Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day #4 - family time

That night it was ziti for dinner from freylor.
Lexi and I shared a hilarious moment.
Just look at how natural we are! #professionalmodels
Lexi showed the kids the fun snapchat face features and they were all cracking up.
I got to hang out with this little cutie.
Love him!!
See? He's so precious.
And then Lexi and I decided to torture him. (; he loved it.
Amy did her craft that day.
Cute frames for them to put pictures from the reunion.
Now to print some pictures out.
Grandparent time is so precious.
Love this kids expressions. All of them.
The chris' pool time.
Oliver got some sweet revenge on poor max. Always digging.
The kids did so well with eachother. Other than very few typical kid dramatics, they were all so good.
Sad to think that next time we all get together will probably be in 2 or 3 years. we wondered how they'll get along next time. Hopefully as well as they did this year!

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