Friday, July 29, 2016

Lighthouse #7 - Cape Meares

Roll call for lighthouse day #2 was 8:30, much nicer than the previous day's 6:00am. Our first light of the day was an hour and 15 minutes north of us in another state park.
Oregon state parks are pretty bomb. 
This day we managed to convince smilin' Jack to come along. As he would say "keen fun!"
We arrived at 10 so we'd have an hour to meander and take pictures before the light opened at 11. 
And when they say 11, they mean 11, and not a minute before.
Another installment in our "Road trip Bucket List" - picture of a butterfly. 
Sadly, we didn't see any whales, even though we tried. 
This one is a lot light Heceta Head, small but mighty, on a big cliff. 
This was our first glimpse of the light and we were so excited to walk down this pretty lane to see her!
Thanks to dad being crafty and holding our spot in line, we were the first in for the tour.
Another cool red and white lens. Peekaboo!
Love my dad!
And my lights!
Every component is beautiful to me.
The sad face is from checking out the bullet holes in the lens. They caught the young men that did it and made them spend 2 weeks in jail, every Christmas, for like 3 or 4 years. Plus paying a hefty sum. But that beautiful lens will never be the same. 
love the stairs. The windows. The doors. 
We're a happy crew!
We took the tour, enjoyed the lantern room and lens, and then spent forever in the gift shop. The people in front of us were buying the whole store. 
Taking pictures of people taking pictures.
We didn't get breakfast on the way, so when we got back to the truck dad did some fancy maneuvering to get to the food in the back. Hahaha.
And on to light #2!

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