Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday stuff

Yesterday's post has struggled to post all day and currently it is rolling over to die. I'm no quitter though, so I'll keep trying. Sadly, our new modem doesn't seem to be making a difference on our internet speed. 

This morning after some Cookies stuff I made a whole mess of soup. One of our neighbors got into a terrible car crash and LG has set them up with meals, so I took some soup in to them for lunch. I also made some extra for dinner, some for a potluck for tomorrow, some for Souper Saturday, and some to freeze. I was a soup making fool. 

When I got to the school Frankie came out in the funniest little pants! Definitely not the ones I sent her to school in. Apparently there was a soup incident at lunch and she had to get some pants from Nurse Dana. 


We like to include the biggins in fhe as much as.possible, which sometimes means having in on Tuesday. Today's fhe treat was Apple cups with cider and apple crisp with fresh whipped cream. 

The Apple cups were a hit, even though I got a little overzealous on one or two and made them leak. 

Addie had two cups she liked it so much. 


Bubba taught the girls about stranger danger and asked them some really good questions. Like if your friend got into a car with a stranger, what would you do? Addie said she'd "get in a little," and I'm glad she was real and honest. D would "run to the nearest house and call 911!" and Frankie was pouting because she'd just acted a fool and fallen on the Princess Cupcake game box. I hate broken boxes. 

We love visiting with our bigs in Idaho. And everyone got a kick out of eating our cups when we were done with the cider. 

Did you know my main squeeze for glasses? 😍

That's all. 

Field trippin'

Addie's 4th grade class did their annual Elms Field Trip a few weeks ago and I got chosen to go along, hooray! I don't get the opportunity to venture upstairs very often and I always like to check things out when I do. Loving her 'golden teal' favorite color. So fancy. 

It was a nice day. A little cool in she shadows and just right in the sunshine. 

We got to build a wetland area and collect materials to use for it. 

Then each team showed their creations. 

We also got to go fishing in the swampy area. 

And then it was time to get the nets and fish in the bay. 

Those were some excited 4th graders with their nets all ready to go!

Addie didn't end up catching anything, but it was fun. 

After this she dumped a few cups of water from her boots. Some poor kids were wet up to their waists, and in their jeans no less. 

And then the fun was over and it was time to head home. 

Two happy and tired girls. We love where we live. 💕

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday and Pumpkin Patch

First off, is my nephew not the cutest? 😍 

Second off, is Bubba not the cutest too? He sent this shot of the breakfast he made for Lexi and cade this morning. He spends a lot of time at their apartment, and probs next semester when Cade goes to basic training, he'll move in with Lu. I love that our grown kids love each other. 

I don't write much about Sundays. They're mostly pretty busy, but good. Ward Council is every week from 7:30-8:45 this year. I am so ready for late church again! After church on the 3rd Sundays of the month I have my 1-on-1 meeting with bishop. So I left at 3:15. Then Amanda and I went to visit a sweet sister this evening. I don't usually do visits Sunday nights, but every once in awhile it's all that works and I'm grateful that matt and girls are so supportive. 

We had Columbus Day off school. Poor D had started to feel sick Sunday evening and was still icky. Then we had that debate of what do we do now. Matt had been in charge of a Combined kayaking youth activity that they ended up canceling because of the remnants of Tropical Storm Nate. So another wrench in the plans. D requested an ice pack for her headache. 

Matt and Addie went to fly a kit since it was so windy, and while we waited I took pics of this cutie. 

We finally made it to our pumpkin patch around 12 or 1. We visited and the kids played, it's always such a nice day. Joni said the reflection of the corn maze in my glasses was cool. So artsy. 

We're both middle kids. 

It was sad to leave Bug behind with matt, but she has a pumpkin patch field trip coming up, so it's not like she'll miss out. 

After the hay ride we all went through the corn maze. Corn mommas. 

The kids ran ahead of us. And look at that gorgeous stormy sky! It might be pretty but it was so hot and muggy!

When we got out of the corn maze we had to get an all momma shot. And a couple babes. 

Frankie loves babies so much! And every once in awhile they love her. This was one of those precious times. 

Big girl friends. 

And finally, Bird Town. 

We bought some pumpkins, the girls picked their little pumpkins, some mums, apples, and the cutest little lighthouse/sea glass bracelet. We heart the pumpkin patch!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

About time

This morning our team 2 cleaned the church. We have a great team and they work hard. I spent my time vacuuming and listening to ma stories on my phone, so it was quite delightful. The girls all love "cleaning" the church, and I love that. 

Our tradition is to bring donuts to the church, and then to hit up Chick-fil-A after. Cause in our family, traditions = food. 

They had a special Olympics fundraiser today, so we donated some dollars and added our names to the patrol car. And yes, that homeless child with us dressed herself. 

Next we picked up some paint for a project later, and then went to visit this cutie. She looooves the girls (all kids) so much and she loved visiting. We took a vote about a song to sing her and Laney won with her fav I am a Child of God. I hope these girls are learming the good they can do in the world as they spread kindness.  

When we got home it was time for our big project - painting Addie's room. This was a long time coming, since it was an 8th birthday present and Addie is now almost 9 1/2. 

