Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #1 - Addie gets her ears pierced

At 8 years old, our little girls can get their ears pierced. Lexi really wanted to be there to see addie get them done, so she swindled grumps into taking them.
They helped Addie painstakingly pic her studs.
Only, she needed a guardian there, so Matt left the coolest skate park ever to go consent for her. Awwwww. (:
She picked, and changed her mind, and picked again.
She tried to act like she wasn't scared, but she was super nervous.
Goofy cutie.
Thankfully, grumps documented the whole experience for me.
She's ready!
Grumps is a fan of extreme close ups. Oh that beard.
I heard the ladies working there were really good with her.
And her hands didn't stop anxiously moving the whole time.
Still as can be.
Love her.
She has since told Frankie that getting your ears pierced really hurts.
I think at this point she told Addie to look at grandpas funny nose to take her mind off the actual piercing. Haha.
When they cleaned her ears with the solution, she thought her ears were bleeding and her lip started to quiver. Once she was assured it was just cleanser, she was ok.
And she looks like such a big girl.
Woo hoo!
So proud of herself!

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