Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Our partying all night Saturday night (till 9:30) took its toll on Laney-lanes.
Sarah sent me these from when she totally crashed in primary. She's such a trip!
After church we hosted the first linger longer of the year. It felt very chaotic to me, but others I asked said it was great. It was so nice that everyone pitched in and everything got done pretty quickly. After the LL, we had JoAnn present a fireside on pornography. It was a good discussion and could have lasted much longer than the one hour. Chris had taken the girls home, which was nice because otherwise it would have been a really long day for them.

On Monday I hosted our first kid swap of the 2016-2017 school year. We had 6 friends, 7 with Laney, over for the day. It was a really good kid swap day. Some days are definitely more work than others, but this was one was good.
We got Frankie's tap shoes on Monday and, I gotta say, we were all pretty excited. I'm no dancer, but I've always wanted to try on a pair of tap shoes. Even Addie said she might like to try.
Matt took the girls swimming while I pta'd. The beginning of the year is busy busy. Plus I'm chairing our big fundraiser. Plus trying to catch up on visits and church stuff and don't even get me started on housework. We'll make it. 

In exciting news, Miss Gayle called that morning and said that Delaney had gotten in to pre-k at Duke! Yay! And also, ahhh! I'd just prepped and resigned myself that she wouldn't start until January. I don't know why, it just seemed like halfway through the year would be a good time to start. So hearing that she could start tomorrow, holy smokes. A lot for my mama heart. It's good, it's just taken some getting used to. Spoiler alert - she loves it!

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