Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #1 - pedi's

I couldn't get over this view. For a whole week, this was right outside our windows. Big slice of heaven!
A group of us went to get mani's and pedi's.
It was a cute little place that we invaded.
While half got pedi's the other half got their mani's. I love being pampered.
After nails, we walked around the weirdest storefront ever. A huge storefront with completely random stuff in it, just decorated for our viewing pleasure. Weirdest thing in there was a ppv, a people-powered-while. Mom and dad owned one and we used to love cruising that thing around!
Our nail place was in the Lighthouse Square, complete with a cute little parking lot lighthouse.
I'm not much for fake lights, but you know, it was cute.
After that dad treated to bk. With coupons and a military discount, it was a great deal!
The rest of the gang showed up and Lexi, obviously the best selfie taker of the group, got us all in. Thank goodness she was there.
And lastly, a bonus shot. Because when auntie Michelle likes a swimsuit, everyone gets it.

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