Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seattle day

Carlen and crew came over the next day. it was so fun to see how grown up all her kids were, and they were so cute with our girls. Years ago when we went to nauvoo, cami's brother and fam were there also, and decided that your cousins cousins should be called dootnoodles. 

So these dootnoodles got along famously. Carlen was a sweet friend of mine back when we lived in Seattle, and I wish I'd thought to snap a picture with her, but this shot of everyone visiting and playing together was all I thought to get. Oops. 
We only had time for a short visit with them because we had a Seattle day planned. Isabel came with us, and Delaney did not. We won. 
First stop - pike place market!
Watching the famous fish throwers and enjoying the smells. 
If the workers see a child by this big fish they will pull it back (it's tail is attached to a string) and scare them, so that's what I was hoping would happen here. but alas, they were too busy to notice. 
Those are some nervous country bumpkins!
Flowers were next on our list!
After the fish throwers, our noses thanked us. 
We let the girls pick flowers to put on grandmas grave, and they were both proud of their choices. Plus, crab. 
It was a gorgeous day! We had really great weather the whole time we were there. 
Such a lil' lady. 
Our city. <3
We pet the police horse. And I couldn't help but wonder where the horse lives. A horse downtown Seattle is just weird. 
In our search to find the best chowder in Seattle, we came upon the gum alley. 
Sadly we didn't have any gum to add...
so the girls expressed their frustrations by touching other people's gum. So. Gross. 
While souvie shopping we came across this:
And after much searching and finally asking for directions, we found it. Pike Place Chowder. 
We shared a chowder sampler and it was SO good! The clam chowder was my fav, but they were all tasty. Best place to eat in Seattle - ✅
The girls got ice cream and were very happy with their choice. 
Then some more window shopping. Addie got to put a pin in leonardtown. 
We wanted to miss traffic, so we walked the waterfront too. 
We saw some huge jellyfish. 
Our city. Again. 
It was so fun to be back in this familiar city, visiting all of these iconic places that we have been a million times before. We love strolling down memory lane. 
Our little frankfurter. 
After our Seattle fun, we caught the last hour of swim time at grandpas pool.

Except for me. I went back to m&c's to check on our little crazy who stayed home. She had a great time with aunt Cami and the dootnoodles, so all was well. 
Every night we stayed up late chatting with m&c. We ate ice cream and watched arrested development and other new to us shows. I have loved having Matt stay up late with me! It's been the best!

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