Saturday, September 29, 2012

8 whole months - by delaney

guess who's 8 months! funny, huh?
my month started off a little rocky.
i decided i would pull myself up on things...
but then i didn't know how to get down... it was terrifying.
i'm no quitter though, so i kept working and working...
and working and working...
and now i'm a pro!
i pull myself up on everything!
and i play with everything.
it is so much fun, this growing up business!
i'm very helpful, all the time.
don't know what my mom would do without me.
i just love learning all about my world.
one thing i don't love, eating solids.
i mean, solid solids are okay, but usually only once or twice.
"you want me to eat what?"
and then i say, "no thanks. i'll stick to milk thankyouverymuch."
after some super huge messes i'm finally in size 3's.
(diapers of course)
and i've got the whole world in my hands.
and it's delicious.
in other news, i got a tooth! bottom left and she came in on september 18.
(so my mom can keep track, you know, she's not the best record keeper)
you can kind of see it here, if you look really closely.
doin' ma business under ma high chair.
hmmm, what else?
the park is pretty fun.
and beauty bark is delicious.
my mom already wrote about it, but i flew on my first airplane on august 30.
not my fav, but i was pretty patient.
and i got to meet lots of fun family, so it was worth it.
shhhh, don't tell anyone, but my mom's been shopping on the internets!
and shhhh again, addie and frankie have one too. :)
 i'm still pretty bald, but don't i have just the cutest little hands in all the lands?
i'm still super happy.
still sleep in my bed, still up till midnight most nights but my crazy mom and dad are trying to get my sleep better regulated by putting me to bed earlier.
my eyes have gotten really dark, my ears are sticking out more and more, and i use my eyebrows all the time. there's no question which family i belong to!
 i love to play and sing and eat paper. i crawl into things and bump my head all the time. i'm still petite in size but long in length. i still like the bjorn and not the stroller. i'm still pretty friendly but i really know my family and if they walk away and i can't see them i can get a little irritable.
 i guess that's about it.
 until 9 months, peeps!

Friday, September 28, 2012

i believe that we just won

that's the cute cheer the lhs crowd was chanting tonight when our mighty raiders won for the 3rd week in a row!
*chopticon puts their visitors waaay out there, so before the hike i snapped a pic of the cute cheerleaders from across the field.
now i could be wrong, but i don't think a 3 game winning streak has ever happened in our 3 year history with lhs. it's kind of a big deal.
aaand, according to the 3 freshman boys that were my company to the game (christian, mike, and albert) leonardtown hasn't beat chopticon in like, 20 years.
thanks to the magic of google i discovered that l-town last beat chopticon in '95. so the boys were close. aaaand they didn't really beat them, they creamed 'em.
44-21, go raider nation!
the game was super fun. it's a whole different feel when your team is actually winning. everyone was happy and into the game, it was awesome. what wasn't awesome was that it started raining in the 2nd quarter, started pouring during halftime, and didn't let up until the end of the 4th quarter. and i, in all my genius left my umbrella in the car. soooo smart.
we came home soaked through.
but happy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

catch up

(or this post could also be titled "the many faces of frankie" because my pics are frankie heavy. not sure why that sometimes happens, but mental note to myself: take more pics of lexi!)
frankie is such a little reader!
this brochure doesn't even have pictures.
but she intently studied it for about 10 minutes.
whilst munching her goldfish.
very sophisticated, that one.
she's also recently discovered the little booklet inserts in the disney movies.
loves 'em!
also, it looks like we might have a rhythmic gymnast on our hands!
so exciting!
on our friday without school last week, we hit the mall in search of a homecoming dress and shoes. lexi brought alyssa and marissa along and they had fun dolling frankie up.
we can't hit up the mall without also hitting up the carousel.
check out that good big brother, running around the carousel with laney so she could ride.
$.75 of pure happiness.
so sweet.
on the way home that day frankie fell asleep holding laney's hand.
i asked christian to get a picture of it, but he kind of missed the hand part.
 but hey, look! there's lexi in the back!
see, she did come!
this was from the day that matt and christian went to the boat races.
they spotted a rolls and had to get a pic.
silly boys.
sarah kept my girls on monday. i came home and picked up, but other than that i didn't clean anything. i spent my whole day on the phone and doing that gross clerical house keeping stuff, the stuff that i can't do at night cause i actually have to talk to people. i was pretty happy that i got almost everything crossed off my list. and now, 3 days later, i have another list just as long. neverendingneverendingneverending...
(and laney took a bite out of my list. she likes paper)
little lady with some friends.
frankie likes lip gloss. a lot. she put on a ton and said "i beautiful, mom?"
(sad side note: she almost never calls me mommy or mama anymore. big girl always says mom. :()
and then she always tackles me trying to see her picture.
addie is very into the crafts/homework/always busy stuff lately.
i've tried several times to get her to copy words but she's never been interested, but the other day she asked me to write my name down, and then she brought me this.
and frankie comes into my room every morning a little after 7. she requests juice and cuddle time. i always oblige the cuddles, and on this lucky day she got some juice too.
silly girl.
everything else is just more of the same. baseball, football, cheer, gymnastics, church, church, church, matt's school, kids school, repeat.