Saturday, July 30, 2016

The rest

After all the lighthousing we decided to hit up the Tillamook Cheese Factory so dad and Laura wouldn't have to drive back up another day. 
We got some ice cream, Laura got some souvies, and we shut the place down.
We stopped at an overlook to watch the sunset.
We met a nice couple from New York that was road tripping across the country. He was wearing a Maryland sweatshirt and dad invited them to stop by if they came through Lincoln City. There's good people everywhere.
While we were away, Matt (and dad actually, this was the day before) took the girls to the park.
Laney swindled the phone from Matt and then sat under the table playing. Oh lanes.
And Addie, looking all sorts of homeless, played in the trees and practiced her teen photo dodge.
It was a good time for everyone. 

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