Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #1 - the rest of it

Day 1 was a busy day. (: I had a blog book waiting for me when we arrived home from our trip, and I was reminded again why I blog. And why I always try to catch up when I'm so far behind. Eternal optimist, I am.

After-beach hot tub fun! Not too hot for the kidlets though. I want to be a grandma someday.
Hangin' in the boys bunk bed room. Room or closet, whichever one, really.
More "heads up" fun. Addie rocks the animal category.
And the selfie game. Chris says he'll teach her how to selfie without giving herself double chins.
And the black and white game too, apparently.
Precious sleepy girl. This was after the splinter fiasco.
Taking a break from "heads up" for some taboo action.
We are a game playing family.
I went out for a stroll that evening. I just couldn't resist the pull of the beach.
Filling my cup.
Family and personally.
I'm not sure if these are first day pics, but whatevs. Cute girl with a rockin' hat from grumps.
The pool table got a lot of play. None from me, but from plenty of other people. 
Cousin love.
Bonding over technology, isn't that the way.
And because I'm the best auntie ever. Some Ollie goggle fun.
Hahahahaha, he loved it!
And rocking our awesome Seagroovin' sweatshirts from nanny. These came in super handy on the cold, cold beaches!
The Chris's were thick as thieves. Pretty sweet.
And I think that wraps up day 1!!!

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