Thursday, August 30, 2012

The boy scout

Last night was the scout court of honor. Our scout got 2 merit badges and a special c & o bike badge for his high adventure trip. 1 more badge till his next advancement. ( to life I think... I can never remember.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7 whole months - by delaney

this month i learned that crawling can be pretty dangerous.
helmets are a good idea.
yup, that's right, i'm crawling! at first it started like this...
but within a few days i was all over the place.
this picture was taken at the beginning of the month and my mom had set me down by the big toy.
i didn't stay there long. ;)
my sleep has been cra-zy this month!
which makes it easy and convenient to take these late night pictures with my mom!
i started the month by sleeping all night long. i did that for a few weeks and then bam! change-up! what a good trick to play on my mom, huh?!
so then i started waking up 3-5 times a night. it's just so exciting hanging out with the parentals.
one constant though is that i will not go to bed before midnight. no, no, no, not this 7-month-old.
now i change it up. sleep through the night, wake-up a few times, keep mom guessing.
one thing she doesn't have to guess on though, midnight or later for sleepy time!
i've tried a lot of new foods this month.
carrots in a jar?
real carrots?
mmmm, i could eat these all day...
"what are you lookin' at?"
i also tried avocado, bananas, and cereal.
bleh, bleh, bleh.
at first i thought i might try to humor them.
but it tasted so icky.
"no, i will not open and i will not keep the food in my mouth and i will not look at you."
now puffs?
those are delicious.
i could eat those all day.
"no more of that mushy stuff, k?!"
i had some excitement in the bathroom.
i took a bath without my silly baby bath seat!
look at me go!
i got a lot of attention, but overall it was pretty fun.
one day addie "put me to bed."
she wrapped me up tightly and put me on frankie's pillow pet. it took me awhile to break free, but luckily i managed before my mom snapped a picture. here i am already escaping.
i got to play with rosie. i felt like such a big girl.
oh, and i started waving at the beginning of the month too.
it's a very royal wave.
addie took some pictures of me.
she's such a good photographer!
i've decided that i really like her.
and surprisingly, i really like frankie this month too. :)
i'm a happy, happy girl.
more food...
i've tried puffs, mum-mums, tortillas, chicken, goldfish, and then things i've found on the floor.
like paper, hard noodles, paper, bit of a sandwich, paper...
i loooooove paper!
my mom says she's going to invent a paper baby food. i say she can't invent it fast enough.!
i love this big guy too.
when he first came back i really wasn't sure about him.
i'd just stare and stare.
but he's pretty cool.
(i love the big sissy too)
i'm starting to pull myself up on things.
and if someone helps me (like my mom did here) i can stand on my own.
i love playing with my toys.
and chillin'.
like a villain.
funny, huh?!
okay, it's almost midnight and my mom is dying to play with me.
she loves staying up with me and i owe it to her to keep her nice and busy.
till next month!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

and all the rest...

...of the stuff we've been up to.
matt loves thrift storing, but you knew that, right?
every once in awhile he finds a gem.
these cute halloween/dress-up costumes were super winners.
sweet minnie mouse.
fancy from her polka dot hairbow (that daddy put it, can ya tell?) to her yellow plastic shoes.
and minnie's cute sister snow white.
who could only be bothered with one picture.
back to school celebration dinner at red robin. yumm!
little girls first experience with baby bottle pops.
they are so gross, i know.
but i needed a treat and we brushed their teeth right after.
maggie and daniel came to play one day. it was a cool day, but they begged for the pool.
 we went, lasted about 10 minutes, and they were done.
"take my picture, mommy!"
oh those bangs!
cool rider. ridin' dem bikes.
christian ran around the yard trying to get that cute princess kite to fly.
 it was pretty awesome.
also, window crayons are so fun.
addie takes her rests in the basement. only, since her ghost hunting days she doesn't like to be alone in the basement so a lot of days she hangs out on the stairs. on this day she was having a tea party and laney decided to join her.
still dark when the kiddos leave for seminary.
♫one of these sisters is not like the others♪...
and that's about enough catching up for me. :)