Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lighthouse #11 - North Head

Our last light of the day. We had actually planned another light - Warrior Rock back in Oregon, but it was an hour to it, and then 2 and a half hours back home. We were all tired and hadn't eaten, and I started thinking about my 3000 mile road trip home, and decided I wasn't up for it.
Big huge note to self. Stop making the faces.
We made a little friend but he didn't really want a picture.
I always have to try the door. It's been unlocked before, so I'll continue trying.
There she is!
Another one in need of some love.
She's still pretty though.
After running all day, we finally had some time to breath and we soaked it in.
The beach this light overlooks is the beach we took a 6-week-old baby Addie camping with my family back in 2008.
Photo bomb!
It was such a wonderful weekend.
I'm so grateful we were able to go, and it was so nice to have grumps along for the ride, even if we did refuse to feed him. (;
A few more pictures...
This was the short path back to our car, the whole thing was just amazing.
These are the keepers quarters that are available to rent. If I was renting though, it would be Heceta Head before this one, hands down.
I loved these latitude and longitude signs on the light.
So retro.
I bought a cute pair of lighthouse earrings here. Yup, I said it. A cute pair of lighthouse earrings. I've been to lots of lights, and have never been tempted by the jewelry, but these were cute, swears.
We finally ate - a greasy bucket of kfc, and headed home. As Laura still hadn't been to the ocean yet, we headed down there as soon as we got back to dads. Of course, it was too dark to take any good pics, but this is proof that we were there. 
Matt and I also went for a drive to the beach he came to as a boy with some of his friends. He remembered squeaky sand, and as we walked along the beach, we found it. I'm a big fan of nostalgia. It was a wonderful day. 

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