Tuesday, March 29, 2011


this morning for the second morning in a row, frankie woke up well before addie and it has been delightful! this morning when i got frankie dressed and smothered in lotion, i decided to make her an alfalfa sprout up top. then she went to work crunching some numbers. she was being so cute and i wanted to record her talking, but in true michelle fashion, i made the video way too long. so here are the highlights: at :40 seconds she gives some fives and at 1:14 she says cheese. and after that you can stop watching because nothing else happens.

and these are the days of our lives. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

i scream, you scream

annapolis: part ice cream

at one point during our trip to annapolis, christian and i took a detour to walk among the houseboats while the rest of the fam continued walking to the capital. when chris and i happened upon them again, this is what we found.
now really, how could you not want to experiment and take a million pictures of that?! it was a m.e.s.s. (a hot one) these pictures need no narration.  (until the end at least.) so here ya go: addie takes on the ice cream. (and wins!)

and then, when she officially turned the ice cream over to daddy, she went and mooched some of lexi's lollipop. little girl has a sweet tooth.
and later that day at the capital:
sugar coma.


while we were in annapolis, we went into the john paul jones crypt. addie did okay for a few minutes but then she really wasn't feeling it. she started to get noisy and there was a tour going on so i took her outside. and i took the camera with me. :)
i just couldn't help myself...
i went a little picture crazy...
but i just think she's so cute!
and she's my little explorer girl.

i even love the cute, goofy way she walks!
always checking things out!
love this face!
getting ready to jump...
and go!

she hears the group.
and one last jump!
 i just couldn't help myself. if you give a girl a camera and 10 minutes with a super cute subject, this is what you'll get.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

papa's visit

my dad is a really awesome photographer. and i want to be a really awesome photographer. so i instructed him to bring his nice camera. then he also decided to send me a million books and cd's to listen to all about photography. i have learned a lot, but as with everything else in my life, it's slow going cause i don't have a lot of time to dedicate. anyways, i love (love, love!) this red barn i pass on my drive up to town and have wanted to take pics of it like for-eva. so we finally did. :) isn't she purty? i took about a million pics of it, but will spare this here poor blog and just put one.
~ps - my dad suggested i do a 4 seasons thing with it and i think i'm going to! i am totally about the changing seasons/months right now! it's so hot right now. :)

barns are nice to take pics of but, in my humble opinion, kids are better.
that saturday (the 12th) we drove up to annapolis which was fun cause we've never been there! yay! check another place off our list of places to go! we parked at the naval academy and walked all around there before we ventured into town.

~papa and two of the oldest grandbabies.
some structure (that i can't remember because we went there 2 weeks ago) was completed on lexi and addie's birthday. photo op!
this is how we roll.
 we were able to walk around the beautiful church and i thought it was so neat how they had so many different religious services there.
 it was so pretty!

 the fam coming up the stairs after the john paul jones crypt.
 and then i tried to get a shot of lexi midair, but when she was standing on the ground i couldn't. so she did what any logical person would do, she climbed the fence and jumped off.
(ps - it was cooold that day and i know she regretted wearing her cute yellow flip flops!)
 then christian was all, "i can get her midair! and i was all "well then get me midair too!"
and you know what?
he did!
what a weird jumper, huh?
oh and yes, that's more of christian showing off his mad camera skills.

lexi's so lucky to have such a special bond with all of her grandparents!
 frankie was a good and patient baby all day long.
 the campus was really pretty and of course situated right on the water.
 it looks like i'm in trouble in this picture, like he's holding my neck.
(or getting ready to flick my head, right sibs?!)
he was really just trying to help with the windy hair situation.
lexi getting artsy.
we went into the gift shop (cause that's what we do) and addie climbed up on the display outside and said "take a picture of me with my friend!" and went and held the mini-mannequins hand.
so i did.

 addie runs constantly. circles, straight lines, doesn't matter.
the girl is running.
 and she hates loud noises. we were walking past a bus and she wigged a little bit.
 my bubba. :)
getting a lift from daddy.
my luuuu.

and my lu, deep in thought.
 and my daddy-o.
christian loved the big camera and took some really nice pictures.
 inside the capital.

 outside the capital.
 and he got a whole series of addie running outside the capital. don't you just love all the cute houses and businesses?! so cute!
while christian was outside snapping away, i was deep in thought with old georgie boy. washington, that is.

after the capital, we walked around the cute little shops (including one magnificent candy shop!) and the water.
 christian drooled over the boats. it looked like a lot of people dock there and live. and these weren't house boats, just regular cabin cruisers. every little boys dream, to live on a boat in a beautiful downtown. at least it's my little boys dream.
(not sure what this is exactly, i think a tour boat with a life boat attached? it's the only annapolis boat picture i had.)
 we had a wonderful time in annapolis. one day i shall slowly meander all the shops and maybe even stop for lunch at one of the cute outdoor restaurants, but for now, with my 4 kids, 1 hubs, and 1 dad in tow, our picnic lunch and slow meandering through the capital and around the water was perfect.