Friday, June 25, 2010

3 Whole Months + 1 day - By Frankie

In true Frankie fashion, I got started a day late on my monthly blog post. And then waited a few days to actually finish.

It's all good, right?!

So hmmmmm....
what did I do this month...

I tried to play alone with my dad, but ginormica came and butted in.
As usual.

She even tries to exercise like me! She is such a copy cat!

I hung out with my mom and she took some cute pictures of us. At least I look cute. She looks like a... mom.

Then ginormica found some stickers. Yup, you guessed it, I got stickered.

At first it was kind of funny.

But she always takes it too far!

I went to gymnastics and got buried in the balls with her.

I like the uneven bars. And I'm pretty good on them.

I love Youtube!!!
And my big brother and sisters!

I also love napping with my daddy!

My mom did yet another photo shoot.


I didn't think so.

I coughed a little.

I was really working it.

I looked really pensive.

And really cute.

And then I got mad.
And then we were done.

I like my big toy.
I reach for things and can even make music play.

I also discovered my feet! And I love them!
You can't really tell by these pictures, but I hold onto them all the time!

I spent a lot of time just looking cute.
It's a full time job.

I went to the pool and did a little sunbathing.

Like my thigh and back rolls?
Thought so.

More looking cute time.

And some more.
This was taken in one of the rare moments that I actually sat in my stroller without crying.
That doesn't happen often.
I prefer to be held, thank you very much.

Lexi played with me a lot this month.

I loved it!!!

But she sometimes goes too far too!
What is it with my sisters?!

Okay, bored gtg.
I'm up too no good!
See you next month!!!


Frankie G

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More chorus

I started this post on June 10th and then... forgot about it.
Photobucket was acting up and I quit for awhile and then never remembered to go back to it.
I know, me, forget?
Crazy, right?!
It was already all written so why not publish it?!
I couldn't think of a reason, so here it is.


I had the opportunity about a week ago to take Alexis, Christian, and their 2 friends Robin and Ryan to a Blue Crabs game so their chorus could sing.

Matt kept the babies.
And even though I love my babies to bits and pieces, it was awesome.
We turned the music up loud and rocked out the whole way there.

And at the game, I sat by myself!

I ate by myself!

I actually watched some of the game.

Yup, by myself.

Besties - Robin and Alexis

Before the game I sat by my lonesome and watched my 2 big kids visiting. I was able to see it all close-up through my camera lens


And then they started singing.
My singing angels.


Two big thumbs up on that night.
Two big thumbs down on forgetting about posts.

Sunday, Sunday...

I am always on the lookout for nice, family friendly things to do on Sundays.
We get out of church at 2:00 so that leaves a nice chunk of the day to spend quality time together.

And sitting in front of the tv just isn't cutting the mustard.
Unless we're watching America's Funniest Home Videos.
And eating ice cream.
Cause those are Sunday family traditions.

There are so many historic things to see around here and I think seeing them is a great way to keep the Sabbath day holy and spend time together.
So we packed up the kids one Sunday and headed out to Point Lookout.

It used to be a prisoner of war camp for Confederates during the Civil War.
There are a bunch of monuments and signs that we stopped to look at.
And we discussed how we've become our parents, stopping to read every sign.

Christian humored us at our first stop.

I think it's all so fascinating!

This is the way the kids enjoyed most of our Sunday activities.
Sitting in the car.

We had a good time though!
And we learned a little history to boot.

And even though the kids aren't looking forward to our next Sunday outing, we sure are. :)
Maybe we'll even make them get out of the car next time.