Friday, May 31, 2013


*this kid's got a job!
 he worked his first shift, 3:30-8, at forrest farms pool wednesday night. he reported that it was "so hot and so boring. i was just watching the clock the whole night." that being said, i think he really understands the importance of being alert and not distracted. they showed enough horrible drowning footage in his lifeguard class.
*i really wanted to get a picture of him performing his life guarding duties, but I had the girls in the car, and i didn't want to embarrass him. so I pulled a creepy-creeper and sniped him through the fence

*the little girls played outside in the little pool all yesterday evening. we ate dinner on the deck, chicken, rice, and corn - super messy - and then Delaney decided to add water to the mess.
*thanks, big d!
*this morning we had gymnastics. during stretching, Frankie got worried, started crying, and then came and sat with me for awhile. she has never acted like that, it was really weird. thankfully, on my evening run the other day, I had listened to the 'calm coach' talk about what to do in this situation. I sat her on my lap and comforted, and after a few minutes I took her back in and we talked to the coach, she got a buddy, and she was fine.
I had somehow left the house without my purse (or my wedding ring) today, so we weren't able to do our after gymnastics ritual of filling the truck, so we went straight to addie's school and she finally got to be the line leader. she's been asking for like a month, and we just haven't been early enough.
*of course, frankie and laney fell asleep on the drive from gymnastics to addie's school, and then as soon as we pulled into the garage, they both woke up. I needed to finish the laundry so I let Frankie 'rest' in the basement, and laney went down too. I checked on them (covertly) a few times and they were having fun and being good, so all's well that ends well, right? pre-k driving can not end a day too soon.
*lexi went to sandy's (of the twitter name bad gal sandy) to work on a project. sometimes it is so hard to know what to do as a parent! we dropped Christian off at ff for some more life guarding, and then we picked addie up. the girls played outside in the water while I made dinner. then we played in laney's room for awhile while we waited for daddy to get home so we could have dinner. 
addie and Frankie were climbing all over the recliner and laney would pull them down.
then it was Frankie's turn.
sister love!
we were all laughing so hard. they are so funny. :)
*little miss rudolph laney has a pimple on her nose. still cute.
*matt finally made it home. he was gone from 5am-9pm yesterday, and till 6pm today. we had dinner and then it was time to pick up the lifeguard. he had a game at Dorsey, (he forgot about his game when he agreed to work, grrrrr) so after his shift we went to his game. they were losing 6-2 when we got there, but in that inning they ended up scoring 7 runs - felt like we were bad luck! but then - our last up to bat we got 2 outs, and then rally! Christian started it off with a great hit to a hole in the outfield. then they kept it going through 4 more runs, till a risky base runner got picked off at 3rd. bummer. but 13-6 is a lot better than 13-2. go Yankees!
when we got home, lexi was making cupcakes for fatty Friday for seminary tomorrow. go lex! laney had woken up. don't go laney! and then matt headed to bed. go matt!
and a bonus for today:
our bff's in seattle posted this picture on fb.
he was such a cute little boy!
I just love ma' boy!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

throwback thursday

my dad's been working on a project to put every picture he's ever taken up on fb. it's been fun to see all the pictures - most of them i've seen, but there have been a few new ones.
this is me and my dad, circa 1978. i saw this and i thought "laney!" the cheeks pushing up on the eyes to make them look slanty, looks like a laney-bug!
mom, dad, joby, and amy. flash forward 25 years and little Christian would sport a bowl cut quite similar to uncle joe's
it get's cold in Tacoma.
another one that looks like laney-d to me. must run in the family. :)
the "big kids," chillin' on mom and dads bed. we took this same picture about 10 years ago. it was a beaut!
did you ever wonder where christian gets his mad baseball skills? wonder no more. 50 years before christian was playing, papa was tearing it up.
love the glove, love the pants (roll 'em up!), love the background, love the expression.
love it!
see the resemblance???
mama and delaney, 33 years apart.
I thought this picture was funny because lexi has pretty much the same skort that i'm wearing. she wishes her hair was as awesome as mine, but she's just not that lucky. i'm hanging out with grandpa and grandma (frances) seagrove, and the little kids.
and then some more recent flashbacks. too bad this wasn't from the bowl cut days, but I love that he's riding the peanut! bestie autumn had bought the peanut (the ride-on toy he's on) for another kids birthday party, but when we went to her house, Christian wouldn't get off of it - and it was still in the box. autumn surprised him the next day with his very own peanut. what a random ride-on toy, right?
visiting Seattle with my girls, back when I only had two of them. they are so cute
and i was so skinny.
i put these pictures together from our camping trip out to ocean shores, wa in july of 2008. yup, we are awesome parents and took addie camping to the freezing, rainy beach before she was 2 months old!
 eating pictures are pretty much never good.
and last but not least, my grandma and grandpa clayton.
grandma was a very talented ballet dancer, she danced her whole life and met my grandpa when she was dancing with the uso.
and then papa clayton. he was a vaudeville magician. he died in 1985 when i was only 7. I have very vague memories of him, visiting my grandparents in whittier, california, swimming in their pool, and grandpa making skinny pancakes. he had a difficult childhood and worked hard his whole life to be a successful magician and then bowling alley owner.
I've seen this picture before, but when dad posted it just recently I immediately noticed his dimple chin! I know that chin, i cuddle with a similar one every day and night! my Delaney! i have wondered where that dimple chin came from, i don't know anyone else in either of our families that have one. now I know!

i was running...

