Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ladybugs Alive

This morning we checked off a summer bucket list item - Ladybugs Alive!

Incidentally, we only saw one ladybug, and upon further inspection and looking at our bug guides, we were pretty sure it was just a beetle variety.  

The farm was so cute! They had a fun, giant sized memory game. 

The girls loved it and there wasn't even any grumbling when Addie won. 

Addie likes to wear her caps backwards. I had to make her switch it since it was sunny. She so cray. 

The Darrow's showed up and they had a group Memory game. 

Then it was time for the sunflower maze! I got to thinking that it might not have been the smartest thing in the world to take Addie, who is still on antibiotics for a major bug bite reaction to a place with a million bugs around... thankfully there were no bites for anyone!

Don't they look so excited?!?

It was about a million degrees plus humidity. But ready, I don't even think it was 90 but it was humid and it was pretty hot. 

D insisted on wearing long sleeves. Her cheeks were pretty rosy all day!

So pretty!

I was pretty excited. (;

They gave us clipboards with different insects, birds, and butterflies on them. We saw lots of different bees and beetles, and then some butterflies towards the end, but that was it. 

We wandered around the maze and hit a million dead ends, horseshoe trails, and round abouts before we finally finished half of the maze. We called it good. 

Every time we go to a farm I think we should live on one. They are so pretty!

Me and the only golden haired one in the family. (in her own words)

Like my finger? Unfortunately this was the only pic I took of the butterfly garden and it was so cute! Delaney was super grumpy because she wanted a butterfly to land on her and even though she was so patient they never would. 

They had a cute tic tac toe game with painted stones, which is also on our summer bucket list. Painted stones, not tic tac toe. 

Love this chic!

We've experienced a lot of life together the past 8 years! And we still love each other!

D was so proud of this puzzle she put together. 

Love all the cute details in the barn! Bunting? Fuggedaboutit!

Delaney's "smile" in the barn. #hotmess

We loved our sign the Darrow's left us. Yeah Ray's is right!

Rest assured, there are about 15 of these and they're all this awesome. 

Frankie was jealous that Addie had stuffed 10 grapes in her mouth, so she did it too. 

Love this crew SO MUCH! 




And some outtakes from the baby shoot. 

Frankie was done after these two. Thankfully momma didn't raise no fool and I was like, how about a few more?

Gaga for this girl-girl. 

And one last shot with our jolly green. She's a good rig! Also, d had just pulled a whole sunflower from the field and had been reprimanded. She actually smiled still, so that's good. 

Our only other plan for the day was to go to the pool. We decided to clean up first, then we figured why not knock out a few summer reading program tasks, before checking out Harry Potter World, and then finally made it to the pool at 5. We were followed closely by a storm cloud that started thundering by 5:30. There was nothing on my weather app, just sayin'. We decided to call it a loss and showered, got jammied up, came home and made top ramen (which I got a "best mom in the world" for, bytheby), then watched Prisoner of Azkaban. Matt went and had dinner with Dan after work and now I'm waiting for him with some Fuller House. A+ summer day!

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Alecia said...

Ha, Josh was wondering if you'd noticed his message. :) So grateful you still love me after all that you know about me, including how I spaz around bees!