Friday, July 21, 2017

Last day of school

Our last day of school was June 9th. Except for D, hers was June 6th, but more on that later. 

Without further ado, our first and last days of school:

Loved her cute short haircut!

Addie looks pretty similar! Could've been the same day!

I made these cute lunch bags:

We all walked to school together. Late, as per the norm. 

Big 1st grader! We were all SO excited to finish school and get summer started!

And this big 3rd grader! Next year she's moving upstairs!

It was so bright outside! I was trying to do the good old fashioned 'close your eyes, count to 3, and... open!' Didn't work too well. 

There she goes!

And she's off!

Lanes and I watched Krystal's kids that day. We played at the park. 

And went for a walk. Actually, 2 walks, because I had forgotten the termite guys were coming and had to hustle back for them. Never a dull moment!

D and I made this cute banner. We wanted to do something different and fun this year. Sadly, it didn't pan out. The banner wouldn't stay up. I also tried to hang balloons but then they popped one by one. Not my year for outdoor last day of school decor. 

Before we knew it, school was out for the summer!

We ran around to the front of the school to grab pics with our amazing teachers. When Ad's was in 2nd grade I asked some 3rd grade moms about the teachers. I made a note in my phone and next to Miss McNeil I wrote the description they'd given me -  'lovely,' and she was lovely. 

Everyone's favorite 1st grade teacher! Actually, we've had all good 1st grade teachers. Mr. Reed, Mrs. Tasa, and Mrs. G. Love her!

All the teachers waved as the busses left. So much excitement!

We settled on moving our banner inside but it didn't have the same effect. 

And our fav letter was decorated with watermelons. 

And then look at this beauty. All of the alarms - turned off! Don't mind all the other alarms. Sometimes a girl has to remind herself to register cars and stuff. 

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