Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July

My old Ward, the ward that shares the building with m&c's Ward, has a traditional 4th of July flagraising and breakfast, so we were able to go with m&c. And it's always a good time for a jeep ride!
Some artist had drawn this illustration and written this quote in the church parking lot. Addie really liked it.
then a group whistle to the tune of the star spangled banner. Matt, Cami, and Frankie participated. 
Can you tell that Addie went though the line by herself? Daddy and uncle mike helped her finish her plate.
Excuse all the Canadian tuxedo wearing, but when you're cold, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Grandpa came to the flagraising, and then grabbed Frankies carseat and took Frank's on an adventure.
Matt and mike headed out for a bike ride, but Matt needed a sweater (mom bought reunion sweaters, which is why we didn't pack any) so he had to borrow this army one from mike. My navy boy was not happy about it. (; I sent this to my army dad and he got a kick out of it.
The most anticipated event in Seattle (for the girls) was to go to grandpas pool and jump off their diving boards. They were SO excited to finally go.
Addie and Frankie have been practicing their dives. Our pool isn't deep enough, so they loved this huge pool. Addie's got her dive off the side of the pool, but couldn't do it off the diving board. There were a whole lot of belly flops going on.
Lanes loved jumping in too. The diving boards were high though, and since Matt had to wait by the side of the pool, she wasn't brave enough to make the jump, though she tried several times.
Frank's dive. Not too bad.
Love this one. Even though it was not a degree over 65, they loved it! I loved hanging out in the jacuzzi with Cami and chantel. I'm so blessed to have such a good daddy, grandpa, and uncle joe to take care of the girls so I could relax and catch up with the sister-in-laws.
The girls were pooped after the pool. We went back to grandpas and Delaney crashed hard.
We went to fireworks at Lake Boren, but since it gets dark so late, they didn't start till 10'ish. We had to park and walk quite a ways. Chantel and I, cracking up at the crazy bright flash. We were seriously blinded!
The cold, cold gang enjoying the show. It was a good show too!

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