Monday, October 27, 2014

lexi-lu update

this girl is still loving the college life!
a couple weeks ago a crew of youngins drove down to provo for a byu football game. emmi's brother drove and took some of his roomies. they were able to stay at emmi's grandma's house. she's a very handy roomie to have. :)
that's a nice sweater she's got there. a nice sweater that i went looking for in my closest the other day. because it's mine. but it wasn't there. 
that girl.
those crazy utahns!
they had so much fun showing their school spirit at the game!
lex was checking out the cheerleaders. she misses it!
so far there hasn't been any roommate drama! i know i am amazed! as they were moving in i was thinking, how sad it will be that there's a good chance you won't like each other at the end of this semester.
i am glad to say that i was wrong! so far at least. :)
when people have asked my kids what their favorite dinner is that i make, this is it. polska kielbasa and minute white rice. sometimes i spice it up with jasmine rice, but still, it's no delicacy. but they all, from the oldest to the youngest, love this dinner!
some fun burger place they tagged.
yesterday someone had posted on yik yak (private twitter) that they were going to shoot up byi-idaho today, so we talked and texted throughout the day. relieved that the day was uneventful.
when we talked today i found that i "never call her or text her back" but i also "nag her about her math grade all the time." oh to be the mom. ;)
the college president said to give our kids some space, so that is what i have tried to do. be there for her when she needs me, but not be too naggy or buggy. probably not doing it right, but i'm trying. :)
apartment halloween party.
the boys had "gross beards" so emmi and lex hooked 'em up.
those crazy college kids!
tonight for fhe they carved potatos. those crazy idaho'ans!
so glad she is enjoying the college life and so excited to see her at christmas!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


life these days is full and sweet and happy. and very, very full. did i mention that? not complaining, all good things. i'm totally behind on blogging again, story of ma' blog. not sure where to start, but i'll get going on it sometime soon.

one day lanes was feeling sick and cuddly, and, in a burst of motherly genius, i took a load off and cuddled with her. i have such a bad memory, so when sweet moments like this happen i always pray to please help me remember these moments. they are so precious.
frankie wanted to see baby pictures the other day, and looking at that little albino baby i just wanted to scream at the frazzled 'full' mom and say "pick that baby up! hold her and don't put her down! and don't feel guilty about it!" so that's what i'm trying to do more of. i'm sad to say that i'm really very bad at it. i am such a timekeeper/taskmaster and i don't spend enough time enjoying the small precious moments with these littles that will only be little for a blink and then will be off to college in idaho. or somewhere.
so to recap: life is good. blogging is behind. and i'm wearing that same scarf today.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


things we're loving on right now:
spirit week continues!
(it's over now, but tis the life of a behind blogger)
*mr. Gatsby had to take a call before his photo shoot.
*character day!
Gatsby the great!
*Delaney has been a puppy lately. when she pups it up, she goes all out.
panting, carrying things around in her mouth, wanting to be pet, she's all Delaney-dog!
*more of spirit week!
Christian hates wacky tacky day, but he was able to look past that and really go all out.
I was so proud.
terrible picture, but we had a cool eclipse that we watched through all the phases until it disappeared behind some clouds.
*big brothers!
bubba babysat on Thursday night so I could go to a RS additional meeting at Jodie's and matt could go meet some local st. marys county government front runners. we came home to this:
there's matt at the candidate night. he's right smack in the middle leaning over. he said it was great and he learned a lot. it's good to be involved in our government.
*more spirit week!
the juniors theme on Thursday was "Haunted House."
I took a few pics and then the zombie started coming towards me.
I always love a good sequence of shots, so you know. :)
aaand he's done.
*this baby. because she still poops her diaper, so she's still my baby.
*this nephew! he's so cute and big! want to cuddle him!
*this goofy new Mexican Dracula. a new family in our ward switched out their license plates and matt asked for one for our little new Mexican.
*the way these girlies sleep. it's fun to check on them and see their crazy poses.
*this baby.
 cause she's just so precious. and she's the baby.
we've put up most of our decorations and addie saw the pic of when lex was a power puff girl and asked who she was, so I showed her a video. don't mind the messy computer.
*kids that like pictures taken of them.
she asked me to take this one of her sitting on her umbrella. she's so cute. :)
*franks the trucker. :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

pta day

tonight was a pta meeting, which means of course I had to get all my stuff together all day. I literally have done nothing with it for weeks. except write a few checks and make a few deposits. anyhizzle, I made French toast and after we focused all of our attention on getting addie ready and out the door, I was able to sit down and eat with this one. normal smile is not in her vocabulary right now.
I pta'd, deposited some checks, bought another cc reader, and grabbed the girlies some fries on our way home. then franks went to school, lanes took a nap, and I pta'd some more. i'm $.16 off. or something. I don't even know anymore. I checked and double checked and rechecked and... I got nothing. my philosophy is probably not (certainly not) a good one, but i'm trying my best and if someone doesn't like it then they can fire me and take over. i'll donate the dang $.16 cents. or hopefully i'll find it. but not today.
after school we waited for addie to get picked up for gymnastics. it was a super gorgeous day, so we left the door open. addie looked so cute framed in the door, so I laid down and took some pictures. cause that's what we do.
these are the exact faces alexis used to make and I just love seeing them on my next little june 3rd girl.
I love this big girl.
she had an exciting evening too because on their way to gymnastics poor darlaina got rear ended and addie was "in my first car accident! but those white bags (airbags) didn't pop out and we were safe."
our lives are so exciting! every day something new!
franks saw the picture action and...
got in on it.
love this silly girl who is sooooo much like her daddy and sooooo not like her mommy.
she teaches me soooo much and I love her sooooo much.
I made baked potatos for dinner and went to my pta meeting. it was great! I really like the people I am working with and forming friendships with. Hadley and I even have a date for grant finding after the fall carnival. and maybe the holidays. and when we have free time ;) pta has been a lot of work, but I think the challenge has been good for me and i'm really enjoying getting to know the parents and teachers so much better. I love being in the school, so it's all good.
after the girls went to bed I finally went through their backpacks and found that our little froggie was top frog of the week! not sure what that means, but I think it's good! I was also chosen to be her room mom, yay! I get to conference with addie's teacher tomorrow, elementary school is so exciting!
my blog goes through spurts where I take more pictures of one child than another. chris is usually pretty low on the pic-meter because he has perfected the teen photo dodge. but dangit! it's spirit week and I could have taken a pic this morning! today was season day, so he went as a lifeguard for summer. I won't let that opportunity pass me by tomorrow. even though he's not featured here often, i'm so grateful for that one baby boy'o'mine. he's becoming so independent and grown up. and also cheap. he's realizing how much gas cost and does not love it. he doesn't have a job though, so I totally get it and i'm glad he's being responsible. he's a good boy!