Thursday, August 3, 2017

Life's good in LG 5k

The Saturday before Labor Day the girls and I donned our running shoes and hit the road! Daddy was still recuperating from his back injury so he just cheered us on. 

Delaney has been wholly unenthusiastic about fun running every year, so this year I really really pumped her up for it and it worked!

Pig tail posse!

Frankie found her buddy Roslyn and ran with her. 

Addie got a pre-run stretch in. 

And we're off! This was not the first year that the race started while I was in the bathroom. 🙄

I let Addie lead the way again, so we walked when she wanted to, which was not infrequently. Two miles in!

She cried and complained a little bit. I feel quite certain I couldn't have run a 5k at 8 years old. We made a big deal about how awesome she was that she's run 2 before her 9th birthday. She rocks! She had it planned out that she would cross the finish line and collapse on the grass for a few minutes. 

After a few she'd recovered enough for a picture. 

These cute friends got their faces painted. 

And this cute girl. 

5th LG 5k! (I think?)

2 strong girls! I so want my girls (and boy!) to know that they can do hard things! All things through Christ!

And now for some nicer pictures that I did not take. The Kona Ice truck came and we enjoyed. 

A sea of pink! 

Frankie is mostly blocked in this pic, but there she is trucking!

And baby bug! She ran the whole way! She complained with a smile on her face. And she made quite the impression with those shades. 

And a cold baby after a cold dip in a cold pool later that day. 

A Brownie!

Right after the pool opened Frankie had her Daisy bridging ceremony. 

They "crossover" the gazebo as they "bridge" to Brownie. 

It was a fun and learning year with a couple new leaders. I was the money manager, so I did my part too. 

Sweet Daisy girl. 

Matt and I finally gave up and ironed on the last of her patches. Patches = 🙄😩

That is one cute Brownie girl! We will let her use Addie's vest and do one year of Browniea since she will already be in A day's in March, which just seems super weird. 

After the ceremony they ordered pizza and had a pool party. 

The water was freezing and it wasn't super warm outside, and this little baby bug was coooold and ready for a shower. 

We love our pool! 

Birthday celebrating

Laura and I get two pedicures together each year, once for her birthday in May and once for mine in July. It is such a fun tradition and nice treat. If I was rich, pedicures and massages would be my regulars, fyi. Friday was our pedi/lunch date. 

Yay for pretty toes!

After our awesome pedi's we did some couponing at target (prounounced Targeé) and then met Sarah for lunch at Oga's. I even got 2 (or was it 3?) plates, even though no one else did, because you know, birthday weekend. We did a bad job of pictures there, but we had a wonderful lunch and visit. 

When we got home we found Matt's way of cleaning out the garage (pronounced gárage).

We've had this box of geodes in our garage (remember the pronunciation) since our Ray reunion trip to nauvoo, about 5 years ago. 

So he rented a tile cutter to cut those bad boys. Laura was fascinated and stayed out with him as he cut every single one. 

I stayed out there most of the time, but had some things to do, so I'd come in and out. 

We only had one true geode, one that was hollow with crystals inside. The rest were still pretty though. He cut a few squares, a few just clean in half, and a few slivers

That night was the third part of the birthday festivities. 8 couples met up for dinner at Tearrific. I didn't realized it was Asian food. If I had, I might have chosen something different for lunch. 

Chelsea had texted me a few weeks ago. Her hubby steve and I are birthday twins and she asked if I'd like to have a birthday twin date night. Holla!

We had a delicious dinner and then went over to the Darrow's to play games and eat cake and ice cream that alecia made. 

I swear, I make the dumbest faces sometimes. I'm way overly expressive. I had just accidentally blown out both mine and steves candles (hard to blow out just one!) and this ensued: 🙄

Birthday twin! I like even numbers, but I've always liked that nice 31 for my special day. It's a good birthday. (:

We played games and the girls were killed by the boys. We lost 3 games and only won one. It did not feel good and I would have happily kept playing to redeem ourselves. But it got to be after 1 and time to go. It was such a fun night and I'm so grateful for such wonderful friends to celebrate my birthday with!


Bubba had been wanting to take the girls out kayaking, and Thursday was our day. Delaney, who had been so excited to go, got a mad case of the nerves and decided she didn't want to go after all. 
I knew she'd love it though. So Chris loaded up the kayaks and we hit the wharf. So very nerdy. 

But also so very sweet. 

This dude is handy! 

So the first 5 or 10 minutes of our 'yakking were fraught with tears. Delaney immediately regretted agreeing. She was crying "Let's go back! You won't change my mind! I don't like this!" I knew if she'd just stop crying, she'd love it. But she was fighting hard. I tried all my tricks (breathing, rubbing her arm, songs, distraction) and she was having none of it. 

She was so mad!

It was low tide and we found this little island that the girls liked. That seemed to appease D. Even though she was pouring for this particular picture. 

She also had to go potty, so big brother documented it. 

I love white Summer buns. 😂

The island distraction was just what she needed. She was all smiles after that. She kept saying how much she loved kayaking. I always try to talk to her about how it's ok to be scared and praise how brave she is. I make her repeat "I can do hard things!" and try to get her to understand how strong and brave she is. Oh this girl. 

Chris was a trooper paddling these two big girls. They loved it, bytheway. 

After the 'yakking we hit the new ice cream shop in Leonardtown, Panda Village. 

They have fried ice cream rolls that are super good!

And also super expensive. I had the girls share one because they don't usually finish ice cream and also they hadn't had lunch. Of course they did finish and did want more, but they'll survive. 

Since the kayaks were already on the truck, and that's half the battle, I asked matt if he'd like to take Addie out that evening. 

She said she'd like to try kayaking on her own. 

So they went on a fun daddy daughter date. 

He attached the two kayaks and towed her, but she did paddle a little too. 

Big girl!


And crazy selfies too. 
We had another summer dinner or basically whatever the girls could find, and then hit the wooden park with the aina's. The girls played and fought and checked on Isla, and repeat. Sweet day.