Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adventure day - Green Mount Cemetary

Next on our tour of "the most beautiful places in Maryland" was Green Mount Cemetary, deep in the heart of Baltimore. Like, scary, stuff of nightmares, don't stop, just keep driving neighborhood. But then boom, beautiful cemetery. 
I have always enjoyed walking around cemeteries. So peaceful and I like looking at the names and dates and messages on headstones. 

This place was really pretty. Hills and huge statues and monuments. 
right before we got to the cemetery we told the girls where we were going and how to behave and why. My girls, having just been to the Holocaust Museum asked if they also did cremations at the cemetery. We told them no, but they had some places to inter ashes. That morning I had told the girls that we were going to a creamery. A few hours after the cemetery D says "are we still going to the cream-in-ated? You know with the ashes?" She was close. So close. 

We kind of sprang this one on the kids right before we arrived, and Daniel was not super stoked. Poor guy!

I would love to walk around this place some more. But it was hot and the girls were done after a few minutes, so we headed out. 

One last pic as we left. 
Then as we drove on, we saw this awesome looking cemetery too. We didn't torture the kids by going in, but we did wonder aloud how one got chosen to be put on the most beautiful list when this other one looks awfully pretty too. I think someday we'll have to go check them both out. 

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