Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 23

On the morning of our 23rd day, we packed up again, this time a lot less organized and with a lot more stuff, and headed on our merry way home.
Matt and I put the Thule back on the trailer hitch.
And strapped the kayaks to the roof.
The girls created a ruckus and had papa take pictures of them.
We loaded up our cooler, things to do bins, and lots and lots of stuff.
Then grumps set up his camera for some pictures.
And these here are why I always wear my shades.
Happiness. The beach was just behind us.
Laura got in on some of that picture action. 
We said our goodbyes. Too many goodbyes. Almost enough to make me want to move west. Even to be within a day's drive of family would be such a huge blessing. 
But we're on our way!
We had to stop several times that day to check on the kayaks, make sure they were tied down properly and figure out how fast we could drive with them up there. This was at a rest stop on the Hood River where we ate sandwiches and grapes and blew bubbles while we waited for daddy.
Another kayak stop where the girls and I perused the Dollar Tree and another store, and tried on some nice travel neck pillows.
Papa bought them headphones so they could happily listen to their movie as loud as they wanted, and Matt and i could happily to each other talk.
There was a gorgeous full moon and as we drove through the mountain passes, it was just unbelievably beautiful.
We stayed that night at a not so nice hotel in Nampa, Idaho. On the road again!

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