Monday, July 25, 2016

Last day in Washington

On our last day in Seattle I managed to sneak away for an hour to meet up with Lauri. I was so blessed to have an amazing network of single mom friends and really co-parents when I lived there, and Lauri was one of my favs.
We'd really need a lot longer than a few days to see and do all that we'd like to in Seattle. After we moved, we used to go back for several weeks each Summer. I wish there was enough time and money to do that again. But for now i am just grateful that we got all the time we did.

We stopped by grandpa's house to say goodbye.
And went to lunch before we headed out of town.
We wanted to stop and show the girls our temple too.
Posing with the statues on the grounds is a long standing family tradition.
We were SO bummed to discover that the temple was closed! We had such big plans!
We were sealed in the Seattle temple and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Love this man'o'mine.
It was a gorgeous cool and overcast day for a stroll around the grounds.
Our very last stop on our way out of state was to the cemetery.
We found grandma's headstone and the girls got to leave the flowers they'd picked out at the market.
I can't believe she's been gone almost 9 years. Still sad that our girls never got to know her in this life. Grateful that she's on our side beyond the veil though.
We hit mad traffic on our way out of town.
And finally, we met up with nanny at our hotel in Salem. We kept to our plan of letting the girls swim.
The hotel pools were probably right up there among the girls favorite things of the whole month long trip. I'm glad they have such a good daddy that loves to play with them. And to pat my own back, a good mommy that stays productive keeping things clean and organized while daddy plays. We're a good team.
Addie slept with nanny in her room that night. Lanes liked the floor. A and f were so lucky they got the bed every time. We gave them glow sticks at night when we couldn't come up with a good nightlight. They did so good sleeping! Every night they went right to sleep. Helps that we didn't get to our hotel until after 10 most nights. (:

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