Friday, July 29, 2016

The oops

Laura and I had planned our lighthouse excursion one day a few weeks ago. We try to be very thorough planners and plan everything down to the minute. It was very scattered though. We definitely weren't on our A game, but we tried our best and did pretty well.

So in our planning, we had included a visit to the Coos Bay Historical and Maritime Museum. As we got on our way, we were wondering why we had included this stop, but we figured that there was a fresnel lens and a stamp there, because stamps are important to us lighthouse crazy. 

So we pressed on. Right on to the wrong address. The nice guide at the state park had mentioned that it was in a brand new building, but that didn't equate, and then my map took us right to the old building.

Then we had to backtrack to the new building, which was not easy to get to, through traffic, and one way streets. But we pressed on, believing in ourselves, and our lighthouse planning. Only to discover that there was, indeed, no lens or stamp to be found. I'm still wondering what the heck we were thinking. I guess we'll never know. 

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