Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sissy time in Rexburg

We tried, tried, tried to make it to Rexburg after Mount Rushmore, but we hit storm upon storm and were so tired that we didn't think it would be safe to drive through the Tetons after midnight. So we got a super overpriced room in Jackson Hole.

We got to Rexburg around 11 and headed straight to the taco bus. But the restaurant version. But first we got all excited about the license plate wall. We sort of got our last three states, but it really feels like cheating to me. So I think we still need 3.
Then the girls saw some train tracks and wanted to walk across. #countryfolk
Taco bus is delish. Cade came with and it was nice to meet him and spend time together. And he got all dressed up for us. Jk, he had a mtg with the stake president, and, good mom points for me, I didn't ask why.
We went to Wally and stocked Lexi's pantry and got some oil for the jolly green. Then Lexi painted the girls nails. They love her.
We went and checked out the temple and walked the grounds.
Birthday twinning.
Last year we were face timing lex and Addie causally said "so Lexi, what's college about?" And I thought it was so cute and so true, like, they have no clue what college is. They know she's in college, but no clue what that means. So we were glad to be able to show them. 
Cade's a nice guy but he takes a crooked picture.
Lexi showed them all around her apartment and they loved the lights and how cutely she decorated everything.
Crazy ladies. Not that I'm in a rush, but I can't wait till I have 4 grown daughters and we can take an annual trip and I can help when they have baby's and we'll all be besties. Can't wait.
We had people to see and places to be, so after a few hours, we had to head out.
First, Delaney chilled in the elevator. #nerd
Love this man of mine!
And these three cute traveling partners.

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