Friday, February 16, 2018



This morning was the SOARing honor roll assembly. Addie was recognized for... something. Outstanding citizenship, or respect, or something good. We are very proud of her, even if we can’t remember which one. 

She is also on the A/B honor roll. Precious girl. 

Quick hug and picture after the assembly. Daddy had already taken her certificate. 

The rest of today was a mundane day. Shopping and piano and fhe. All good. Nothing extraordinary. Except that we had chocolate covered strawberries for our treat, and played karaoke for our activity. And you haven’t lived until you’ve had a 6-year-old making out with a microphone while she belts out Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. 

More thanksgiving pictures? Yes, i think so!

More hiking:

They love carrying each other on shoulders.  

Love birds. 

I call this one “4 nerds on a wall.”

Our hike was so pretty, Charlottesville is such a pretty town. 

It was cold, but at least it was clear and bright. 

The hike is almost over. 🤗😂

End of the weekend

I stayed up way too late last night. I’ve turned into one of those ladies that doesn’t sleep well when her hubby is not home, just like the ones i used to roll my eyes at as a single lady. And it rained all night long. I ironed curtain panels and binge watched superstore. I took a curtain panel down around 2am and heard the basement sump alarm beeping. So I did what any self respecting semi-helpless woman would do, I ignored it and prayed for the best. Thankfully it worked. 

The girls have been big into drinking rain water, so they’d put a cup out on the deck on Saturday. This morning they had 4 inches of delicious rain water to drink! (Delaney 🙄)

The Stake Relief society is doing a diaper drive for women’s conference this year, and we already have almost 500 diapers. What, what?! 5500 to go!

Church was lovely. Sarah, chelsea, and I chatted with bishop about some obstacles we’ve run into and it was good counsel together in search of solutions. I’m grateful for all the ladies I work with, and that we work together in unity. 

I had dropped the girls at the Frey’s on my way to ward council. Brenda asked that I let her do the girls hair, which was awesome. We’d picked up the mail on our way and Frankie’s cute emoji keychains for her valentines had arrived. They are so fun!

Speaking of cute! Their hair was so adorable!

It was cuter before church, but you know. 

Addie wanted to help make dinner. Gotta teach this girl to be more independent, she’s ready for it!

We had our traditional heart pasta for dinner. Mostly because I only got 4 hours of sleep and I wasn’t making anything involved. 

Daddy got home before dinner and all his girls were so happy. It’s been a good weekend. I haven’t always loved weekends. Working in restaurants was always so busy on weekends, and then life with teenagers was always so busy. But weekends have been quite delightful of late. 

And because I haven’t met my 10 picture quota on this post yet, some cute shots from our thanksgiving hike. 

Brothers. 🙂


Blog probz. Hoping this cute picture of my grandma and grandpa fixes it.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Today and T-Day

Navy day, so it was just the girlies. D went with Sephie to a daisy scout hike. it sounded cute and I wish I could have gone, but Johnna was sick and Landon didn’t come to town, so i had both girls. 

We did all of our normal stuff. The only pics we took were our second a day antics. It’s so fun. 

Lexi has Cade’s going away party last night. She said it went well and everyone had fun. 

Back to Charlottesville and Just Dance. 

Isabel flew out to Seattle early Thursday morning, before L&C woke up, so we did a few pics with her before she left. 

In the midst of the photo shoot, d totally fell off Frankie’s lap and I got footage of the whole thing. 


One of the girls borrowed my phone (not something I let them do generally) and when i got it back i had a dozen pictures of cade folding his clothes. 😂

It was a very Just Dance weekend. Even L&C got in on the action. 

After the airport drop off we went for a hike around... someone’s home... we didn’t actually see the house, so you can see the confusion. I want to say Monticello. But I’m not sure that sounds right

Anyways, it was beautiful and I’m super jealous about all their trails! They’ve got tons!

It was so nice to get some exercise and fresh air before the feeding frenzy, and the girls loved exploring. 

And Evan, who is an 8 year old in a 14 year olds body. 

More turkey loving to come!

Skyline drive

Lexi and Cade flew in crazy early, like 4am. Now that I’m blogging, I realize I got it wrong. They didn’t fly out super early, they flew out at a normal time, but they did fly in early, at like 4am. We were heading to Charlottesville for thanksgiving, so we decided to pick the Finlayson’s up and head right down. But instead of picking them up right at 4, we picked them up more like 6. They were absolutely thrilled. 

We also threw in a short winding trip through Skyline Drive. Lexi went from thrilled to super thrilled. 

Skyline drive was pretty, but the colors were fading and the leaves were almost all gone. It was like, 20% of what I’d imagine it’s most beautiful. 

The sun was still coming up and it was really pretty. 

Horrible picture, but it’s life. 

It’s so fun having family close by! Charlottesville is about 3 hours away and it’s the cutest little town. Cousins bonding always got me like 😍.

We all took a nap as soon as we got there. Well, everyone but matt and the little girls. Ok, so just cade, Lexi, and I took naps. Matt’s the real mvp. He did take a nap after me. I’m not a total monster. 

We prepped t-day stuff and the girls discovered their affinity for Just Dance, and oh how we laughed and laughed watching them. It is seriously so fun. 

That evening we went and walked around the college where dan works. We checked out Edgar Allen Poe’s room. 

It’s a really pretty campus, or grounds, or whatever they are called (slow blogging probz).

After, we sent the boys to pick up pizza, and Chantell and I took the kiddies home. We had planned to play games but then we were like, yawn. Being old is fun. 😂

Friday, February 9, 2018

More fun with the bigs

She’s such a trip. And she desperately wants glasses. Little does she know. 😩

I don’t know? But I do know I love me a turbie towel. 

We gave the Davis’ our old couches. Delaney loves their big boys and we decided to send Chris a picture. 


Some Aggravation fun. Frankie continues to be a game playing hold out. Not sure if she doesn’t like them because it’s hard for her to focus, or because we get on her when she doesn’t focus and it’s her turn. Or maybe she’s just one of those rare weirdos that doesn’t like games? Hope she outgrows it. 

Saying goodbye. 

So silly. 

Cade and Lu got to come to Addie’s honor roll assembly. 

A’s and B’s for this little cutie.