Sunday, July 29, 2012

6 whole months - by delaney

i've made it half-a-year!
and such a fun month i've had!
all sorts of new toys!
some more fun than others.
i don't know that i love my high chair.
i do love classic toys though.
i tried some food too.
i tried a few baby mum mums, but i don't love em em's.
i gag on them, so we're gonna wait till next month to have any more of those.
i've learned some new skills.
i taught myself to sit up.
it wasn't easy and i took some spills.
nothing to cry over, of course.
and now i'm a pro!
okay, okay, i still fall over sometimes.
i've got a big head!
i started taking the big girl baths.
i wasn't too sure about them first.
i mean, i never get left alone as it is and in the bath...
i still didn't really get left alone.
but i had a good time anyway.
i kept scooting down so i could put my legs and body more in the water. :)
you know how i said i never get left alone?
more proof:
and now addie's getting more confidant and has been picking me up a lot lately.
heave, addie!
sometimes it's hard to be the baby here.
i'm pretty patient though.
i've done a lot of growing, which means a lot of sleeping.
thinking hard sleeping.
couch sleeping.
dreaming of climbing sleeping.
nervous sleeping.
and sweet sleeping.
embarrasingly, i've also had several, ahem, accidents.
not my fault.
foot on a ferry?
happy month, happy baby!
of course, i did have some harrowing moments.
my mom actually left me with my sister while i was sleeping one night.
i taught her.
i'm seriously thinking about crawling soon.
i already scoot all around.
it's exhausting.
potty break.
quick change and back to work!
army crawl.
i've been getting up on all 4's a lot lately. i rock back and forth too.
planks strengthen my abs.
sissy had just walked in and i love her!
i go backwards, forwards, all over!

all that work...
break time again!
maybe i'll just roll a little bit longer.
my mom woke me up from a nap one day to try to take 6-month pictures with my bestie ellie.
i took a few pictures, but by the time ellie woke up i was not happy.
and i let everyone know it.
an excerpt from that shoot:

baby needs sleep.

i've got a cold on my half birthday, so i better get going.
a raspberry kiss before i go.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

out and about

our summer has been fun and the perfect mix between lazy and busy.
this week's been busy, and fun.

we went to chick-fil-a for a cheer fundraiser that lexi worked at.
i "stopped by" the commissary for "just a few things."
we played with friends.

and as for photographed activities...

we went to the library for story time.
love the 4-year-old faces here.
and the 2-year-old faces here.
cute all around.
i sat behind the kids and i just had to laugh at the difference in pony tails between addie and lily. pretty sure lily's had a haircut too. oh well!
everyone had fun and participated, which makes it much more fun for mama.
lexi's taken the girls up to the pool a few times and sent me this picture.
i promptly retired frankies suit after seeing this.
sheesh frankie!
i attempted to take a cute pic of the girls but they just couldn't stop loving on eachother.
we went out to cove point lighthouse with the whole crew.
this platform overlooks calvert cliffs and the oil rig thing out in the water.
ahem, eye sore.
the volunteers were very friendly and we had a nice time visiting with them.
unfortunately we couldn't go up, dumb coast guard owned lighthouses. ;)
the stairs were different on this one too.
pretty cool!
then everyone under 7 was allowed to ring the bell.
and the lighthouse keeper insisted that laney have a turn too.
she was thrilled about it.

it was fun but it was so hot! like heat index in the 110°'s hot.
we were sweat-ay.

so hard to get a good picture of these two.
and lighthouse buddies for life! ;)