Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day #4 - Yaquina tide pools

After the lighthouse love, we discovered that it was low tide and there were some awesome tide pools.
Dad and lex stayed at the top, and the rest of us went exploring.
Cute cousins.
Tidepools in the shadow of a lighthouse? Heaven. 
Anything in the shadow of a lighthouse is though, really.
We found lots of sea stars, urchins, and anemones.
These green round ones would swell and the hole would get smaller when you touch them.
There were lots and lots of explorers, and the park people giving out picture graphs.
It was fun exploring.
Big cousin helping the littles. Adorbs.
Cool stuff!!!
Dad took lots of pictures from his perch on the deck.
It's always fun to see a different perspective.
Taking pictures of people taking pictures.
I was so thankful that I wore my tennis shoes! I never wear tennies, but I wanted to be sure I could climb the light, so I was safe, and thankfully I was able to walk on the rocks.
Love these nieces and nephews of mine.
Boy cousins in our family are few and far between, so they gotta stick together!
We tried to get Christian to come take a pic with us, but nothing doing.
Happy little adventurer.
Those rocks were harder to walk on than they look.
Coooold beach days!
Sometimes we all want to cover daddy's mouth, I get it.
Only missing Addie. Getting the 7 of us together is not easy!
So happy.
Grateful for our time together.
Chris is so intimidating, right?
Then dad and I grabbed a guy to take a pic of all the lighthouse adventurers.
We're a fun crew!
Since we missed the tide pools at dads beach, we were so glad to catch these ones. Excellent day!!!

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