Sunday, July 16, 2017

A little bit of this and that

This has been the summer of weird skin stuff for our fam. The morning of Addie's recital, d woke up like this. 

Since Addie had just recently had a skin epidemic, matt went ahead and took her to urgent care for some meds. Oh these crazy sensitive skin girls.

That morning I went to yoga on the wharf. I. Love. Sunrise. Yoga.

As soon as Frankie was done with her costume, Delaney was all over it. She was like white on rice and she didn't take that bad boy off for many days. I can't quite remember why she was laying naked on the step with the ballet costume on the floor, but it's funny.

Skin clearing up a little after some antibiotics.

Silly bashful girl. 

Also the day of Addie's recital we went to our new neighbors sons birthday party. It was a cute dinosaur party and they had fun digging for fossils. I enjoyed talking to Louise all about Denmark and how it is alike and different from the US.

Cute cupcakes.

Our garden is coming along!

The girls aren't allowed out of their rooms until 9:00 (after they've done their morning stuff) and this is the way they often try to weasel out early. Sillies. 

We were able to take pictures and film at the girls dress rehearsal, the second rehearsal of the week. So that makes 4 nights of dance that week, for those keeping track.

The girls liked watching their sister during the others numbers.

While we were at our second of four nights of dance, matt and Laney were at the neighborhood bike rally.

More cute dance!

And then Addie's snazzy number. Extra points for the use of the word 'snazzy.' After all the dancing we went to Rita's for a treat. We met up with several dance friends there and it was delish and fun. 

Also, this adorableness happened. He's pretty much wrapped around her cute little polished finger.

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