Monday, July 25, 2016

Lincoln city!

We had breakfast with nanny at our hotel, and papa came a little later. Amy and crew had arrived in Salem around 1am, so when they woke up, papa took Frankie and met them for breakfast. First cousin spotting!
These lucky kids got to hang out at the pool together all morning while the rest of the grown-ups shopped. Matt and Kristi kept them for 4+ hours while amy, mom, dad, and I hit Costco and Wally.
It wasn't fun, but we finally got it done, and headed out for the hour long drive to Lincoln city. We finally arrived and the kids were all excited! All of the talking and planning and, for us, driving, and it was finally reunion time!
Groceries for 24 people for a week take up a lot of room.
And pack quite a whallop. Mom and dad were so generous to sport for the house and all the food. Such a blessing for all of us.
Time to unload!
Dad noticed that one of the blondies in this picture got distracted from unloading. That would be my Frank's.
So exciting to be unloading and almost time to look around the house!
It was gorgeous! I wish I would have taken pictures of the whole thing before we invaded.
And this was the view. Soooo beautiful! We spent most of our time in this family room. I could never get tired of looking out these windows. 

Dads good pic:
My crappy one (but plus cute kids, so good):
Bubba had flown into SLC, and Lexi had driven down and picked him up to spend a couple days in rexburg. Then they drove back down to SLC to ride up with freylor. They arrived around 7 that night. Chris was so excited to open his brand new computer!
He ordered this with his graduation money and had it sent to gramps house because Oregon = no tax.
That's one happy boy!!!
Money well spent.
Papa murphys for dinner on night #1!
Addie says "yummmmm!"
View of the kitchen. It was seriously deluxe. There were 3 fridges, just enough for 24 people to eat for a week.
Heads Up was a favorite game of the week. We downloaded lots of new categories and had fun for hours. Especially watching everyone's amahzing dance moves.
Mamas took turns reading bedtime stories. Auntie Amy does super fun voices, everybody loved it. 
Matt and I got the best room in the house. It was the master suite with a fireplace and a king size bed. Big bathroom, and the sliding glass door opened up to a jacuzzi and the beach. We went to bed to the sound of the ocean waves every night. It was the best ever.

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