Sunday, July 31, 2016

Missouri - part 1

We spotted signs for Ozarakland for miles and miles before we got to it. It sounded cool and cheesy, so we stopped.
These are the awesome faces of Laney.
She's the best.
The rest are pretty good, but her faces are fabulous.
We were so excited to check out this "road trip tradition!"
Addie dutifully searched for her name everywhere we went, but never found it. Which is surprising to me because Addie is a pretty common name now. But we did find sissy's name.
And bubbas.
Lanes tried on some rockin shades. 
And I found this little diddy. Someday we will road trip and buy every fun thing we find. I'm actually having buyers remorse for not buying this.
And also these awesome hats.
Addie wanted to buy this little diddy. She said it could be a shirt or a dress. Double duty. 
And Frankie wanted to be so bedazzled. Of course, we didn't buy any of these awesome pieces.
Took this for gramps. Big fan of Mr. Wayne.
And Delaney couldn't wait to show the frog section to our Frankie frog.
It was a fun little stop. I could totally see this as a road trip tradition.
The girls loved this... thing.
And of course everyone needs a turn.
And I'm happy to oblige.
They had fun with the hats for a long time.
There was a fun storm brewing. Thankfully it went by peacefully.
And that was part 1 in Missouri. 

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