Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day #2 - tide pools and tacos

Day 2 dawned bright and early to the sound of kids playing foosball and pool.
Early morning cuddles and a gorgeous view.
We got all dressed up and ready to go see the tide pools. If we were smart, we wouldn't have done that, because we actually missed the tide pools. By the time we got out there, the tide was already too high.
This lil' digger was happy as a digger with two shovels. And that's happy.
Even though we missed the real tide pool action, we still had fun.
We looked around and played in the sand.
Loved spending so much time with these cuties.
Gramps and grands.
Addie was all in. She'd have been soaked head to toe if we'd have let her.
Frankie was a bit cautious and loner'ish this day.
We rescued two ladybugs from a watery grave.
The kids all got super wet. We totes should have just worn swimsuits. Sometimes I just don't think.
I also loved having this guy around 24/7 for 4 weeks.
And sissy time is always the best.
Add in the rest of the fam, including this photo bomber, it was just such a good trip.
It was super helpful having the kids in their red sweatshirts. Easy to spot them and count them up. 
We enjoyed tide pool fun until everyone was too wet and cold to enjoy anymore.
It was a totally gorgeous day.
Dad with his #3 and #6, and tom with his #3. #3's are pretty bomb.
Taadaa! It's me at the beach!
All sass.
That is some beard tom's got going on. Some beard. 
And some more tide pool fun pics.
Cutie Quinn.
Sneaker wave soaked her.
Pictures do no justice. At all.
And finally, everyone pitches in when it's time to go.
And everyone pitches in to clean feet too.
Don't mind the naked 4-year-old.
Cutie max.
Cutie me. Haha. (;
Papa rode home with us, so we even got some jolly green pictures.
Amy and Kristi cooked dinner that night and we had a yummy taco bar. Uncle Tom helped shred the pork.
Food is so important to me. (:
Cutie Brady.
And look at these cuties! Selfie stick action!
And the boy teenaging it up. For being the only teen, and Lexi being one of the only 20 somethings, they were both so good.

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