Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day #4 - Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

After the head light, we drove out to see the bay light. As we looked back, we could see the beautiful head light above the trees.
The Yaquina (ya-quinn-ah) Bay lighthouse was built and pretty quickly they realized it was no good. It was too small and no one could see it.
It was only active 3 years, had one keeper, before they built the head light and discontinued use of this cute little bay light.
Only our car went to this light, and no one else from it wanted to come in. Lame.
She was running up the stairs, she loved it!
Not as spectacular as the head light, but still pretty sweet.
Climbing buddies!
This little guy could have easily been torn down, but for people that had vision and foresight and could see the history and value in maintaining it. For that, I am so thankful!
Love the windows.
Quick tour of the light and a quick stop in the gift shop for our token magnet.
She gets excited when she gets to be the only kid with us. She was in heaven.
Me too.
And off we go on to more adventures!
Until next time, little cutie!

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