Friday, July 29, 2016

Lighthouse #6 - Cleft of the Rock

As we were driving to our last light, a private little one, we spied this guy.
So like any self respecting lighthousers, we turned around, lightly trespassed, and got some pictures. That's just a private home, ya'll. 
Then we had to search for our last light. All we had to go off of was a mile marker.
So we stopped a few times and searched and searched. The jolly green lighthouse car!
We stopped a few times, collected some sand, looked for Thor's pond, or something, and looked and looked. We knew the lighthouse would be hard to spot. And finally, through the thick brush, we barely spotted the cupola.
This home was built by a longtime coast guardsmen. He outfitted it with a real fresnel lens and lots of artifacts from historic lights. He did so much and made it so authentic, that they made it a real lighthouse.
Except it's private.
And more 'no trespassing' signs.
I gotta say, those things are pretty frustrating for nice lighthousers like us. 
We were chuckling about all of our trespassing adventures, and said something hilarious like "don't mess with the M.O.M.," so then we just had to throw our gang signs before we left. But seriously, moms are some of the baddest gang around.
There she is back there. All lonely.
On our way up the street was this beast. Who lives here?!?
And the long walk after a trespassing expedition. Thankfully we didn't get in any trouble. 
Our last light of the day.
While the cat was away, the mouse did play.
And the grumps did take pictures.
That's my husband child. (; I actually love that he's young at heart. I sure don't want to grow up.
When we got home we saw the three little girls sleeping sweetly on their mattress in the kitchen. I didn't know if they would all sleep together, but they did. They were so tired the whole trip that they were pretty good sleepers. We all were. Spoiler alert - since we got back, none of us are. :(

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