case she never wears it again. Because she literally debated every person we saw that told her she looked cute, and there were several. She's so cray. 

This morning I got to meet with Alecia who is our new vt coordinator. I'm so excited to work and council together with one of my very favs. And I love the visiting teaching program, so it's a winning combo!

After our whirlwind orientation - everything from scriptures to computers to companionships  - we took the kiddos over to the library for story time. 

Then miss bug was off to school. It's been such a gorgeous few days! And tomorrow is supposed to be 72! Amazing February!

I took dinner and visited with Nola, who threw her back out earlier this week.. She's an awesome lady and I'm so glad her family moved here! Then i had to meet up with matt who had taken over part 1 of ballet carpool duties for me, before he and Addie needed to head off to church for scouts and A days. ''Twas a good, ordinary day and for that I am thankful. I'll take these ordinary days any day. 

I got to thinking that if I'm only covering one day from the past, it's gonna take me a really long time to even get to Disney, not to mention blog it. So here's to trying to cover two days in the past? Can't be that hard because at this point I really don't even remember anything. 

***Haha, so I wrote all of that before I looked at my pictures. And just like that, another few days done because I have no pictures and so no clue about all the exciting things we were up to. 

Addie's primary teacher sent this cute picture. Precious bunch of baby lovers!
And it looks like one day Sarah watched the girls? Maybe the day of sweet Sister Yorkshire's Memorial Service, but I really can't say for sure. But those are some sweet odd girls out!
Slowly edging closer to blog'o'Disney! I am excited and terrified all at the same time. #somanypictures

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Today and D's first dance

Today was another good day. Busy and good. Amanda texted this morning that she was sick, so since I had a cancelled presidency meeting on my hands, I texted Joni to see if we could finally come over and deliver her RS baby gift. Baby Sydney is soooo sweet and precious. I cuddled her while Joni did dishes and we got a nice visit. She's also our newest RS teacher, so we chatted about that. 

After I ran D to school I resumed my cleaning schedule. It keeps me busy but feels so good! Then a visit with Kelsie and off to pick little girls up from school. 

We quickly (I don't think the girls have ever eaten so quickly!) ate dinner and headed to the pool. I was saying something about how I won't swim if the water is cold and Delaney said "but mommy you never swim," and I decided that no matter what my happy booty was getting in that water. She even asked that I come down and model my bathing suit before I get dressed to leave. So I did and she said I looked great. I just love that girl and would do pretty much anything for her, including modeling a swimsuit. 

Then it was off to make all the girls February dreams come true. If only the pool didn't cost $5 per person we might go there more often. It was super fun and to my delight the water was not cold. Yay! Since I was swimming though I didn't take any pictures. Boo!

From the pool I came home got dressed -no time to shower because I mismanaged some time and then ran into a chatty neighbor, gross I know - and headed to Johnna's for our Additional Relief Society Meeting of the month. It was called It's All About Love, and it was so good. Really a wonderful evening, I loved it! Cute Johnna hosted and presented, and she started with a Dr. Phil clip, so I knew it was bound to be good!
And back to 2 fridays ago. Actually before that. So every year our school has a talent show, and one of Laney's 4 pre-k princess friends moms texted our princess swap group to see if the little girls could do a dance together. At first Laney was super excited. Then we went to Florida, and since the talent show was coming up fast, the other girls rehearsed without Lanes. And then, not really because they'd rehearsed without her, she decided she didn't want to do it after all. So we talked and bribed and cajoled and she finally decided she'd be in the show. And she LOVED it! She's a natural!
She loved the dress rehearsal the day before, so she was super excited for the show. 
These little sassies are a handful!
And D is the only brunette!
They didn't really have a clue what they were doing onstage, I think partly because we had one of the girls sisters up there "directing" them, so they never quite had to memorize their parts. 
They were super adorable though! Just look at that girl loving the stage!
Laney was totes letting it go! They danced to Frozen, of course. 
Laney didn't want to stop! I think this was when the music finished and she was like, I want to keep dancing!
 It was so cute and I'm so happy that she had fun with it. I'm glad it wasn't a miserable thing. Happy girl = happy momma!

Afterwards we went with the Streeter's to Sweet Frog to celebrate our tiny dancer. 
And just for the record, Addie and Frankie were going to do a dance as well, but with us being gone for a week to Disney right before the show it just didn't work out. Next year!