Friday, September 2, 2016

The bug's first day of school

On Tuesday lanes and I went to a "pwesident" merging at Amanda's. My RS baby knows all about "pwesident" meetings. (;

From there we came home and had a few minutes before taking our awesome tandem bike up to school. I actually remembered to take pics of lanes at home.
I had told her the pre-k and k'ers walk the halls with a hand on their hip and a finger on their lip, so she immediately assumed that pose.
We got to the school and her teacher was outside already. As we walked up she said "you must be Delaney!" Hot stuff!
And since it was so bright, she brought her fancy shades. She had it all planned out that she would bring these fancy shades too. Sweet girl.
She kept saying "I'm excited and newvous!" Gahhh, she's so presh!
And then, just like that, she was gone.
I could feel the tears coming and the ever familiar tug on my mama heart. But then I got to talking to some other momma's and they distracted me. By the time I left I was fine. Being a 12 year old comes in handy sometimes. (;

Then before I knew it, it was time to pick her up! And her big sisters too.
Everyone was excited to find out about her first day.
And then she talked and talked the whole way home. She said it was "so, so good!" and that she "had so much fun!" They watched a movie about glue and she learned that "a dot is a lot!" I loooove that she's so chatty and that she loves school. So much easier to leave my precious little angel baby at school. Cookies for the big girl.
And now some pictures of Frankies 1st day.
1st graders hard at work!
Frank's is bottom right in the red shirt. I love that her teacher has been sharing pictures. So fun!
And last of all. One cute class ready to learn!
We love our school!

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