Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long time, no post!

Yikes, I've been a really bad blogger lately! I have lots of reasons! Or are they excuses? Who cares. All I know is that things are getting back to normal around here and I am so ready! I have so much to blog about so I'll just start at the beginning.

After a week long delay in coming home, Christian finally made it back on August 8! We were so ready for him to be home! We picked him up from the airport and headed over to the Smithsonian Museum of Flight since neither of the boys went with us when Joy's family was here. The Smithsonian's are so much fun and FREE! I never knew that before living here, but I think it's totally awesome!

Christian in front of the Pile'o'junk from Night at the Museum 2.

The judges...

With the Wright Flyer.

And another...

And then a sweet kiss out on the National Mall.

It was such a pretty day! This was early evening so it was finally cooling down!

A fresh diaper in the shadow of the Washington Monument.
Sweet memories!

Then a few days later on the 14th, Alexis and Amy flew into town, just in time for Matt and I to fly out early the next morning. So instead of driving back and forth to DC, we decided to get a hotel. And since we were so close, we headed over to the Arlington National Cemetery that evening.

The Eternal Flame at the Kennedy's grave site.

The girls chilling in the amphitheater at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Christian enthralled with the changing of the guard. That was very cool!

The Tomb and the beautiful building behind it.

We didn't stay long at the cemetery and there's still lots to see. It's also huge and they give trolley tours that we want to take some day. It's so neat to live so close to so much history! I love it!

Next up: Matt and I leave for Paradise!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you want some cheese?

Addie wanders the house all day. Usually she stays close, but a few times every day she disappears and I have to go search for her. Sometimes she's just in the front room and sometimes she meanders all the way upstairs. I usually have to stop what I'm doing and go look for her. I call out to her and she never answers. She's usually quieter than she is all day as I search for her.

When I make her food and I ask her if she'd like some cheese, she always comes smiling, waiting for her cheese.
So yesterday I got the genius idea to call out "Do you want some cheese?" before I went to look for her. And who do you think came toddeling around the corner?
One super cute Addison.

It was tempting to not get up to get her the said cheese at one point late yesterday, but I did drag myself up and "cut the cheese."  ;)

The girl loves cheese, what can I say?!

Monday, August 3, 2009

14 Whole Months - By Addison

Here are some things you need to know about me. And this blog IS all about me. And only me. And don't you forget it!

Another busy month for me. I traveled across the country again. That makes 5 times since March. We had a quick trip, but managed to work some fun into it. And I discovered that I am quite a little artist. Here I am having an Art Lesson from Uncle Ken. You can't tell by my face, but I loved it!

Such a big girl! Under the table view!

I think I might like finger painting too!

Grandpa Ray has a trampoline and I loved it!

I also loved cat food!
Yup, that's a whole mouthful.

I could have eaten it all day!

Then back at Auntie's house I found the dog water and it was delicious too!

Here I am with Uncle Tom's hamster. Loved him!
Hmmm, I wonder what his food tastes like...

I love the dogs so much that I climbed into the kennel to see if they would join me. I didn't like it too much, so I climbed out and found the dogs themselves.

Chillin' on Amy's hammock with Lexi-lu.

We went to a movie and my mom let me loose on the popcorn! It really tastes much better when you use both hands to eat it. 
Much better!

I am a very fickle eater. I will love something one day, and the next I'll spit it out. Just depends on my mood so don't even try to guess. Don't even try. Most days I'll eat eggs, grapes, yogurt, chicken, and crackers. One thing I will always eat. ALWAYS. CHEESE!!! What can I say, I love cheese!!! Sometimes my dad lets me get really dirty. Here's a shot of me making the messes!

Our sweet neighbors own a Chinese restaurant so they brought me over some chopsticks that I love!!!

Don't I look like a chopstick pro!

I love my baths most nights. But if I squat in the tub - BEWARE! Quickly put me on my potty and get out the marshmallows. I'll sit for a few minutes, but only if I've got a substantial quantity of marshmallows.

Here's an example.
 Everythings going fine, we're all having fun.

Oh no! The squat!!!

Caught her in time. Happy girl on the potty and happy mommy not draining the water. :)
*Notice the marshmallows.*

I'm a big explorer. I have 2 cabinets in the kitchen that I'm allowed to play in and I empty them daily. Many times daily actually. If you don't know where I am and it's gotten quiet, you probably want to check upstairs because I like to wander up there alone when your busy. I like shoes, brooms, keys, and rocks. And they all go in my mouth. And not just that stuff either, I taste everything.

One day I found my moms reusable shopping bags and decided to try one on. My mom and dad thought it was so funny!

Then I hit the wall. 
I was okay.
My parents were hysterical. 
Laughing hysterical.

I am a lover-girl! I love my babies, lambie, and Oscar-bear. I will also come to you and give hugs and kisses periodically throughout the day. I click my tongue and that means I'm ready to plant one on you. I'm even learning to kiss with my mouth closed. Lucky for you if you get an open mouther though!

Here I am at a puppet show, and even though you can't really tell, I'm totally hugging on the dog puppet. 
Like I said, lover-girl!

And deciding I need to plant one on my sissy. I love her!

I love shoes! Even combat boots!
Even though they're hard to walk in.

My dad really wouldn't be able to take care of our yard without me. I always help him! Being outside is one of my favorite things!

See, I'm a helper.

Okay. That's enough of this month. Not planning any long trips this month! But with my parents, you just never know!