First we had to take down the baby border. This sweet little Tropical Punch nursery set was our 3 girls first bedroom motif and I loved it so much. And now it's gone. 

The girls were very helpful. The big girls and the naked baby firefighter. 

Addie used the screwdriver on the outlets, spackled the holes, and painted lots.  

Even d learned to use the screwdriver. 

She loves her firefighter tattoo and is excited to show it to her primary teacher tomorrow. 😣

Finally after about 2 hours, we were ready for the most exciting part, time to open the paint!

She loves it! I'm not sure, but I think I like it. I'm excited to see how it looks after it gets all put back together. And I'm so glad we finally got our acts together and got it done. 

On Friday the fire department came to see our kindergarteners. 

I might have d talked into being a firefighter for Halloween, though cat is still pretty high on her list. 

Love her teachers and her class!

Friday, October 13, 2017


Today was a good day. After dropping girls off late to school again (still biking/scootering on our merry way) I was able to spend a few minutes visiting Charlene at the hospital. Love that sweet lady. She's one of those people you meet that you just can't wait for them to be made whole in the next life. Not that I want her to pass on, I don't, but I just know she's got good things in store for her from our loving Heavenly Father. 

At 11 I met with Lisa at Boundless Expectations to talk dyslexia tutoring. For a long time I have debated, should I work a few hours a day, and if so, what on earth should I do? I just have too many loves and this earth is way too interesting to choose just one thing. Plus also, I am a helper (my enneagram said so, 2 with a 3 wing) and there are sooo many people to help.

With Frankie's learning struggles coming to a head, I have reached out to all the mommas in my network that have experience with dyslexia. I've gotten such good guidance and have been buoyed up by other strong moms that are forging their own scary path that we have found ourselves trying to navigate. 

So to make a long story short, when we were going through the iep process (May'ish) amy H. had called and told me that her friend lisa runs a tutoring service called Boundless Expectations (BE from now on) and they needed tutors. It seemed like a good idea, but then I wouldn't work after school, and that's when it seemed to me tutors are needed, so I never bothered to call her. Then just a few weeks ago when I was talking to a momma friend, she said there are lots of children that are able to get their tutoring done during the school day and that I should call lisa to see. So I did. Only this chic is a busy lady, so it took several tries over several weeks. 

But when we finally caught each other it was so good. Instant connection, love her ideas, she's got daytime opportunities, good pay, crazy flexible and only as much as I want to work, she offered to help look at our school paperwork and test Frankie, and, best of all, I will be trained so I can tutor Frankie. This is such a perfect blessing and I am reminded again how perfect Gods plan and timing are to me. 

I met with lisa today and again, just good stuff. Delightfully, I had spilled hot mustard on my shirt between visiting Charlene and my appt, so good job working girl. Inspite of the dirty shirt, it was a really wonderful meeting. We both cried, because learning disabilities and precious babies are no joke. Also, I am nothing if not super professional. 

I feel so led to this right now. It's such important work, and though its not my first choice in all of the job possibilities I've been dreaming up, it feels right for right now and I am feeling so very loved and blessed. What a wild and beautiful life. 

Tonight we ate pizza and watched Spooky Stories, then before bed we piled into Tallulah Belle and drove the mean streets of LG to check out the Halloween decorations. We also scouted for a house to Boo. Now that we're armed and dangerous, a boo'ing we will go one day soon. 

I came in from the drive first and perched myself just inside the mudroom door, so that when the first unsuspecting girl walked in, I grabbed her with a boo! It was Delaney and she quickly melted into a scared crying fit while the rest of us cracked up. I've pretty much perfected the comforting laugh hold., so she was definitely being tended to. And then she was quickly assuaged by a quick thinking prank on daddy. Oh how I love this pranky gang of mine. 

And the one "mommy take a picture of me" shot of the day. 

Oh dear one, your path will be long, but you are so loved and cheered on. "God sent you here to prepare for a future greater than anything you can imagine." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sick day

*written last Thursday, October 5*

On Tuesday night I started feeling sick. It was right before I left for a girls night at Alecia's, and before I left her house to go home, I had a full blown cold. As adults we often don't have the luxury of resting a cold off, but miraculously I had a relatively feee 2 days and have been taking full advantage. 

Wednesday afternoons are our busiest, so I had to get dressed and head out. First was Delaney's parent/teacher conference. She's doing great. She is so smart, it's crazy. She loves to learn and is a leader in her class. Mrs. S said she's never been sassy or unkind, which I don't fully believe, but makes me happy. D and sephie are teaching the class the motions they learned for the letters in pre-k. She says d is a joy and a bright spot in her already wonderful class. Happy momma. 

Next up was D's Daisy Scout hike at Greenwell. Lea took D since Franks has dance at 5. They sent these cute pics of the hikers. 

Crazy girls on a beautiful day!

As soon as Rosalyn picked Frankie up for dance I headed to Greenwell to pick up D and Silvia for their dance. Their class starts right as Frankie's ends, so I drop the little girls off and then pick the big girls up and take them home. I have just a few minutes to hang out, and even though it's kind of crazy with people going lots of directions, it's really good. And Addie has loved staying home alone on Wednesdays. 

Today is an early dismissal day and then I have a Cookies meeting tonight, but for now I'm resting and hoping this cold goes away.