*that's said in my forrest gump voice

the race photographer posted about 20 pics to our neighborhood fb site. this bad boy was one of those pictures. this was just crossing the finish line. i was laughing because my little friend had just left me in the dust and dee had shouted over her megaphone "yeah, go michelle!"
then matt and i were looking at the rest of the pics on fb, and we almost died laughing at this one! there's matt, huffing and puffing and looking like he's about to fall over behind the lady runner. he posted that on fb under the caption "the guy in the tan shirt wished he would have trained harder."
matt also wrote this original piece of poetry for fb:


The 'I Do's' and the ring, the whole wedding thing,
meant nothing at the 5K race.
I ran till my heart hurt, sweating, sore feet.
You're a very hard woman to chase.

(Great running Michelle! Beat me by almost 2 minutes.)

he's been very sweet about it. :)

there i am back there! big blob of pink in the middle. whoot-whoot!
so, after the few pics were posted on fb, a few days later there was about 500 posted to snapfish. I found this series that document my finish. there I am back there in the pink, running with my two little friends. it looks like the kid in blue had just passed and my little red headed buddy and I were running together.

aaaaand then he turned on the speed. little red and I are both laughing. probably both at my expense that I would have thought I could have a chance at staying up with him. :)

those skinny guys were fast!

too funny. :)
 they posted results with pictures and I placed 9th out of the 70'ish women. not too bad! I placed 46th overall. matt placed 56th overall and 42nd for men. my next goal is a 10k in dc, hopefully sometime this fall. can't wait!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

16 whole months - by delaney

16 months, yo! you'll notice something about me this month. I spend a lot of time in ma jams.
even during outside time. it's okay though, cause I wear slides.

i'm not the best sleeper, but i'm pretty good. I still go to bed late, probably mostly because my mom doesn't work to get me to bed earlier. I'm just so fun late at night! I sleep all night, at least 90% of the time. and I usually nap for about an hour or an hour and a half. not too terrible.
so, if you are ever feeling blue, let me just tell ya, this guy is hilarious! he rubs his head on my belly and I just can't not laugh! it's a great pick-me-up!
same jams. different day.
see? impossible not to laugh!
oh, I just love him. all day long I walk around and say "daddy. bubba. mommy. daddy. mommy. bubba." and then sometimes i'll throw in something that sounds like "I want daddy." only it sounds like "I-eh daddy." I just recently started adding sis/lex and addie. not Frankie yet. do you wonder why?
I love books! one day I disappeared, and when my mom came looking for me I was readying books in addie and Frankie's room.
 I love to read!
my mom went out of town for a few days and my dad had my schedule all weird.
 so, I fell asleep in my high chair, sue me.
to be fair, eating is exhausting.
we sent this picture to my daddy when mommy came home. see why I don't say Frankie?! look at that backwards sleeper hold she's got on me. I always look worried around her!
this month has gone from super cold to super hot! one super cold night we were at a baseball game and we saw a dog! it was so exciting! I say "doggie! and "fffff," (for woof).
I love doggies! I get excited and start laughing hysterically. they are just so cute!
know what else is cute? cockeyed hats perched atop bald heads.
sometimes I wake up happy.
and sometimes that quickly turns to sad.
I don't know what's up with this picture... maybe I have food in my mouth? so let's talk about food. i'm eating better! still not a lot. and if I decide I don't want something, it comes right out. sometimes it goes back in, but it'll usually come right back out and stays out. you can't make me eat something i don't want to. one thing tgbo and I have in common - juice! it's the best! I used to like milk okay, but now I just want juice! and my mom usually gives it to me because i'm so skinny! hahaha!
i'm pretty happy, but when I get mad I can throw a good fit. and I've been a little melancholy this month. I come out of it pretty quickly though.

I love my tongue!
sometimes I can be a total ham. 
on this night, my bubba couldn't stop taking pictures of me, I was just being so cute!
total nerd, right?

look at that long hair! getting thicker too! I might be able to wear a barrette sometime this summer! i'm not holding my breath, but maybe. also, about my hair, it looks downright red in some lights. watch out, daddy might get his wish!
I am busy, busy, busy. business calls all the time!
uh-oh, (one of my favorite words) bad news!
"excuse me, i'm gonna have to make some more calls."
me and my two chins.
ps - still in jams.
i loooooove being outside. the back deck is a favorite place! i can't get down cause it's too high, and I don't like grass anyway, so it works.
I like being out in the front too. I've been trying to escape down the street lately though, so mom and dad don't love having me out front. i'll get going down the sidewalk really fast, and even though my parents call after me, I do not come back! momma didn't raise no fool, I gotta strike while the irons hot! oh, and sidewalk chalk is delicious.
bathing suit pout.
speaking of delicious - sunscreen! I go to town eating it! and when i'm caught, i get all pouty.
other fun facts about me this month:
*I got my first molar! it's on the bottom right, and it's the only one I have.
*i'm getting more and more picky and when I want something - a toy, food, whatever, I want it now!
*I still give lots of hugs and kisses
*I play with addie and Frankie more and more. Frankie and I will often 'scream' at each other. me, her, me, her. we do that a lot in the car and mommy loves it!
*I love to dress up - shoes, clothes, jewelry - i'm a total girl!
*I love lip gloss/chap stick. whenever my mom puts it on herself, she has to put it on me too.
*i'm still super polite and always excuse myself when I burp or toot. or hiccup. i'll even excuse myself when other people do those things, just for good measure.
*i'm a pretty easy going, self entertaining, happy girl. :)
*also, I've decided i'm only gonna write these monthly posts until i'm 18 months. I am just getting too busy. what with the unloading drawers and cabinets, eating chalk, crayons, and sunscreen, and excusing everybody, I've hardly got a second to myself.
anywho, I should go. like I said before, lots to do!