Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 whole months - by delaney

what? i'm another month older?
(this is my mr. smithers)
and speaking of tv characters, this is my "wha'chu talkin' 'bout, willis?"
and this isn't really any tv character, but i do look kinda like a hillbilly, right?
this month i studied for my plumbers license.
i am really good at studying and helping people study.
i helped my daddy study one day...
but that was really tiring!
i'm still growing, and growing out of my outfits.
my mom calls this one small, medium, large.
or i guess large, small, medium if your looking at how we're laying.

i had my first trip to the er and then had to go to the dr's the next day.
i still hate going to the dr.
i'm still a very thoughtful girl and sometimes when i'm tired, i just get overwhelmed and worried.
i often fret while i'm eating.
but you know what, those hands are good for fretting but their also delicious!

addie helped my mom with a photo shoot this month.
she called this one the reindeer.
and this one the mary.
seems like she still has christmas on the brain.

i've been spending more time with this guy lately.
he's pretty good and fun.
even when he puts kitties on my bummy.
okay, so what else... i started laughing. my first laugh was on april 21. :)
it's prett-y cute, if i do say so myself.
i'm still a pretty good sleeper. i sleep through the night about half the time. sometimes when i am really fighting sleep, my mom just lays me in my bed and i put myself to sleep. she says that makes me pretty awesome.
and i still usually sleep with my arms straight up. no swaddles for this girl!
i still get dressed up a lot. it's usually okay, but sometimes... i've had enough.
i'm still pretty easy going. i eat well. burp well. pee and poo well. i'm super patient with addie and frankie, and even alexis and christian. :) i don't love baths, but i don't hate them either. i still don't cry in the car, as long as we're moving. i drank from a bottle for the first time last week and i did okay. i know how to roll over, but i don't do it very often. my mom didn't seem to like it when i did it the first time, and i'm nothing if not obedient. :)
everyone loves my goofy faces. so i do them a lot.
and sometimes i try to play coy.
ok, i guess that's all for now.
getting these posts out on time is exhausting!

delaney noelle

the permit process

the whole driving process in maryland seems a little odd to me. kids can get their permit at 15 and 9 months. then they need to accumulate so many driving hours and then at 16 and 6 months they take drivers ed and then can get their license.

and now i keep asking myself, how did we get here? how did we get to this point where i have a child who can legally drive? ahhh! the whole permit process has been kind of a nightmare, but i won't go into the whole ordeal. the first time (actually the second, but thats another story!) we were at the mva i took some pictures. this was her saying "don't take pictures! what if i fail!"
and then i took one of her being all grown up and talking to the nice mva lady. and she actually was nice, which was refreshing, for the mva, you know. that was all i took there because i didn't know if it was allowed. :)
and finally, she has her permit. because of certain events in the whole permit process, she's not able to drive until tuesday. so please, i will be needing prayers on tuesday. ;)
no, but really. have you driven with me? and i'm teaching someone to drive...
heaven help me!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

not a lotta

alexis stayed home from school on thursday. she needed a break and it was nice to have her around. it was also nice because she was able to keep frankie home while she napped and i was able to run errands with just delaney (alecia kept addie when i dropped lily off after preschool). she also played with this lucky baby for awhile. :)
looove when they play with each other.
that night matt had school and i had a rs training. my buddy laney came with me (she's always around!;) she was an excellent sidekick. she did this most of the night:
friday was matt's friday off. that meant that i got to take addie to pre-k round-up all by myself. i cannot believe my big girl is old enough to be registering for school!(even if it is just pre-k) we filled out a bazillion forms with all the same information (what a waste of paper!), they checked addie for risk factors (we scored a zero:( ), and then they took addie back to "play games" with her. from talking to addie, i deduced that they did not ask her her name, any letters, numbers, colors, or shapes. either they really did just play games, or addie is not very forthcoming with her time away from me. i'm leaning towards the latter. but she was very eager and excited at the prospect of going to big girl school. fingers crossed that she gets in!!!
we didn't have any other plans for the day, so we didn't get a lot done. our back yard plans are all on hold. our shed won't be ready for 4 more weeks and we're waiting for a couple of estimates to see what our next step is. matt did get out to break in our new lawn edger. he mowed front and back and then edged it up all pretty. i actually really like mowing the grass, but he wanted to do it because he's got a navy physical test coming up. next time's gotta be my turn!

while he mowed i watched as these two put 20 coats of lip gloss on.
she's in super goofy picture face mode all the time now. 
monkey girl also ate some bananas. (;
christian was supposed to have a baseball game friday night, but it got cancelled because it's been kinda rainy. so yay, no plans again! lexi was trying to petition to spend the night with a friend, but i haven't been wanting them to spend the night away from home lately, so i hadn't decided yet. i did let her go over after school though. then she texted me after about 30 minutes and said she didn't want to spend the night there after all. it makes me wonder if she felt the spirit telling her that staying the night wasn't a good idea and i'm proud of her that she listened to it and trusted me enough to ask that i come get her. in the end, she had a different friend over to watch some movies. good night. :)

today was another pretty relaxed day. christian had practice at 9. then i took him, lexi, mike, and david into town and dropped them off at their respective parties and then ran some errands. we had a baptism at 4 and then matt took the little girls (minus delaney) to a campless campfire that ended up getting rained out after about an hour. now everyone's home and it's raining and i do love a rainy night. :)

 we're still figuring out the bunk bed rules. and the girls are still into switching beds every night. tonight was frankie's turn on the top bunk. this pic was taken while matt was reading them their story, he told them they had to stay on their beds, so they were moving around as much as they could while still being on their beds.
after stories it was prayer time. little girl prayers are so super sweet. and they are so cute. so i asked them to fold their arms so i could take a picture. of course they both full-on prayed again, so i hope it isn't too bad that i snapped them while they were praying...
and done.
addie's prayers are a little longer than frankies...
hence the extra faces and movement.
and we're still working on frankie being still while addie is praying.
lots to work on!
and then her "did i do good?" face.
looove it.
i just think little ones prayers must make Heavenly Father so happy.
i know they make me happy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

a whole lotta amish

i am finally getting my first piece of amish made furniture! i don't know if a shed counts as furniture, but i'm going with it. they have a referral deal, so monique and i took a beautiful drive out to gehmans to each get our $50. after we dropped them off, we headed to zimmermans amish market to pick out some flowers for our porch. i just love amish markets. :)

love the barn stars! i just need to figure out where to put it before i buy one.
addie had picked herself a bouquet of dandelions and informed me that she and Frankie were getting married. :) poor franks always has to be the boy.
addie found these mousey cookies that she decided she needed.
and really, how could i say no?
and you really can't go to amish market and not buy a whoopie pie.
after that, we headed over to colleens for a quick meeting. the girls were c-c-crazy, and it was lunchtime, so we didn't last long. i knew franks was fading fast, and it was already 1 (we'd been out for 3 1/2 hours by that point, no small feat for us!) so i grabbed them each a happy meal so she could eat something before she fell asleep. 2 minutes later...
oh well, some plans just don't work.
i seriously picked the wrong day to be out and about all day. i took this pic after waiting for 15 minutes just to get out of our neighborhood to pick up lex and friends from school.
while i was making dinner, delaney started crying, and surprisingly, brother went and picked her right up. she's interacting now and he had fun playing with her and that made mama happy.
lexi took 2 friends to church (she texted me, #missionary!), so i took them, chris, and mccombs up to church and worked on the computer while i waited.
productive day.